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Seven Crystals for Finding Love

Duncan has been a gemstone dealer for five years, he's happy to share some of the tips to help you in the gemstone business.

The romantic part of gems

Having a soul mate who you can call a friend and a lover is by far among the things that move life and make it happy. It is a life you can harvest a lot from—for example, a person with a lover or spouse or whatever name you would call them doesn't necessarily need to see an expert to talk to them about the blows and punches of life.

When last did you have an internal monologue (inner speech) about a situation that nearly cost your welfare?—" if it wasn't for this person, I wouldn't have made it out of this mess." A right partner is like another parent you can consistently turn to for anything, be it bad or good.

Unfortunately, it is not the case for everyone. Finding love is an easy task to some, but it is more of a bumpy ride than a smooth sail to others. I can't call it fate because fate is unchangeable, but luck. You can always do something to change your luck: if you step out of your routine and practice gratitude.

It is okay to put in an extra effort into getting things that should be innately coming to you freely. And, it is okay to try different methods to achieve something so dear to you: all that matters is you achieving it. Here are seven gemstones to help you find love or repair a broken relationship.

  • Rose quartz
  • Red garnet
  • Blue agate
  • Jasper
  • Rhodonite
  • Aventurine
  • Moonstone

A rose representing love

A rose representing quartz

A rose representing quartz

Benefits of love crystals

1. Rose quartz

This pale pink and white stone is the most trusted love compass that will allure the love that is meant for you. Rose quartz purifies your heart from all the negative vibes you got from your previous relationships and fills you up with energy that creates more room for self-love, love for others and reignites your self-esteem about your looks.

It is so hard to get into a relationship when your heart was previously someone's punching bag: bearing all the wounds that are far from healing. Rose quartz will help you out.

2. Red garnet

If there is that one compelling thing about this stone is the color. The stone has a red color that is enough to tell you how beneficial it could be in your love life. Red garnet has a positive energy that helps to keep your heart health in good condition, and mainly energies that keep your libido on point.

A poor sex life could cause you countless heartbreaks living you in situations where "trying again" is the last option you would think of doing. If you believe wandering around knocking on these doc's door is tiresome, then red garnet could ease the whole situation.

3. Blue agate

There is that scotch-like pain that engulfs up your whole heart when someone you badly wanted turns you down. It makes you feel like you are not good enough, leaving you with all the possible misjudgments that your brain can make up. Those miserable feelings are enough to cut you back from trying ever again.

But, there is a way out. Agate crystal makes you conquer the fear of being rejected and puts you in a position to go for the right choices ceaselessly. With this, whatever move you make will be the right one.

Powerful stones for attraction

4. Jasper

Yellow jasper can help you properly understand your feelings about someone: if you can't justify your feelings about someone. The stone also helps clarify your emotions to omit all the doubts and confusions in your heart.

A confused heart is most likely to make wrong decisions, leading to serious repercussions. If regrets are something, you hate then a jasper crystal could be your best friend.

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5. Rhodonite

If you struggle to halt a toxic behavior that keeps on messing up your relationship, a rhodonite crystal could be your savior. It baffles my understanding when people say that you should love them for who they are (don't try to change them), and when disagreements kick in, they say, " you should teach them to be the person you want them to be, instead of leaving them."

I don't know about you, but I believe cutting back from all the annoying habits that kill your partner's vibe is the only way you can execute a happy relationship. And in that case, rhodonite will help you shade off the bad habits, attain a good emotional balance and compel you to love yourself even more.

6. Aventurine

Aventurine is a magnificent stone that unleashes pure luck even when your days are dark. The stone is filled with energy that is accustomed to success. Aventurine grants you the energy to reclaim what has ever been yours and manifest into owning what belongs to you.

Aventurine could be a jackpot for someone wanting to enter into a relationship or someone who lost one. Aventurine stone also opens your chances of meeting people of your desire.

7. Moonstone

The moonstone is recognized for its ability to increase the luck of love. It is believed to contain energies that help reunite lovers who physically or emotionally broke up. The stone is helpful to couples that continuously fight over minor issues because it's a major sign that love is no longer served hot.


Bedroom with love/happiness

Bedroom with love/happiness

How to take care of your gems for love

How to Get the Best out of Crystals for Love and Relationships

Ensuring proper safety and care for something is the best way to make good use out of it. Love crystals or gems also need maximum care for them to be effective. Always wash your gems in warm salt water to purify them from the negative worn-out energy they must have picked from you or anyone who came in contact with them.

Always protect your love gemstone from contact with any other person. A stone for such a personal purpose deserves to be personal property. You cannot share your desires with people who have nothing to do with it.

Bury your stone into dust or sand. Burying your stone into the sand for a couple of days helps it recharge its energy from within the earth. Gemstones live underground for long periods, and it's where they get all these incredible abilities; putting them back there sometimes ensures great results for you.

Green crystals for love

Green gems ensure a go-light

Green gems ensure a go-light

How to use gems to find a partner

How to Use Gems for Love Attraction

Gems work; you either choose to wear them directly to your skin whenever you're manifesting your desires or meditate with the crystals in your hand as you visualize whatever you want. These two methods are so effective.


Love is a feeling that has no imitation, no matter how much technology advances. People who completely speak two different languages can speak and understand it.

Love shouldn't miss in any human being's life cycle. That is why I believe there is someone for everyone. Find love and find happiness.

© 2021 Duncan Nyabaro

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