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Signs You May be Under the Trans* Umbrella

Sometimes it might be difficult to know if you fit among the people who are under the trans* umbrella. You might need some examples of things to look out for. Here are some examples of things that will let you know that you belong under the trans* umbrella.

  1. If you are genderfluid, and you are able to shapeshift into any gender or ethnicity that tickles your fancy at the moment. Some of you will transform the way a Changeling from Star Trek would transform; some of you would transform the same way a werewolf would. It all depends on your class and nerd alignment.
  2. You knew the words to every Depecheh Mode song by the time you were able to walk, and you could sing along with them before you could talk.
  3. You are a natural magician, who does not need any training to cast any spell, and you always roll a 20 when you are using a D20.
  4. You speak the languages of all the woodland creatures, but you have a special relationship with unicorns, and they will come to you any time that you ask.
  5. You travel through space and time in a blue box that is bigger on the inside. You often bring companions with you that are from one specific and small island on a planet that you are not even from. These companions are always amazed that your box is bigger on the inside.
  6. You have six fingers on your left hand, but you are legally obliged not to speak of the reason why.
  7. You have owned or worked at an umbrella shop, where your best-selling item was a yellow umbrella. The second-best selling item was your specially made glitter bombs.
  8. Your glitter bombs are so well crafted, they are the only glitter bombs used by the queer ninjas known as the Rainbow Berets.
  9. At some point in your life, you have been a member of the Rainbow Berets. You became a legend during your time with them, and people now speak of “the Purple Beret” in hushed tones.
  10. You have a very personal history with the Babadook, which you are reluctant to speak aobuut.
  11. You naturally smell vaguely of desserts at all hours of the day and night.
  12. You have accidentally caught drapery on fire by being too fabulous.
  13. If left in the sun for too long, you do not burn. You absorb the sunlight and can be used as a light source once it becomes dark.
  14. You can drink fruity, alcoholic drinks without suffering from a hangover.
  15. The umbrella company that you worked for (or owned) not only makes human sized umbrellas. They also make umbrellas for drinks (to keep all of the glitter out of the drinks. Some of that glitter is not consumable).
  16. You naturally exude consumable glitter in the color of your choice.
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