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12 Best Romantic Getaways Near Mumbai

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Love is in the air. But unfortunately, the air in Mumbai is polluted. Or better that, there is little space for lovers to find a quiet place in the city which is known to be "hustling and bustling" and one which "never sleeps". Be it beaches in the morning, evening, and even at midnight. Go and see Juhu beach or when you visit a cinema hall or are strolling with your partner you are bound to get the looks everywhere.

But we Mumbaikars are stubborn and don't mind much of the things and still find happy moments with our love. Say it the attitude of being a Mumbaikar or call it the strength of your love.

We all need some quiet and lovely moments to spend with our partner. Tired of going to the same places with your partner. Then head on to these beautiful locations which are near to our city. These places make for a great weekend getaway. So, this weekend pack your bags and be with your partner to any of the below places to have some great time.

1| Matheran

Get out of the city and take a break at the most popular weekend destination of Mumbai as well as of Pune. You are certain to find the peace and spectacular views you are looking for! Matheran doesn't allow vehicles. So it becomes an ideal destination which offers great look-out points, lakes, waterfalls minus the pollution.

There are more than 38 look-out points at Matheran. Of which Louisa point, Panorama point, Monkey point are most famous. You can take a local train to reach the nearest railway station, Neral. Thereafter you have the option to take the famous toy train ride to reach Matheran station or take a horse ride or even by hand-pulled rickshaws. Dasturi park will be the last stop for you if you are traveling by your car or have taken a taxi.

2| Karnala Bird Sanctuary

At Karnala bird sanctuary you will be astonished when you'll see numerous kinds of birds and animals. The official website of the sanctuary advocates that there are more than 150 species which can be spotted over here. And over 30 species of them are migratory birds which decorate this place.

It is a good place for bird and nature lovers. Apart from that it also offers nature trails.

3| Lonavala

Lonavala is another place where people from Mumbai flock to take a break from the city life.

Other places of interest near Lonavala are the forts of Lohagad and Visapur.

In a trip to Lonavala, you'll have the pleasure to witness forts, lakes, caves and other picturesque views. Famous places here frequented by tourist are Rajmachi point. Karla Caves and Bhaja Caves both of which are rock-cut caves are also worth a visit.

4| Khandala

The best time to visit Lonavala and Khandala is around monsoons. The hill station as if comes to life (not that it isn't round the year). But the monsoons make the place blushing with nature's mark on it.

Other places which you can look for when you visit are the Shooting point, Wax museum which is getting famous among tourist, Tiger's leap, Duke's nose, Tungarli dam and Valvan Dam.

Do remember to take time on one these places to sit and talk for a while with your beau.

You'd have a great time visiting all the places but if you are short on time then choose two-three of them and admire the beauty of this scenic hill station.

5| Malshej Ghat

Another great place to visit this monsoon is Malshej hills. The place has plenty of lush green fields, waterfalls. You might also encounter birds which you might have only seen in photos and videos.

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Cool climate all around the year.

Unlike other places on the list, this one won't have much crowd in comparison. It offers a great experience who are interested in trekking and hiking.

6| Alibag

Now comes the mother of all weekend destinations of Mumbai. There is an influx of tourist all around the year, especially a great location for couples. Alibag provides a joyful experience. Beaches, to forts, to places of religious importance it offers all.

There are many beaches in and around Alibag and the most famous of all is the Alibaug beach and the Kashid beach (which is next in the list).

Walk hand-in-hand with your partner towards the Alibag fort and sit atop the fort and watch the coast.

Speaking of temples then you must visit and take blessings from Kanakeshwar and the Birla temple.

7| Kashid Beach

A 30-kilometer ride from Alibaug will get you to Kashid beach. Again a famous place for spending your weekend. If you are looking for a quiet place to be with your lover then head on to Kashid.

Your definition of spending an evening at a beach will take a new meaning once you visit here. You are bound to experience a different kind of beach at Kashid.

Have a look at some gorgeous photos below.

8| Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is one of the few places in the world that has evergreen forest and dense greenery. Just like Lonavala and Khandala this one and Panchgani can be and should be planned in a single visit.

The region is famous among honey-moon goers and makes for a perfect place to be as a couple.

Make sure to visit the Venna lake which is the defacto place to start and explore Mahabaleshwar. Activities like boating and horse riding await you!

Great view at Mahabaleshwar

Great view at Mahabaleshwar

9| Panchgani

By combining Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani together you would be able to make the most of your visit with added to locations to roam.

Most probably you might have heard Panchgani's name in the context of boarding schools. Panchgani has many world-class boarding schools and for parents, it is the go-to place for boarding schools from Mumbai and Pune. The school which is screened in Taare Zameen Par also happens from this place. Yes, a visit to that school would be 'different'.

But it also offers great places for a tourist.

Also, there is a place known as Table land which also happens to be the second longest plateau in Asia. Many movies have been shot here including Raja Hindustani, Gadar as well as Dharmatma.

Mapro Garden falls between Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar. It is a great place to satiate your hunger for goodies related to strawberries.

10| Ganpatipule

Though a bit far from Mumbai, 375 Km but the distance traveled with your love will be remembered by for many years to come. The nearest railhead is at Ratnagiri which in itself is a good place. A visit to Ganpatipule will be much revered as you are bound to visit other places which are in its close vicinity.

Ganpatipule offers great resorts, beaches, and the famous Ganesha temple from which it got its name.

11| Mahuli Fort

Another one for the trekking lovers. Must say that the whole experience to get to the pinnacle of the Mahuli fort is awesome.

It is great that despite living in a city we have something that is very close which gives us the feeling of escaping the city and sitting in the lap of mother nature.

It is recommended that you visit this place with a group. Needless to say, make sure that every group member is accompanied by their boyfriend/girlfriend.

Entry which leads to the Mahuli fort.

Entry which leads to the Mahuli fort.

12| Elephanta Caves

I have kept this as the last one because it is possible that you might have visited this. If you haven't then make sure to visit it this weekend. Definitely possible for one who is on a strict budget.

The visit can be easily completed within a day. Go and explore Elephanta Caves, it's great. The journey itself is such that you won't regret. Go back in history and admire the beauty of this place.

First, take a ferry from Gateway of India and then you can take a ferry or boat to the Elephanta Caves. When you reach the island there would be many locals who offer guide service, as a person living in the city and knowing about Hindu mythology one doesn't need a guide. Only foreigners avail such service. Their charges are exorbitantly high! So, keep away from them.

You also have the opportunity to take a toy train which finally drops you to the caves. Make sure to travel by train, it's a fun ride!

So that's it I have given you enough options to keep you busy the whole year.

© 2012 Kannan


geetapatel on December 23, 2013:

Adventure loving couples must not miss Kolad. Its one of the best destinations near Mumbai and Pune for fun water sports. Kamath Residency resort at Nagothane near Kolad organises white water rafting, river crossing, kayaking, and other water based activities for corporates and groups.

Yorja Rahmani from India on July 25, 2013:

Voted up! Incidentally, my sis's recently got married in Mumbai. Have forwarded her this hub. :)

Rajvi Bhow on January 22, 2013:

Your list is quite comprehensive and many good options too. I have written about the same topic of romantic destinations near Mumbai in my blog:

dinkan53 from India on March 11, 2012:

Great hub with mind refreshing beautiful pictures. By hearing Mumbai the image coming to mind is a city life and happy to know that there are beautiful places near by. Voted up and beautiful!

JR Krishna from India on March 11, 2012:

I have been to Mumbai a few times and I understand when you say air in Mumbai is polluted.

The places you described very beautiful and quiet. Surely this is a get away from the rush of Mumbai to peace.

Thanks for sharing

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