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Should Heels be Worn Year Round?

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

High heels of any color always looks good.

High heels of any color always looks good.

Fred Savage, star of the hit show, "Wonder Years," would not look normal if he worn high heels. But if he wants to wear them in public, he's of the famous lot, so his fans will support his heels choice.

Do you see where this is going? I sure hope so because I don't. I've been blessed to be a member of HubPages for 11 years and I still wonder why programs aren't placed on HubPages page just so I can find where to go and where I belong. Just a little nostalgia there.

But being serious here. If you are a guy or doll, your opinions matter to me. You can see proof of this personal remark by looking at my headline. I am very serious to find out if a woman wears high heels does it make a difference where she chooses to work, play, or just walk? Listen. You will be so surprised to know that not all women and men do not appreciate high heels. Yes. Sure, this is sad.

It's one thing for me to publish what "I" think should girls wear high heels all of the time, is very narrow-minded. I need more people with high I.Q.'s to share this with you. Hey, we can for a pane, a very powerful panel. That's it! Let's get Colin Farrell, Tom Selleck, Katherine Zeta-Jones and Elon Musk to be our noted experts on the wearing of high heels by discerning, fashion-minded women. Sounds like retro Bingo Blanet, a clam bake and a soundtrack of Tab Hunter lip-syncing fabulous music for the youngsters.

Question: do the heels make these legs look great or is it the other way aorund?

Question: do the heels make these legs look great or is it the other way aorund?

Factually, high heels and women who wear them, should be applauded. This shows you that this statement is just a part of my "back woods raising," of how neat pretty women act when wearing black heels. As the years went by, I became more and more appreciative of the soft-spoken women say how it feels to wear high heels at work for nine hours, then go clubbing with "Pete Goolsby," the office playboy and he will not be required to wear heels during this festive night.

Who can forget the late Liz Taylor, Kim Novak, and Jayne Mansfield, three of the most-beautiful girls anywhere who made high heels look great. Yes. And there is the lovely Barbara Bain who was one of the stars of the old Mission: Impossible. Bain and Martin Landau, who also starred on this CBS hit were once married, but split. She was my favorite.

I apologize to you for taking the long way home to get to my iportant topic. So I will present a few statements that will hopefully satisfy your hungry curiosity.

Walking in High Heels is an Art.

Examples of Where Women Shouldn't Wear High Heels

⦁ Women Farmers --- should not wear pretty high heels while driving a huge tractor. A discerning woman should make a wise decision and just wear boots or sneakers, that way, she can look great without scarring her heels.

⦁ Women Boxers --- in my opinion, should not wear high heels when fighting for a national title in the ring. This can make any woman clumsy and might cause her to sprain an ankle and have to forfeit the match.

⦁ Women Hunters --- in my area, we have deer hunters. So this goes without saying that a pretty woman should not wear high heels because when she walks in the brush, she can spook the deer that her boyfriend is about to bag.

⦁ Women of The WBA -- and if you want me to talk about how this fashion move would really be a stupid move, I won't, but I will ask you, have you ever watched a team of pretty girls all wearing heels in a basketball match? Not a pretty sight.

⦁ Women Tightrope Walkers --- in the circus and this explains why there are NO female tightrope walkers employed in any circus in 2022.

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⦁ Animal Feeders --- in the zoo. I can just see a pretty girl wearing hot red high heels feeding a grouchy lion and when he growls, she freaks and falls every step as she tries to escape.

Any girl can make a pretty entrance by wearing these black heels.

Any girl can make a pretty entrance by wearing these black heels.

Examples of Where Women Should Wear High Heels

⦁ Offices -- is the ideal place for a talented businessperson to wear heels. They make her look attractive, but that is not why she has been promoted several times. Her fashion ideas and decisions (about her heel-wearing) have helped her tremendously.

⦁ Schools -- in any section can be a good place for a smart teacher to not just be intelligent, but look intelligent. From kindergarten to the seniors in high school and college is my idea of a perfect decision.

⦁ Salespersons -- can easily move about selling the products that the store has hired her to sell. Can you see a gorgeous blond wearing hip boots behind the perfume counter? Sure she would get a lot of attention, but a lot of laughs at her.

⦁ Medical Doctors and Lawyers --- are wonderful occupations where women can wear high heels and not cause a controversy about if she is involved with sexual harassment. Women who wear heels are instantly-respected. And admired.

⦁ Anchor Persons --- at any network. Bar none. But Fox has the market cornered with pretty girls with heels. CNN a close second.

⦁ Automobile Sellsperson --- an auto salesperson should not only be attractive, but smart. So how would it look for a gorgeous brunette to wear a nice skirt and wear a pair of sneakers? No sell.

That does it for today's lecture. Before I go, my wife wears heels whenever she pleases and she doesn't ask my opinion. In total-honesty, should any woman have to have the approval of her boyfriend or husband to wear her choice of red or black high heels? I think not.

As the old saying goes . . ."if the high heel fits, . . .you know the rest."

Would you say that this secretary could be the most-popular person in the office?

Would you say that this secretary could be the most-popular person in the office?

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