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Role of Friendship in Our Life


How many friends do you have? It is a common question that we always listen from others, but it becomes an uncommon question when we try to define “what is meant by friendship or good friendship? Let us try to elaborate on the explicit and implicit meaning of friendship.

Explicit meaning of friendship:

In general words, by a friend we mean a companion. Those companions may be our schoolfellows, university fellows, our parents, people in relatives, or maybe our pets. If we look at the structure and formulation of this world, we will happen to see that nature has introduced a specific mechanism in which living species occur in pairs or groups. In other words, we can say that living in pairs or groups, is the essence of living souls and inevitable truth. In terms of human beings, they manifest the bond of friendships in the forms of societies, organizations, tribes, families, and marital relationships.


Likewise, the animal species are partially or completely dependent upon the company of other animals. We see that majority of marine life prefer to stay and wander in the form of groups under seawater, similarly different species of birds fly or migrate in the form of organized groups. Such companionship not only retains the continuity of animal species but lessens the chances of endangerment or extinction of certain animal species. Contemporarily, the extinction of certain animal species owes greatly to the absence of fellow species due to extinction.

The implicit meaning of friendship:

The implicit meaning of friendship mainly refers to the emotional sensation of heart to the heart of respective living species. The heart is a special organ, responsible for the occurrence of love, emotional pain, emotional-based decisions, and implicit friendship among living species across the world. The implicit friendship is comprised of real love, compassion, and an interest-free relationship. But if the same friendship is established based on the brain’s decision, then the friendship is the amalgamation of interests and short-term companionship.

Types of implicit friendships:

Parents and Siblings' friendships:

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One of the greatest examples of implicit friendship is the emotional friendship between parents and siblings. This kind of friendship and relationship is limitless and one of the substantial gifts of nature. Such sort of friendship occurs in human beings as well as in animals.

Humans and animals’ friendship:


Animals and human beings have a deep sense of love and compassion for each other and are implicit in nature. This kind of love is embedded in both animals' and humans ‘hearts. For centuries, human beings have remained unsuccessful to recognize animals’ love and compassion for human beings. In retrospect, human beings violently hunted animals and in return, animals became more furious and conclusively, wild animals’ friendships were altered in hostility. But in the present age, due to enlightenment, human beings identified the true nature of animals and now they are more closed to each other in unexpected ways.

The implicit friendship between two opposite or same genders:


As mentioned earlier that the explicit friendship may occur due to the introduction of networks and communities, but implicit friendship is more concrete and may be limited to two or more than two individuals. That kind of friendship mainly takes place between those individuals whose chemistry and tastes are the same in nature. This kind of friendship is more distinguished than ordinary friendship. This genre of friendship mostly occurs between masculine and feminine gender in the form of love. But in rare cases, it also occurs among the same genders.

Implicit friendship with religion:


A large population of human beings follow religions and are more obsessed with religious norms and rituals. They create a strong bond with perspective religions or indirectly we can say that those people make a strong relationship with respective gods of that religion and the followers of each religion are ready to make any kind of sacrifice so that their friendships with perspective God remain stronger and more faithful.

Conclusively we can say that friendship; may it be explicit or implicit, precedes the material world and an ultimate way for the prevalence of peace and tranquility in this world.

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