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Signs Your Co-Worker Likes You

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Ah, you may have just locked eyes with someone over the photo copy machine, maybe you lingered too long at the water cooler, or someone left their head on your shoulder at the Christmas party. The ever elusive office romance. You may at first think, "Oh, no. I should not date this fool. Office romances are the worst!" But on the contrary, a large percentage of office romances end in... marriage. What?!


There's a lot of benefits to dating someone you work with. They've already been drug tested, gone through a background check, and they've most likely already got a good idea of what you're like since they've been around you so much. If someone still wants to see you when they already have all day or throughout the day -- that's a sign that you guys have chemistry.

Plus, there's the added bonus of knowing what people are talking about more intimately when they talk about work. Think how great it'll be to have inside jokes about your weird co-worker Jeff.

Dating a co-worker means you can subtly flirt throughout the day and it can help build momentum for romance when your both off work.

If you both work at the same place, you probably have things in common, mutual interests, or mutual friends.

You have someone who might be willing to stop by and go get dinner for you, or bring dinner, or fill up your car with gas, or leave you cute things on your desk.

If you don't like your job, you'll at least have one person you won't mind seeing.



There's always the awkward what if you end up breaking up scenario. It may be a good idea to come up with a contingency plan on how you can break up smoothly just in case it happens. You don't want your romantic life and career life to get screwed up in one blow.

You may have to deal with gossipy co-workers who have nothing else better to do than talk about you, make fun of you guys, or act jealous and strange. Co-workers can say the strangest things about each other when it comes to romance. You may feel the need to keep your romantic life hidden, which may or may not suck.

You may find it difficult to concentrate and start drifting off into a very sexy daydream land. Ah, the sexy daydream land. Enjoy it while it lasts!

You may find it difficult to make work related decisions that are unbiased toward your lover. You may unfairly give them advantages... or disadvantages when there is a break up.

This could stifle your career... or slow it down if people think you're concentrating more on your boo than your work.


Signs He Likes You at Work

  1. He stops to talk at your desk beyond the usual office chit chat.
  2. He refers to you as your “office wife.”
  3. When people see the two of you talk, they smile and chuckle to themselves.
  4. You notice he starts wearing nicer, and nicer of clothes.
  5. He very obviously smells of cologne.
  6. He tries to get you to hang out one on one outside of the office... and consistently.
  7. He texts you about things non-work related frequently.
  8. He brings you your favorite foods, candy, gifts, flowers -- anything and everything to get your attention.
  9. He tries to act discrete at times at work, but you can tell in his face and eyes that something is ticking around in his brain.
  10. He starts to mention things without filter -- that he’s looking for somebody, he’s been happier since you’ve started working, that you would make for a nice magazine model.
  11. He wants you to go to the office parties so he can see you.
  12. He asks you directly if you’re going to the office parties.
  13. He asks if you will go with him to the office parties.
  14. He lets you know of his “single” status.
  15. You’ll feel quite obviously that he has a soft spot for you.
  16. He’ll ask you about what are your goals. Do you want kids? Do you want to keep working here? Do you want to move overseas?
  17. He’ll try to figure you out -- how many siblings do you have, what did you study in college, what are your favorite television episodes.
  18. He’ll do what he can to make you feel special, happy, and pleased with him. He’s particularly interested in your ideas throughout the work shift.
  19. You’ll feel differently emotionally. Something will just feel different in the air. You’ll get the vibes... but do you reciprocate?
  20. He takes you out to a friendly dinner... and pays.
  21. You end up hanging out with him and talking to the wee hours of the morning.
  22. He picks you up in his car and opens the door for you.
  23. He smiles and laughs a lot when in your presence.
  24. He compliments your appearance. He likes the way you curled your hair, the new black skirt, or the cute thing you did with your make up.
  25. He misses you when you go on a week long vacation. He either flat out tells you this... or you get an increase in text messages.
  26. He breaks up with his girlfriend and starts spending a massive amount of time with you.
  27. He tries to sit next to you in meetings.
  28. He likes to talk to you about all the other coworkers. He wants to know and share the gossip with you.
  29. He saves you part of his dinner or gives you the dessert.
  30. He gets distracted sometimes because he likes you.
  31. He ignores you to focus on work but keeps a healthy amount of conversation with you outside of work.
  32. He tries to find things to do with you outside the busy work schedule -- walk in the park, movies, dinner date, bowling, dancing, etc.
  33. He wants to spend his PTO time with you! His precious PTO time!
  34. He takes an interest in whether you’ve gotten enough sleep, if you’ve eaten, or if you’ve been working overtime.
  35. He asks if you drink.
  36. He finds a way to touch you casually -- a handshake, hug, lingering.
  37. He lingers at your desk.
  38. He likes to send you “how was your day” text messages. Nearly at the same time everyday.
  39. He wants to know if anyone at work is treating you poorly.
  40. He leaves you happy post-its to brighten your day.
  41. He marks his territory when other guys are around. He wants to appear the best candidate for your love -- so he may say something absurd to stick out against them. He doesn’t want to lose you to one of those guys.
  42. He might get jealous if he sees you flirting with someone that isn’t him.
  43. He might get jealous if he knows you see other guys outside work.
  44. He will be really quiet about the women in his life.
  45. He will start talking to you about his close friends and family. He may randomly introduce you to people in his life whether some random family member, his dog, his roommate, or for some reason an ex from 13 years ago that he has kept as a friend. He wants you to meet his people. He wants you as one of his people. Kind of a weird boyfriend cult thing.
  46. He’ll run to the store to get you medicine when you are sick... or if you say you have “stomach problems” and he doesn’t fill in the blank for the monthly red visitor.
  47. He’ll act like a kid around you... while simultaneously trying to show off that he is a man with feats of strength and other spectacles.
  48. He’ll act super suave, charismatic, or cunning. He wants you to know he is prince charming.
  49. He may cancel plans with his buddies to spend time with you instead.
  50. He might hug you goodbye.
  51. He’ll store all kinds of strange things about you in his memory bank. He may suddenly go on about dinosaurs or red velvet cake because he knows that what you like.
  52. He’ll say the strangest compliments.... like that you remind him of his grandmother. He didn’t mean any harm by that.
  53. He’ll want you to see his place... and he’ll want to see yours. He’ll want to know what it’s like in your car with you driving. He’ll have a lot of questions that he won’t directly ask you. He wants to get to know you. In every single capacity whether interesting or as boring as the ridges on Checkers.
  54. He’ll be highly curious about your work schedule. He likes to know when he gets to see you. He doesn’t like the days as much when you’re gone.
  55. If things at work change and he’s on a completely different schedule, he’s likely to miss you. He might miss the once cute conversations at your desk when you had to request something from accounting.
  56. He’ll like to make fun of the cheesy work stuff with you.
  57. He’ll make sure you signed up for your health insurance... because he really doesn’t know what else to say and wants to make sure you’re making smart decisions.
  58. He will take pictures with you at work to keep them on his phone.
  59. He’ll stay at work just a little longer if it seems like it’s a conversation with you in his favor.
  60. He’ll have an endearing nickname for you.


Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on September 16, 2017:

Thank you! Always glad to hear from readers.

MariaExcala from Germany on August 21, 2017:

great hub, i'll definitely look out for those signs!

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on June 28, 2017:

Sometimes office romances are kinda creepy. Glad you enjoyed the read!

Ferny Vise from San Francisco, CA on June 27, 2017:

I found some of these 'signs he likes you' slightly creepy, such as him wanting to take pictures with you while at work to keep on his phone, but I'm under the assumption this is about a co-worker that is fairly friendly with you.

Of course, you did cover nearly anything that could happen in a work setting from another man and I commend you for that. Please keep it up. It was a pleasant. read.

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on June 16, 2017:

Glad to know it is helpful!

GalaxyRat on June 08, 2017:

Well written and good signs!

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez from Philippines on March 13, 2016:

Although I am home based, it was fun reading this:).

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on December 27, 2015:

@paramita mallik

Glad you enjoyed it!


Interesting hub.Well- written.Loved reading it :)

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