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Russian wedding customs and traditions

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Kaaravai with salt

Kaaravai with salt


Russian wedding customs are fascinating. In Russian, the wedding is known as ‘svaadba’.It’s ‘a must attend once in a life time wedding celebration’. The invitees make a cheerful ambience. The wedding is led by the chosen person who acts as a link between the couple and invitees.

Getting blessed with Kaaravai

When the bride and groom are about to enter the celebration hall (or home), the in-laws of bride welcome them amidst applaud by the friends and relatives. Kaaravai is a decorative round shaped bread. It is accompanied by salt. The mother in-law holds Kaaravai with a special clothing material in her hands and blesses the newly-wed couple with it.

The one who wins, rules forever

After getting blessed by the in-laws, both the bride and groom have to eat their portions of bread The one who manages to eat a big chunk of bread is believed to rule over his better half for the whole life.

Locking up your love

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This is one of my favourites.The groom & bride walk together along with the friends and relatives and put a lock on the bridge. The key is taken to home but some prefer throwing in the river. Every year the couple goes to this bridge to check their lock. It’s a symbol of their love.

Expression of love in words

Next the couple is asked to describe each other one by one in the most accurate words.For example ‘my love’, ‘my life’ etc. You may use whatever fits your partner precisely. The invitees keep applauding all the while.

Kaasha time

The couple is given a pot of Kaasha; kasha is porridge in Russian. They need to eat it one by one. It is not mandatory to consume the whole pot. It is believed that the more spoons of Kaasha you eat the more children you’ll have. The invitees keep counting the number of spoons or children as the couple begins. (for example 4 spoons mean 4 children)

Burning the candle

The groom is given a candle to light up by making fire with the help of a wooden plate and stick. The groom keeps trying hard until his mother helps him light up with the help of another candle. Everyone laughs as the groom keeps trying making fire in vain without even thinking how he can make it possible.

A girl or a boy

The wedding lead asks the invitees about the children, whether they want a girl or a boy from this couple. A decorative box is passed to the invitees to put money in. Some put in for a boy and some for a girl. In the end the money is counted. The one, who gets more, wins.

The parents, friends, relatives bless the couple and celebrate which is followed by the cake ceremony. There are a lot of Russian wedding games and traditions.. Alcohol, especially vodka is a must in Russian wedding.

Below are some Russian wedding videos.

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cheryl on December 07, 2014:

When I was in Russia I saw locks on metal trees and other places placed there by the bride and groom. Where does this tradition come from and what does it suppose to mean?

russia on December 21, 2013:

Thank you for this information, I was looking for this videos, thank you.

MargaritaEden from Oregon on May 31, 2012:

Beautiful pictures!

Rooskaya (author) from USA on October 05, 2011:

Jim thanks a lot for stopping by and reading my hub.

Jim.Anderson on October 05, 2011:

Thanks for sharing the Russian weddings.

Rooskaya (author) from USA on September 06, 2011:

Thanks for the appreciation. Don't regret. Everything happens for the best. Good luck to you.

UN2418 on September 06, 2011:

I wish this article to be written few years before ... I am glad. Keep up good work.

Rooskaya (author) from USA on July 13, 2011:

Thanks for the comment and voting up. Hope you enjoy more hubs from me!!!!!!!!!!

spsingh from on July 13, 2011:

wow nicely explained...voted up for Russian weddings.

Rooskaya (author) from USA on May 12, 2011:

Dobroye Utro.Thanks for the appreciation.Russian wedding and Kaaravai are superb.

Augustine A Zavala from Texas on May 11, 2011:

Dobroye Utro! I think this weddings look fabulous. The Kaaravai, it looks so good!

Rooskaya (author) from USA on April 27, 2011:

Thank you,thank you so much.I love Russian wedding.It's full of fun.I do have fond memories of my wedding.

johndwilliams from Essex England on April 27, 2011:

Brings back the memories of my wedding - really a great time - thanks for a great hub

Rooskaya (author) from USA on April 16, 2011:

Thank you,for the appreciation.Surely,the Kaaravai cakes (breads) are very beautiful.They are plain in taste that is neither sweet nor salty.Usually they are accompanied by salt.Thanks again.

Jackie Lynnley from the beautiful south on April 16, 2011:

So beautiful and thanks for sharing, I don't know about the face in the cake but if I had to do it I would make the best of it and eat as much as I could, sure looked good!

Rooskaya (author) from USA on April 14, 2011:

Thanks a lot Ingenira.Russian weddings are very interesting and full of fun.Thanks again.

Ingenira on April 13, 2011:

Fascinating ! It's full of laughters and lots of interesting games. I shall this with my friends and relatives, so that they can play these games in their weddings. Awesome, Rooskaya, many votes up for you !

Rooskaya (author) from USA on April 11, 2011:

Thanks a lot for the comment.

Dexi from New England on April 11, 2011:

Interesting hub. Love to learn about traditions from a different culture.

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