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How to make friends

I am Mrs Lawretta Ayodeji; a minister of God with a Law degree. A lover of Jesus Christ. I love life and live it to the full God's way


It is very easy to make friends, but you must first allow yourself to accept that fact, which is, that you can make friends and be friended. Your inability to make friends is all in your head! All your ‘assumed’ weaknesses, ugliness and retardations, that makes you think that you are not worth being approached is all in your head!

In order to make friends, you must get rid of such garbage thoughts and replace them with good thoughts, that is; that you can make friends. It is toxic to keep bad thoughts in your head, it ruins your self-esteem. Its poison in your head. People want to be with people. People want to make friends and be friended by people. Even being an enemy takes knowing and sticking to someone. In essence an enemy is an envious friend because you live rent free in their heads 24/7!

So, how to make friends?

  1. First, like you! Then you will be able to like someone else when you eventually get the opportunity to say hi. Love yourself first. Be friends with you and stop the harsh condemnations you bestow on yourself. We are all beautiful in our individual ways and unless you appreciate your kind of beauty, you make it difficult for someone else to even see it.
  2. Put yourself out there. No one is going to come find you in your bedroom for friendship. To make friends, you must be willing to go out to public functions and places where people are, even if you must go alone. Sometimes the guy or girl next to you at the library, cinema or at some eatery could just say hi.
  3. Dress properly, not necessarily expensive. You just must always look good and clean. When someone comes to say hello, your appearance sometimes determines whether they stay or run. It has nothing to do with ugly or beauty, it has everything to do with tidiness. Always look good and clean not necessarily expensive.
  4. Smile. When someone approach you, your smile makes them psychologically feel safe around you. A smile is welcoming. When I approach someone for instance, and they smile at me, I tend to talk for longer just to stick around more with them but if they were not smiling or if they were frowning, I tend to hurry up the question or conversation and then I am gone. In essence learn to smile. It makes anyone feel welcome and safe around you. "It means you don’t bite, or you wouldn’t bite"
  5. Be approachable. When someone says hello, try to make a conversation. I call it; Run with it! When somebody says hi, you could stretch the meeting to; hello, how are you, would you like me to help you with something, or are you looking for someone? Sometimes you could go further to ask; do you live around here? Don’t forget to keep a smile on your face.
  6. Lastly don’t give up! Keep being approachable, neat, well dressed and smile always at the people you meet, eventually some people will stick and become real close friends. A drop of water makes an ocean. The journey of a thousand miles begin with a step. Give these tips of mine a try and don’t forget to send me a thank you email. Cheers!

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