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Roses and the meaning of their colour

Natasha is a freelance writer and journalist with experience in research which is how she got the information for this article

The meaning of roses

It is the most popular flower to give to someone special and each colour has a different meaning.

The amount of flowers that you give someone doesn't mean anything but it is the colour that will tell a girl what how much she means to you.

Portland, Oregon is named the "Rose City" because of the many rose gardens that thrive there. There are many types of roses but getting into all of that is unneccesary as all that matters is the colour that you are giving.

Each colour has a meaning but going down the list you will find that the only ones for love are red and white.

There are double meanings for many of the other colours and with the turquoise and blue you will note that they are man made and dyed from other roses.

The black rose is my favourite as it is rare and it grows that way! Unlucky for some but positive for others.

When selecting a rose colour for someone you need to find out what their favourite colour is and if they are in your life all the time then changing it up is nice as a surprise but for special oocassions, red!!!

Roses are Red for Love

Roses are the most popular flower to send someone and each colour has a different meaning. Although every women loves to receive flowers, love is not measured by the things that we receive but by the love given.

If you give the wrong colour and your girlfriend seems ungrateful you might understand why after you read this.

Red roses mean love and respect and giving someone a red rose means just that.

It doesn't matter if you give a single rose or a dozen, it is the colour that means something.

Valentine's day red roses are the most popular colour to give and this means love, love, love!

Romance is red and that's how women see the colour. We all know that it is for deep love and if you do not love your girlfriend then avoid buying red.

If you do love her and you get her yellow or pink then you will be surprised by their reaction and it might seem as though they are ungrateful but they are actually thinking about why you have given them pink or yellow instead of red.

Red roses are for love and respect

Red roses are for love and respect

Dark Pink roses

These roses are sent to say thank you as they are for thanks and appreciation.

The dark pink roses are soft and delicate and usually seen at weddings in the boquets for thanks to the guests.

Pink roses also represent happiness and joy. When giving someone a dark pink rose, it means that you are grateful and thankful for them or something that they have done.

Light pink roses are for admiration and dark pink is for gratitude

Light pink roses are for admiration and dark pink is for gratitude

Light Pink roses

Grace, elegance and beauty are what these flowers represent.

A light pink rose is for admiration and innocent love that has not yet blossomed.

Giving someone a pink rose signifies your admiration and joy to have them in your life.

Yellow Roses

Yellow is such a bright and happy colour and the roses are beautiful in the home. It is a nice colour to get to brighten up someone's day or just illuminate your home space.

The meaning of these roses are for happiness and friendship. So if you are giving a girl yellow roses you are giving her the "let's be friends" vibe.

Yellow roses also give a promise of a new beginning, good luck and welcome back messages.

For congratulatory messages this is also a good colour to send out as well as when someone is sick and wanting to feel better.

Yellow roses are used to brighten up someone's day or sent for good luck and congratulations

Yellow roses are used to brighten up someone's day or sent for good luck and congratulations

White roses

White represents purity, innocence and humility.

Weddings often use white roses to represent everlasting love.

A white rose means that there is unchanging loyalty and usually represents the bride on her wedding day...(well in the olden days.)

When giving someone a white rose you are telling them that you are loyal and humbled by them.

Orange and Peach roses

Passion, desire and enthusiasm is the meaning of this colour. I find Orange a strange colour for passion and if I had to receive these I would think of it as a friendship colour and not a passion play.

Orange also means that you are proud of the person that you are giving these to and perhaps it should be saved for a congratulations present rather than for passion.

Orange roses are also given to someone when you are honoured or proud to be in their company.

Someone bewitched or bedazzled by you will give you an Orange rose symbolising their desire for you.

Beware ladies if you receive an Orange means naughty thoughts too!

Peach Roses are for someone that has closed a deal, modesty and sincerity and gratitude.

When you would like to thank someone for accomplishing a good deed for you, then peach is a thank you for their hard work. It means that you are genuinely thankful for what they have done.

Meaning of Roses

Red is for love and respect

White is for purity and innocence

Yellow is for joy and congratulations

Pink is for gratitude and thanks

Purple is for enchantment and deep impressions

Lavender or purple roses

If you are lucky enough to find these then this is unique and will be taken in with many thanks.

There is a meaning for them and it is for enchantment, regal majesty and!

A person giving a girl this colour flower is letting them know that you have fallen in love at first sight.

Enchantment is magical and quick but can also die off very quickly.

By getting a purple rose, it shows that you have created a deep impression on someone.

Make your own blue roses

Blue or turquoise roses are for fertility, calm and positive energy

Blue or turquoise roses are for fertility, calm and positive energy

Blue or Turquoise roses

Blue roses are for the unobtainable and it is also for mystery. Getting a blue rose means that it is the beginning of something new but something mysterious and the person giving it to you thinks that you are extraordinary.

Turquoise roses are for self respect, well being, fertility and rejuvenation of spirit.

These colours are made by man and they do not grow this way but to receive it is beautiful and they are hard to find.

The meaning in these colours is about life stability and has nothing to do with love but pure joy and positive energy.

Black roses are rare and they mean death and sorrow but they also mean new beginnings and courage

Black roses are rare and they mean death and sorrow but they also mean new beginnings and courage

Black roses

Naturally black represents death, mortality, new beginnings and Halloween.

In the old days the mafia used to send a black rose to people who were on their hit list....(a myth I am sure) but receiving a black rose cannot have a good meaning to it at all.

I like black roses because they are rare and it also means the death of old habits, so maybe I can get some when I decide to quit smoking!

It is also used to signify courage and resistance.

Black roses are for sorrow, death and mourning but they are also for mystery, new beginnings and the end of old habits.

Getting one of these roses also means that someone went to a lot of trouble because they are rare and hard to find.

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