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Six Thoughtful Gift Options for Your Husband

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Photo by MART PRODUCTION from Pexels

Photo by MART PRODUCTION from Pexels

Another birthday or wedding anniversary is here again, and to say you are confused as to what to buy your husband is, to say the least. In all truth, you are clueless. Calm down, sis! It’s very understandable, and trust me, many other women out there can relate. I mean, you’ve bought tons of gifts while you were dating and even after getting married. You’ve exchanged loads of birthday, Christmas, Valentine, and anniversary gifts that this one time, you feel as though there are no more gifts to be given.

Before you give up in frustration, I want you to know that there are millions of gifts you’re yet to give, and I’m here to point you to them. It does not matter the kind of man your husband is -- I’ve got something for everyone. I’d implore you to relax and we explore these six thoughtful gifts specially curated for the man you love!

1. A Customized Puzzle

Especially if your husband is the indoor game type, this thoughtful gift is best suited for him. All you need to figure out is something dear to him -- his hometown, his alma mater, or something of the sort. Get the puzzle personalized for him, with a board that comes printed with one of these things that matter to him. Watch him enjoy his spare time getting a kick out of puzzles made just for him -- the perfect sentimental gift for your man!

2. Subscription Service (Personalized)

What does your husband love, or love to do? Is he the music type? Does he love going to the gym? Does he enjoy reading magazines? Is he big on local snacks? Whatever it is you decide on, you can go on to make a subscription for him for the next couple of months- say three to six months.

This way, he gets a gift every month. You can also sign him up for a bespoke post so that he can tailor his boxes to his personal interests. Watch your man enjoy his gifts every month with the very things that make him happy!

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Photo by Andres Ayrton from Pexels

Photo by Andres Ayrton from Pexels

3. Portable, Sleek Chargers

Most men are gadget freaks, moving around with all of their tech stuff. Usually, carrying so much load around is the most uncomfortable thing for them, but they still do it anyway. A thoughtful gift will be one that can help lighten this load. Chargers weigh quite some kilos, and if he happens to have one or more laptops, phones, e-readers, and other gadgets, then he would have to carry lots of heavy chargers with him.

Get him a portable battery pack with enough power to charge a laptop. Ensure that what you’re getting comes with a wall charger and a USB-C to C cable so it can replace most of his other cords and cables.

4. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

The artiste in your husband most likely showcases itself when he’s in the shower. Regardless of whether you think he’s a great singer or not, if he likes to sing while taking a shower, then get him a Bluetooth shower speaker. This wireless speaker connects to his smartphone to play his favorite songs. This will show him that you are his biggest fan, anytime, any day!

Photo by Nicole Michalou from Pexels

Photo by Nicole Michalou from Pexels

Who doesn’t love a cute item designed just for them? Absolutely no one! Get the love of your life a pair of creative, sentimental cufflinks that read the cutest things ever. From inscribing “I love you” to any other sweet personal message, your husband will be thrilled; I'm always a fan of couples exchanging nasty inside jokes, too, if you know what I mean. These cufflinks usually come in tiny envelopes which will open up to reveal your thoughtful reminder. How cute!

6. Sleep Glasses

Men are big fans of the screens—televisions, computers, phones, tablets, just name it. Unfortunately, blue light from the screen affects our sleep. If you’re one of those women particular about living healthy lives, you probably have been denying your husband access to his phone or laptop before bed.

While this is good for him, it might also be hurting him. Rather than deny him access, you can get him a pair of blue light blocking glasses. What these do is that they prevent his eyes from getting as tired or as dry as they usually would, helping him drift off to sleep easily.

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