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Signs to know if someone is interested in you ... Body Language


None verbal signs plays a big role in the beginning of any relationship. No one just jumps in saying


No, doesn't happen. Figuring out those signs helps a lot in knowing what to do next. Whether take it to the next level or just back off and walk away before it's too late and you're falling for someone who's not interested in you.

  • Signs for men:



When I guy is into you he'll do a lot of eye contact showing his interest. Notice her eyes if they ever wonder down to your lips, then he's definitely into you. You might even catch his gazing at you when you're not even having a conversation and passing by. Here's when friends come in handy as they tend to notice remote gazing more than you as it is done when you're not looking.

Eye brows:


Whenever he sees you, his eye brows rise and fall. We usually do that unintentionally when we see something/someone we like and it's totally done subconsciously and can take just a second but if you pay attention you'll notice it.

Protruding thumbs:


Protruding thumbs in front or back pockets of our jeans is probably the most common pose men do when they're into someone. It's an ego representing pose displaying masculinity and strength. The cowboy pose

Sitting position:


Both feet firmly resting in the ground, legs slightly open. It's called the crotch gesture. If I knew that's what it's call I wouldn't ever do it :D. So basically it's our subconscious way of saying Yes, it's you whom I want. So typical. It also shows that you're here for her and not going anywhere else any time soon.

Another sitting position which shouts out loud I LIKE WOMAN is taking space by placing the hand on the hip and leaning towards you. Displaying his body and offering it to you. Again, so typical.

Checking you out:


When you catch a guy checking you out don't think for a second that you actually CAUGHT him. No, he probably checked you out a hundred times before without you even noticing not even once. However this time he lets you see him doing it as a sign telling you he likes you.
Note for men: DO NOT STARE AT HER BOOBS. Most women will find that offensive. Just give her a general check out.

Out of the blue jealousy:


If he suddenly showed jealousy gestures and got pissed of something or from someone he normally would, then he's probably into you. Maybe even without him knowing i but at that exact moment he's not really thinking. He's just pissed. While this might bother some women and make them all clueless. If they think about it they'll find out that ONLY guys who likes them would be jealous.

Eye blinking:


When men are interested in a woman they tend to get excited. Therefor an intentionally blink more rapidly. But be aware as this can be also a sign of lying.

Full erection:


And no, not what you have in mind. I meant everything in his body is erected. He's stand up straight. He'll sit up straight. Biceps contracted chest wise open. People tend to think we're showing off like this. Well, we are. Just it's totally unintentional show off

Trying too hard:

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A guy who's interested in you might try too hard to impress you and come off weird. Cut him a slack. He's just so into you that he's probably suffering from mental paralysis and can't think straight.

Sharing deep memories:


Guys don't usually drop their guards easily. They don't let just ANYONE in. See, deep memories can make you vulnerable. Guys ain't fond of being vulnerable yet they might feel comfortable enough to be that with the girl they like.

New habits and interest:


If you notice he's gaining new habits loving for example new bands and new gere of music which so happens are your favorite, then he's probably into you. No wait, let me rephrase this. Then he's TOTALLY into you. Guys won't even think twice on trying out something new unless it's related to someone they like. The unwritten code.

Flirting masked in sarcasm:


This is usually done by friends who are experiencing new feelings towards you. He'll flirt and compliment you but in a funny dorky sarcastic way. More like it's just what he wants to tell yet yet scared of how you'd react or not sure yet of how he feels. Anyway we don't usually over think. We just say it and it comes out in a retarded way making you think it's just a joke or and attempt to make you laugh. Well guess what? He means it.
"Hey, you're such a pretty cow D:"

Guiding you:


When in a crowd or leaving a place and he places his hand on your back guiding you around it usually means he cares about you and is there for you no matter what. Some see it and a gesture of being a gentlemen. It has more in it from that.

Social network chat:


Now a days most of the communication takes place online. So try to notice few things about how he chats with you. If he makes himself free just to chat with you. Ignores everyone else while doing so *You'll know when he simply doesn't respond late and giving your conversation his full attention*. Making sure he tells you before he can't respond back fast not letting you find out on your own he's no longer online. Maybe even a small gesture as a daily good morning or goodnight. It actually means you're the first and the last thing in his mind every day. Do not underestimate the power of virtual none verbal actions. They do exist.

Showing interest in your life:


If he cares of what's going on with you. Maybe even more than your close friends. Concerned about an up coming exam. or how you're doing at work. Women might think that he's just being nice and caring but note that men usually ain't fond of discussing about problems nor resolving issues. Well unless they like you.

Okay, that's all I can think of right now. Note that some guys won't take it to the next level unless they notice some similar signals from your behalf. So if you like them back just make sure they see it. Also note that not giving any signal at all might be translated that you're okay and are willing to go through to the next level. Some women do notice these signs but ignore them thinking this way they won't hurt them or let them down. NO, just make it clear enough that you don't like them back.

This hub was meant to be for both men and women but writing about women signs will make it rather long. So I'll just make another hub about it. Stay tuned :))


hanna on April 16, 2015:

Super like i enjoyed it a lot .. thnksss

tala on April 15, 2015:

I had a colleague at work who tried to send me these body languages and I just ignored coz I didn't feel the same.

nooria on February 13, 2014:

Nothing like that ever happened to me though I am extremely cute!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like you to make a hub on people between 14 and 15......

jamesskinner on October 29, 2013:

i love you andrea you are socute jamesskinner wild love to take you on a datebecase i in love wiyh you

Poppy seed on August 30, 2013:

Okay I don't wear make up cause I don't need it strangers and friends say I'm beautiful gorgeous boys call me hot and other things people try to figure out what I am because my skin is so pretty people think I'm Indian anyway at school I get stares also everywhere I go I get stares and I don't like it but at school I don't get ask out is it because they think I'm dating someone or I'm outta of their type HELP

Randomovic (author) from Egypt on April 17, 2013:

I always tend to write in some sort of humor way not to bore any readers ... I'm glad it's working :))

Thank you :)

Nathan Bernardo from California, United States of America on April 17, 2013:

Insights and laughs. Enjoyed this very much. I've experienced much of this is some form or another; receiving or giving.

Randomovic (author) from Egypt on April 17, 2013:


"someone who might actually have someone falling in love with them" .. you said it like it can never be you that someone :D ... And I\m really glad you like it. :))

Cat from New York on April 16, 2013:


This was so well done! I read it just to kind of read it sort of thing, but I really enjoyed it. You wrote about some signs that I knew about and some that I hadn't. You wrote about them in a playful and fun way. This will be very useful to someone who might actually have someone falling in love with them :-)

Voted up and useful!


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