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Renaissance Wedding Theme Ideas

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Renaissance Style Wedding

Have you always wanted to have a Renaissance Style wedding? The Renaissance Theme can be challenging but also really fun. You will find the creative side of you comes out once you start planning this style of wedding.

There are so many things you can do to make your wedding feel like an authentic Renaissance Wedding.

Due to the huge interest in the Renaissance era, you will find a lot of places where you can acquire the things you will need for this theme. There are many internet sites that supply costumes, jewelry, decorations, music and even menu ideas. You will also find that this particular theme will be a little easier on the budget, than a traditional wedding. Especially when it comes to the attire.


Renaissance Wedding Venue

Finding a venue that will have the right feel for your Renaissance theme is going to be the number one priority.

An outdoor setting is ideal for your Renaissance Wedding. But if you are forced to have an indoor venue, you can still spruce it up with decorations to make it feel authentic.

Finding an outdoor Venue is not really as hard as you might think. Maybe there is a park near you that supplies just the right atmosphere for this type of wedding. Contact the city and see if they allow weddings. Some cities have old castles that can be rented for a wedding. Where I live there is a historic castle that specializes in weddings.

Many cities have Renaissance Festivals in the summer months. We have one about an hour away that runs all summer long, and they do weddings. They supply a separate area for your guests as well as entertainment and a Renaissance era feast. If you check online, you may find a Renaissance Festival in your area that hosts weddings. This would be the perfect setting for your Renaissance Themed Wedding.


Renaissance Brides Attire

A great thing about a Renaissance wedding, is that the Bride can wear whatever color she likes. The tradition of wearing white is fairly recent and was not actually a traditional color during the Renaissance. Darker colors were more popular, such as deep purple, dark green and Red which was worn to invoke fertility. You are certainly welcome to wear White if you desire, but you are not limited to it.

Of course for a Renaissance wedding you will probably want to be the Queen. But there are several other costumes that have the Renaissance era theme:

  • Queen
  • Maiden
  • Tavern Wench

You will also find that you can buy an appropriate Renaissance Dress for much less than you will pay for an actual Wedding Gown.

Headpiece Choices:

  • Renaissance Veil
  • Flower Ring
  • Tiara
  • Maiden Circlet
  • Lace Ribbon Headband
  • Head Chain
  • Head Necklace
  • Renaissance Hair Pins

Renaissance Groom Attire

The groom should be dressed like a Medieval Knight or a King, depending on the Brides theme. A white or off white, blousy shirt with some kind of vest that matches or compliments the color of the Brides dress.The pants can be fitted or poufy, depending on your preference. A leather belt and knee high leather boots to match will complete the outfit. If you are going to be King, you will probably want a nice coat or cape, which you can find easily if you search the internet for renaissance costumes.

Grooms Accessories:

  • Sword (for Knight)
  • Cloth Knights Hood (for Knight)
  • Knights Helmet (for Knight)
  • Shield (for Knight)
  • Shin Guards (for Knight)
  • Cape (King or Knight)
  • Kings Crown (for King)
  • Scepter (for King)

You may have to put your own outfit together for your groom. The costumes are sometimes not very well made, but you can find pieces that are good quality and put it together yourself.

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Renaissance Bridesmaids Attire

There are lot of ways you can go with your bridesmaids depending on how the Bride and Groom decide to dress.

If your going for King and Queen, then you will want your Bridesmaids dressed like a Lady in Waiting.

If your going for Knight and Maiden, then you might go with a Maiden costume for your Bridesmaids.

You could even go with a Robinhood and Maid Marion theme. Your Bridesmaids could dress as Tavern Wenches.

The bouquets the Bridesmaids will carry should be very simple. Again depending on which theme the Bride has chosen. If the Bride has chosen the King and Queen theme, then the bouquets could be a bit more elaborate. But if she is going with any of the others, I think I would have small simple bouquets. Maybe even just a few daisies tied together with some ribbon.

Make Your Own Invitations

Use parchment paper. You can also find cardstock with a parchment look. You can even make your own parchment with off white paper by burning the edges.

You should use a font that looks like Calligraphy, such as Old English.

The wording on your invitations should be the Renaissance style. It will give your guests a preview of what to expect at your wedding. You could include a picture of the Bride and Groom wearing Renaissance costumes, printed on the front of your parchment. Your invitation should also mention the attire you expect your guests to wear.

Invitation Example:

Lady Jane Smith & Sir John Doe

Request the honor of thy presence at their

Royal Wedding. On the 21st day of April

In the year of our Lord, Two thousand and Fourteen

Reception Note Example:

Merriment and Feasting will commence at

(give place and time)

Flower Girl Attire

Wouldn't your flower girl look adorable dressed like a little Renaissance Fairy Princess, wings and all. Carrying her little basket full of rose petals down the isle, dropping them as she goes. This is such a cute, unique idea for a wedding ceremony. She will feel like a real fairy and think of the fun she will have.

Your flower girl would also look adorable dressed in a maiden outfit. It just depends on your taste, either way you go would be cute and enjoyable.

She will win over the crowd before you ever get started. A Fairy costume will be much cheaper to buy than a fancy Flower girl dress, that she will never wear again. With this outfit she will wear it for many months to come, when she plays dress-up. What a great gift for her to keep and remember your wedding every time she wears it


Renaissance Wedding Décor

The décor for your reception will look fabulous when you incorporate your renaissance theme into it. There are so many fun ideas for this theme, your imagination can run wild.

Your Renaissance Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is one of the most important parts of your wedding planning.

Most bakeries can provide you with pretty much anything you can come up with. Do your research and if you have pictures, take plenty of pictures with you when you visit the bakery.

If you aren't sure exactly what your want, discuss it with them. They are experts and can probably help you come up with just the right design for your perfect Medieval wedding cake.

Do a search online, you will find many unique and beautiful ideas for a renaissance style wedding cake.

Fun Centerpiece


Table Centerpiece

For a centerpiece you can find many rod iron, renaissance looking candle holders. Check your local craft store of Hobby Lobby. I purchased the ones pictured above at Hobby Lobby when they were half price and they were very reasonable. You can also purchase battery operated candles, so there is no fire danger. I added the lighted grapes, but this centerpiece would also look good with Ivy draped around the candle holders.

A rod iron bird cage would also make a great centerpiece for your dining tables.

A glass pedestal bowl with floating candles would make a beautiful centerpiece for this theme. You can put battery operated candles in the bottom of these bowls. They sell waterproof ones for this purpose. We made these for my daughters wedding. I used pink candles submerged in a glass pedestal bowl filled with water and glass beads. We then floated pink flower candles in them, which were actually lit.


Inside or out, the Table décor will be the most impressive part of your reception. If you search various party supply stores you will find some great choices for your theme. I have listed a few here to get you started.

Your tables will be very impressive with the royal blue table cloths, medieval themed plates with matching napkins and jeweled goblets. You could always just purchase plain blue or red plates also.

Wall Décor

An outside venue would be a great choice for this style of wedding, but if your reception ends up being indoors, you will still have many options for décor.

You can hang ivy in various places on the walls and even incorporate it into your table décor.

I found these battery operated torches that would look really cool hanging on the walls also, maybe hang the ivy around the same area as the torches.


Chest For Gift Cards


Party Favor Boxes

Favors and Gift Table

You can use the same royal blue table cloths for the gift and favor table, that you are using for the banquet tables. Or you can go with Red, Hunter Green or even White, if that is what you prefer.

An appropriately framed photo of the Bride and Groom dressed in their Renaissance outfits would look great on the gift table. You could use an antique or rod iron frame, easily found online or at Hobby Lobby. On either side of the picture I would put some nice rod iron candle holders with battery operated candles.

I think a rod iron Bird Cage or a box shaped like a treasure chest, would make a great box for gift cards from your guests. Just make sure the cards will fit in the opening. For my daughters wedding I found a cool box at Hobby Lobby that had a rounded top like a treasure chest. She wasn't having a renaissance wedding, and it was white satin, but could easily have been transformed into a treasure chest. We cut a nice big slit in the top and it worked great for the many gift cards they received.

The favor table would look really amazing lined with the awesome little castle favor boxes, I found on Amazon. You can also find rhinestone jewels or fake gold coins, that could be scattered around the favor boxes as an additional favor. The jewels come in pretty much any color you could want. You could scatter smaller jewel confetti among the rhinestones for a bit more bling.

Entertainment & Reception Music

For fun you could have someone dress up like a Court Jester, a Beggar or a Juggler.

You will probably have a DJ, so you will want to be sure they have the type of music that you want played at your reception. If your going to play renaissance era music, it might be hard to find a DJ that has that type of music. You will want to let them know well in advance what type of music you expect so that they will have time to acquire enough of it for you.

Just because your wedding theme is renaissance era, does not mean you can't have modern music played at the reception. Most weddings I've seen with this theme, use the renaissance music for the ceremony, but when it comes to the reception, they use modern day music so everyone can dance. You might throw in a couple of renaissance songs here and there, just to keep the mood going.

You will also want to be sure your DJ has the proper attire for you wedding theme. You might have to provide them with a renaissance costume.

It would be ideal if you could find a group of Minstrels for hire. They could stroll through your reception while dinner is being served. I know there are some out there for hire, but depending on where you live, they might not be too abundant. Maybe you know someone who plays an instrument that would be willing to dress like a Minstrel and help you out. But you will probably just be limited to your DJ, who can play a nice renaissance tune during dinner.



Renaissance Era Music

The music from the renaissance era is really beautiful.

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