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Sexual Harassment, Whose Fault Is It?

A deep dive into rape culture and who women need support when they are victims. Triggering topics and the faults of religion are mentioned.


Sexual Harassment and our Culture

Oh look, another woman talking about sexual harassment. That’s what you’re thinking right? It’s 2021 that doesn’t happen anymore women are equal to men now. To that, I call bull.

If I’m talking about harassment why am I only talking about women? What about all the men who have been sexually assaulted? What about the men who are raped? What about the men who are falsely accused? What about the men's lives who are ruined because of accusations? Why are you only talking about women? That my friend is a simple explanation. Sexual harassment, rape, and assult in men and woman are completly different topics with different consequences and factors. Along with this, it’s a whole other topic that needs discussion in itself. Men who use this argument typically only use it to silence and downplay the severity of this.

Sexuality and objectification is a huge factor of womens sexual harassment. The way the world works is that women are seen as these sexual beings that are objectified and only used as baby makers. Many women don’t come forward out of fear, fear of the person that did this and fear of being judged. Victims are gaslit, manipulated, pressured, and even forced to stay silent because they are told that it was their fault. Women can’t wear anything or drink as much as they want without being taken advantage of. Women, especially teenage girls, can’t even have hobbies or interests without being made fun of or harassed for it. Women are only seen as these objects whose sole purpose is to cook, clean, and take care of children.

Let's take the gaming community for instance. Gamer girls are often harassed and bullied for liking games. If they go into a voice call they are automatically told sexist remarks and called a “fake gamer” because of their gender. So what if they are able to make money off of being an UwU Discord Gamer Girl, let them do what they want. Playing games is a fun pastime and was not made as a “boys only” hobby or interest. Gamer boys are loved all around and called real gamers because they are men. They can have little to no experience and still not get hated for or sent sexist remarks for playing a game. Do you see the problem?

Lets take a look into sex work. Only fans is a website that you are able to sell sexually explicit images on for a profit. Women are the ones in control of their body and how they present themselves. They are able to choose what they do, what is posted, and their pricing. Men think they are allowed to have an opinion about these women's bodies and their choice for income. These women are looked down upon and often degraded for this. It’s their body, why shouldn’t they be allowed to do what they want with it? On the other hand, porn websites such as Pornhub feature women in sex videos that was prerecorded. Because it’s a free to use website, these men don’t care that these women are doing these kinds of videos since it is indeed a free website. Onlyfans is seen as disgusting while Pornhub is seen as a good thing. What’s so wrong about a woman being incharge of her body and what goes out to the public?

I won’t go into detail with the disgusting things going on in the world of Pornhub, that is a whole other ordeal with a lot to unpack. I will call out the fact that this website features kidnapped underaged girls who are forced into these videos for a profit. A Pornhub video can and will ruin a victim's life increasing the amount of blame and judgment placed upon them. Some of these women who are featured on this disgusting website are often recorded without their permission and don’t know about the video. There are sex trafficing victems who are drugged, raped, recorded, and put on blast for all to see-which is uploaded onto Pornhub. Because this website is corrupt and only cares about money they don’t bother to backtrack the videos and report the ones with rape victims and underaged girls. There was an Alabama minor who was drugged, raped, and posted on Pornhub without her consent. Pornhub is getting away with this and men don’t believe or even care enough to boycott the website. There's a small thing that must be mentioned, it has been shown that men are uncomfortable that women are taking control of their bodies and doing what they wish with them. Men are no longer in control of women or their bodies.

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Society is very toxic and disgusting. It is seen that women must be small, innocent, hairless, and wear cloaks in order to not be sexualized. Who am kidding, women are sexualized no matter what they do. Woman who bring up the sexual harassment and rape of women are silenced by men using the fact that this also happens to men as well. Women are not allowed to talk about it without getting backlash for it. If a man talks about the harassment and rape of women they are labled as simps and pick me’s even though they want to shed light on what’s happening to women around the world.

Last but not least, the way that religion is presented is not only false, but also very problematic. In Sunday school it was taught that women were the only reason that Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden. From then on, women have been treated poorly for a simple mistake. It has been wired into women’s brains that if they show off too much skin and a man comes up to sexually harass you, it is your fault not theirs. In the bible women were simply there to have children, cook, clean, and do whatever their husband wanted them to do. They had no free will, were shamed if they didn’t have children or a husband, and were shamed if they spoke about being horny. I mean come on, women are just as horny as men.

From a young age it is taught that women must cover themselves from head to toe, to not commit adultery or any sexual acts, they must submit to man, and that they must keep their opinions silenced. Do you know what men are taught? That if a woman isn’t covered up then she is asking for it. That men are superior beings that are able to do as they please. Instead of teaching men from a young age what consent is, they teach the men out there that rape and harassment is ok because “boys will be boys, and they can’t help themselves.” Their behavior is so excused that it is absolutely disgusting. If a man shows any ounce of common human decency they are praised for it. Men shouldn’t have low standards, instead they need to be held accountable for their actions. In churches if a man sleeps with twenty five women, it's perfectly fine because he’s a man. If a woman sleeps with twenty five men she is slut shamed and seen as an impure soul who needs to be cleansed.

So please enlighten me on how if a woman is raped or sexually harassed it is her fault. How is it still that men are excused for their actions and that women feel that it is their fault when it's not?

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