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Seven Steps to Help You Gain Trust

Healthy relationships are built on qualities. Trust is the most important one. However, earning it is not a simple task. It requires honesty, time, and persistence followed by actions, and to not break no matter what.

Here are seven basic steps to help you develop the trust I'm sure you deserve, and you will cherish heartedly.

1. Follow your words and promises with real actions

The basic way to gain someone's trust is by making them believe what you say. You just need to be honest, keep the promises you make, and of course, don't make promises you're unable to keep. In return, you'll gain not only their trust but also their respect in the process.

Trust is a Process


2. Communication

Every single one of us has been in this situation at least once in a lifetime, the message you intend to send is not the one received. With the lack of effective communication or a non-effective one, your relationship will be the exact definition of a miss-understanding most of the time, because none of you are well aware of the other's intentions. What he have or have not committed on what you both agreed on, unless one of you is a mind-reader because in my world they only exist in fiction.

The point is, by having a relationship with good communication. You'll know that person very well, and that will show a limited interval where you can take some risks, and use them to prove your trustworthiness without crossing the limits that trigger that person, and will lead you to build trust.

So let's all use the communication key in the variety of our relationships. Trust me; it will prevent us from enormous troubles and headaches.

3. It takes time

Building anything in life is a daily commitment that requires patience and persistence, the same for building trust; it’s a process that needs time. Do not hurry it, and do not expect to get a reward too soon. Start with baby steps doing small commitments and let the process lead you to bigger ones, there is no specific period because it differs from a person to another. Be patient, take it easy, and enjoy the road to get to your destination.

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4. Don't take your relationships for granted

All the marriage promises contain sentences like "I’ll be there for you through good and bad consistently" it's a valuable promise and elevates the other's expectations of your role in their life, not for a few days or years, it is a promise to be proven through a lifetime, in minus and major situations. Do not say them and let the dust take over with the passing time because the first thing you will lose is the trust in your words and actions. We tend to have the most trust in people who are there for us consistently.

5. Help who you care for Whenever/However you can

Helping people is a way of healing. Giving energy and time without a personal benefit will make you feel amazing about yourself. So imagine with me what it will do to the other. Your kindness, care, and wiliness to be by their side will earn you their gratefulness, sympathy, love, and trust.


6- Be grateful and show it

Appreciate the other's role in your life, be grateful to their presence, don't always self-promote or give a vibe like it's your job to do so .., I deserve it anyway .., not even close to what I've done for you… Appreciate the minus efforts done for you because yes, you deserve them while the other is good enough to provide you that. We all see people who don't demonstrate appreciation for a good deed, as selfish. And selfishness destroys trust.

7. Admit your mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, cliché but true. People need someone more like them, willing to make mistakes and mature enough to admit them, not someone angelic who's always right and knows better and never wrong but only "miss-understood".

Attempting to cover your mistakes, projecting perfection creates a difference and levelness between you and people. And that will send them away. Also, hiding your human vulnerable side is dishonesty. And dishonesty, however, is the biggest enemy of trust-building.

Finally, remember, don't sacrifice your values, beliefs and decrease your self-respect in the process of being approved of, or trustworthy. You need to do what you honestly believe is right. That may upset others on occasions, but they will respect your honesty, and it'll simply gain you respect and their trust. Because obviously, we don't trust someone who says and does only what others want him to.

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