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Signs You Are Dating the Right Woman

Nyamweya is a columnist with a Kenyan print media.He is also a freelance writer with various online and offline media platforms

To many men, there are different perception of a high quality woman. But in general and in a normal sense, a high quality woman is a woman who has all, or virtually all the qualities of a good woman who is worthy of marriage. A high quality woman is not a woman who the society today see as an expensive woman. Differences abound between the current societal definition of a high quality woman and the actual definition of a high quality woman.Majority of men are dating high quality women. But the question is, are they dating the actual high quality women who are worth marrying? Can you marry your girlfriend? It is sad to know that some men are dating their girlfriends knowing fully well that they won't marry them for reasons best known to them. While some others don't know if they are dating high quality women who are worth marrying. That is what this piece is trying to solve. Below are signs that you are dating a high quality woman who is worth marrying.

Her integrity is unquestionable.

A high quality woman sees her integrity as a priority.

She is honest to the core. She doesn't beat around the bush during a conversation. She is steadfast always.

*She shares in your happiness* . A woman who shares in your happiness is marriageable. Such a woman is also a high quality woman because, a high quality woman respects her male lover. She understands that she, no matter how important she is to you is not your only source of happiness. As a high quality woman, the best she can do for you is to share in your happiness and also make you happy.

*She is independent

Every high quality woman is independent. They have their own life to live, which means that they have their own wants and needs that they want to fulfil by themselves. They have careers and are also working for money. That is to say that a high quality woman does not depend on her boyfriend for money.

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*She always have something to say.* A high quality woman is versatile. She love to participate in every discussion, and in anyone, she always have something to contribute. She has her opinions on every issue. In other words, we can say that she is smart and brilliant.

*She takes care of herself.* A high quality woman takes proper care of herself. She respects her own beauty, therefore, she doesn't joke with her look.As a high quality woman, she understands that her beauty is her pride, therefore, she tries to maintain it even without your persuasion.

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