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Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

Sharing content that I feel can help you out. In the most simple manner. So fed up of complications in life! So, I try to make things easy

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Happily Ever After Right?

Sadly, the term happily ever after does not apply to everyone. Many of you that have stumbled across this article will be doing so to find out signs that your spouse is cheating on you. It's a very awful feeling that you have. First of all, the fact that you are reading such material and have acted on your gut instinct is a perfect indication that you've picked up on the warning signals.

If you admit to yourself some of the time you really do not need to be sitting and reading signs that your spouse is cheating on you. Mainly because you already know deep down inside that he or she is. It's a very painful situation to be in. It can literally break you. Sadly, a lot of people have to be in this situation. See marriage is not easy at all. Those that cheat are looking for an escape to get out of what they deem as a life of misery. Some are not cut out to just stick with one partner for life. Even those that are, can get fed up when they're constantly taken for granted.

Many get married thinking that it will be for a lifetime, in sickness and in health, for better or worse. Sadly morals in the new generation are a lot less credible. For your marriage to survive in this day and age it takes two people that are completely dedicated and not easily swayed by the opinions of others. Below I'm highlighting key signs that your spouse is cheating on you.

Top Security On Devices

Some people are very edgy about their privacy anyway, it is not always an indication of a cheating spouse. If you were however, able to get into your spouses phone previously. If all of a sudden he or she is very shady about you seeing what they're up to on their device. This is a key signal that something is wrong. One of the top signs that your spouse is cheating on you is that they will change the current passwords on their devices. Their phone will not be accessible to you any longer. You will notice that other devices like iPads and any shared computers in the home will all of a sudden be out of bounds to you.

Shady Behavior Around The Home

A good indication that your spouse is cheating on you is that he or she will start to behave very strangely and out of character at home. For example, if you used to spend your time together watching movies. Distance will be taken from you and they will start to not want to sit around you for as long. Events like sitting around the table as a family to have dinner will be shrugged off. Your spouse will start to slowly wish to not participate. Many of the time this is happening you will have an inclination that something is wrong. You may notice that they are spending increased amounts of times on their phone, and acting very strangely.

Words That Are Not Used Suddenly Are

So, you have lived with your significant other for quite some time. When you live with someone long enough, you start to naturally understand their vocabulary and the words and phrases that are common for them to use. He or she may start to all of a sudden come up with new phrases, sayings and conversational topics that you feel are out of character.

Whether we like to admit it or not, the people we surround ourselves with and talk to all the time, influence us heavily. One of the key signs that your spouse is cheating on you is that he or she starts to develop new tones as a result of sitting with the man or woman that he or she has been cheating on you with! As they now spend more time with the other party than they do you. Sadly, they start to subconsciously develop a new tone when communicating that has rubbed off from their new love interest.

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What Was Ours Or Yours And Ours Is Suddenly Mine

A great example of this would be your spouse all of a sudden starts to cut you off from their life. If you were able to share a vehicle previously, now that car will become theirs. The keys will be out of bounds from you. This is because they are actually using this car to date their new love interest and have been seen out and about with their interest in public inside the vehicle. Your spouse will be afraid that they have left some tell tale signs of the presence of their lover inside the car. Perhaps receipts, another phone device that is hidden there and also, smells and fragrances of the other party. He or she will also not want you to use the car as it shows to their new love interest that you are still sharing and are still pretty much a team, all be it a weird one.

Pin Numbers On Cards Are Changed

If you were before able to access funding from your spouses account, and now they have changed the pin number on their card. This has been done so you can no longer get cash out of the ATM. You have to know something is seriously wrong. He or she may even go to the extent of changing their address for their bank statement to be sent to. This is so that you will not be able to read the transactions on the statement. This is done so that you cannot access funds. After all why should you be prioritized financially when he or she has another love interest, that requires the whole wining and dining process from scratch? Who are you?

You No Longer Go Out Together

Your spouse may all of a sudden cut you out of outings and you will not be dining out together, or be seen as a family anywhere. If you have kids, all of a sudden you will feel like you are taking the burden of the kids on. All outings with the kids will fall upon your shoulders. This is actually a key signal that your spouse is cheating on you. He or she will not want to be seen with kids and a spouse outside in public.

When they choose a new love interest they usually do one of the two things. Either he or she will pretend that they are unhappily married and you are a completely ugly person and have let yourself you. Perhaps that you are mentally ill and not a good parent, also that they are stuck with you for the sake of your kids. A cheating partner will do anything to paint a picture of you that makes the other love interest to sympathize with them.

Or, they will pursue their new love interest with the inclination that they in fact single! It sounds crazy but sometimes cheaters are serial liars and their dream is to distance themselves from the reality of life as far way as physically possible. They are able to lie to the extent that you and your kids do not exist!

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Anger Issues - Violence At Extreme

You may all of a sudden find yourself falling victim of domestic violence or lot of verbal mental abuse. This is done to make you feel crap and to put you in a complete bubble. It is to create a distraction so that you will distance yourself from the cheating partner. This is in order to allow them the time they need to convince themselves that it is your fault and that they are not a bad person for cheating on you.

Your Appearance And Behavior Is Scrutinized

Clothes that you once wore and were considered nice once upon a time, may be completely inappropriate all of a sudden. The way you dress, and act. All of this will be under complete scrutiny. You will be made to feel like all of the things that your significant other once did love about you, have just been wiped out. Almost, like they have a different idealistic man or woman that they want or need. This is of course a key sign that your spouse is cheating on you. After all, to cheat is a lot of time and energy. It has to be your fault right, and not theirs.

This is a serious situation and if you are reading this article you may have actually started to pick up on some of these key signals that your spouse is cheating on you. Some may have been missed previously in other times during your relationship. This may disturb you and make you feel taken for granted and off guard. However, remember it is not your fault and a cheating spouse, once they have cheated will likely do it multiple different times over the duration of your relationship. You may just be learning that this is in fact what has happened to you now. Sadly, by reading this content. Many times it can take years before we start to pick up on all of the signals and that is not your fault.

Bullying Tones And Behavior

If your partner has gotten violent, you need to seek help. It's not your fault and it is nothing to be ashamed of. You should notify a member of your immediate family, contact a helpline or take your things and go to stop in a safe place. You are not alone. It happens to many men and women from all types of backgrounds. One of the key signs your spouse is cheating on you is to be violent and aggressive. They may be agitated by your very presence. Terms like "Get out of the house", "Leave", "What do you want from me?" " It is my car, my house". If you have kids all of a sudden the kids become your property and they will refer to them, as "Your kids."

However, if you wish to leave and take the kids it will be a whole different kettle of fish. Arguments may seem to come out of nowhere and almost always result in the cheating spouse walking out of the home in anger. He or she may then return hours later, or well into the early hours of the morning under some sort of substance toxicity. Many times they actually fake the level of subconscious that they have in order to make you feel intimidated by their presence, and want to stay away. This is so you do not question their actions.

Another Phone Crops Up

You may be cleaning the house one day and find that there is another phone. Or, you may accidently stumble upon this when you use your family car. The phone will be more than likely switched off. Sometimes your partner may be so silly as to bring the phone to the home and leave it in open view. They will tell you that this is a work phone that has been handed to them. Or, that their friend left the phone in their car. They have been given the sole responsibility to guard this to return it to their "friend"

An indication that they have resorted to get another device for extra marital affairs could be that he or she has cut down their phone usage on the device that they have at present. He or she may actually go to great extremes to leave their phone lying around so that you can see it and think that you are in safe territory. This is complete crap!

What they have done actually is left it there for you sadly to be tricked further into their web of lies. They have taken the new device and are using that in secrecy without you knowing. Perhaps when they do go out they are "forgetting" their phone and leaving it at home. That way they have killed 2 birds with one stone. You will not be able to contact them. You may be so naïve as to think that if they did have plans to meet a love interest that of course they would have taken their device with them to contact them!

Naturally Another Phone Requires Another Number

You may notice that when your partner goes out to work, that their phone is all of a sudden switched off. This will be because in fact they are switching the number that you have for them off, and putting their new method of contacting their new love interest on. It's a very sick act and you will feel like you have no existence anymore in their life. It's literally a heart breaking situation to be in. Sometimes it is human nature to not wish to admit the signs that your spouse is cheating on you. You need to be strong and understand that if it was not you, it would have been someone else. It is a pattern of behavior that they cannot break.

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They Develop New Friends That You Do Not Meet

A key indication that your spouse is cheating on you will be that they have a group of friends that you have never met. They will like to spend all of their time with the new group. In-fact, he or she will also go to great lengths to make sure that you believe their stories. They will drop names of how Mike from office was so funny the other night when they were at their works quiz night. Perhaps they will wish to reconnect with Mike again to "discuss business" They could make you feel like you are crazy as the she will be a he and a he will be a she. It is a really surreal scenario to find yourself tangled up in.

Too Much Time Is Given With Appearance and Clothing Attire

When your spouse is cheating on you they will all of a sudden develop a love of different fashion. He or she will start to look after their appearance a lot more than they do for you. When they are in the home they will look at their worst. However, the moment they are out, you will smell good fragrance. Clothes will be crisp and ironed, beauty will be on par and well- you will feel automatically alerted by the fact that they are acting out of character by dressing up more than usual. Also, trends that they did not follow before may all of a sudden become a part of them. This could be because they are so sadly caught up in their cheating game. They have started to take on the fashion and look appearance that their new love interest expects from them. Or, that they feel like they like. After all they are wanting to impress another woman or man, not you the spouse like normal people do!

Clothing Is Washed Without You Perhaps Hidden

You may notice that clothing that they wear that would have been previously put into the family laundry basket, is not. He or she will have developed a method of washing their own clothes. They may actually even go to great extremes and leave other clothing at the persons home that they are cheating with. You may pick up on a new scent of washing powder, notice that bags of laundry appear from no where, or that they are very shady about you entering their wardrobe. These are all key signs that your spouse is cheating on you.

Bedroom Habits Change

Now this could go either way. Signs that your spouse is cheating on you do not always include your significant other not wishing to have sexual relations with you. It could in-fact be the opposite. He or she may wish to compensate for cheating on you, and want to make sure that you do not do the same to them! It is crazy right? What you may notice that your other half all of a sudden has an increase libido in the bedroom. Of course, that could go the other way too, he or she could completely withdraw and become repulsed by you.


It is not your fault that your spouse is demonstrating signs they are cheating on you. If they are and you have found out and wish to end the relationship- make sure to seek help from a professional legal party. Do not feel like you did something to deserve this. It is them that has the issue, not you.


MG Singh emge from Singapore on March 21, 2021:

Cheating on your spouse? I think it's a bit more on the man's side and something that is inevitable. It happens and one has to adjust, accept and get on with life. This was a nice article.

Freelance Queen (author) from The World on March 21, 2021:

Yes, no trust equals no relationship. Sadly the world has gone nuts and cheating is at an all time high. Paranoia and insecurity only come into the picture f you have a reason to feel that way. Instinct is always something that we should trust.

dashingscorpio from Chicago on March 20, 2021:

"First of all, the fact that you are reading such material and have acted on your gut instinct is a perfect indication that you've picked up on the warning signals." - Excellent point!

I always tell people that unless you have a history of being insecure or being paranoid there is no reason for you to not trust your instincts.

If something doesn't feel right to you it's probably not right for you.

Playing "detective" is all about confirming what you suspect in order be able to bust the other person so (they) can't deny it.

Essentially it's a "dance" or game of "cat and mouse" from there on. Once you no longer trust someone the relationship is over.

This is especially true if cheating is a "deal breaker" for you.

There's no real upside to having confrontation if it's over.

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