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Relationship Cheating Quotes and Saying About Getting Caught in a Lie

Sad quotes about being cheated on and lied to

Sad quotes about being cheated on and lied to

Cheating Quotes for Him and Her

It's time for you to warn women and men who cheat in a relationship, use the following quotes about getting caught in a lie to impress your ex boyfriend or girlfriend or simply post these cheating quotes on your Facebook status or make a tweet on Twitter.

Quotes on Cheaters in Relationships:

  1. If you want to succeed in something don't cheat because you are just cheating yourself.
  2. Please don’t try to cheat anyone either he or she is known or unknown because belief is the most important thing that should not break.
  3. You don't have to kill to be on top, you didn't have to cheat to be rich.
  4. People in relationship & marriage actually have time to get weak by temptation, you got a partner for that, rather appreciate your partner because they are more precious when they are being faithful then get destroyed by a flirt.
  5. If he loves you so much then why he cheated on you and treat you like trash? Most people don't love you they just love what you can do for them. Know the difference.
  6. When girls walk away from you and break up it’s not because they cheat or there's no more love or found someone sweeter than you. It’s about your moods, the pointless arguments, the false smiles, jumping to false conclusions, lack of romance, and your expectations that are beyond their capabilities, your acting statements of ignorance and most probably lack of respect.
  7. You lie and you cheat yourself out of happiness. You don't know anything unless you give it a chance.
  8. Why cheat? When I have the girl of my dreams beside me everyday, she believes in me, motivates me to be a better person and cares for me more than I would ever imagine a person too. I love this girl so much some people don't believe in soul mates but I know nobody other than God has put her in my life. I love you sweetheart.
  9. Cheating is immoral and impious from every sense. Adopt faithfulness. Love never cheats. Whoever cheats are without love.
  10. Men try their best not to cheat, but sometimes you cannot disappoint a woman's desire and make her feel unwanted. It’s all part of our social economic structural balance of our environment, practical wisdom leads to natural happiness.
  11. Did you know that 90% of women in relationship are always faithful, 10% cheat on their partners. While men are just 10% that are faithful, 90% cheat on their partner. Why? Yet we claim to be the faithful. God help us.
  12. Can anyone answer this question: why do people get in relationships just to cheat, why not just stay single if you are not playing the field?
  13. What you do onto others will turn around be done onto you, when you are with someone else's love what do you think, that person won't cheat on you?
  14. Stop living a fake life; it makes you a liar and a cheater. It will lead to shame at last, this is one reason some girls sell out their dignity.
  15. If he lies and cheats once he will do it again, we need to stop blaming ourselves ladies and you can't stay in the hopes that he will change, they never do learn that the hard way. Just let it go and walk away.
  16. If you love someone with your bottom of your heart then how could you forget that person in a few days? If you do that, it means your love is a lie itself, only few lucky people get the true pain of love, without pain a true love is like a coffee without sugar.
  17. I am single, it’s not meant that no one loves me; I am single because I mean the love & I don’t cheat.
  18. Someone tell me how do I cheat on someone because I do not cheat. So how can I cheat on the person that I am not like?
  19. If you get everything from your girlfriend and boyfriend than what’s the reason to cheat!
  20. Some guys treat girls like a test, if they're not easy they cheat!
  21. If you love her and can do anything for her don’t cheat on her, cheating is easy, try something challenging like faithfulness if you are the real man you claim to be.
  22. What can break a relationship is double date, if you love your guy or your gal, don’t cheat on him or her.
  23. I hate seeing you flirt with other people. I hate it when you ignore me and give all your attention to others. If you don't love me and don't have feelings for me, please tell me. But please don’t lie. Don't cheat and don't make promises you can't keep.
  24. Love doesn’t cost anything so don't love me if you know you will cheat me.
  25. I don't cheat because I wouldn't want her cheating on me, which like stealing money from me.
  26. Isn't it sad when girls believe the lies that come out of their men’s mouths? All I can say is get on with it because deep down you know the truth you are just in denial because you are so in love and you refuse to believe anything else!
  27. A faithless person is not only in reference to one who questions religion. It is far more relevant to people who lie and cheat. No faith to win a game, cheat. No faith in your partner, lie about where you are or who you're with. No faith in your relationship, engage in a secret relationship with someone else. I have no respect for such faithless fools.
  28. Love can be an adventure for both men and women, although men are more likely to cheat than women.
  29. Being a single is way better than being with a serial liar or cheater and pretending it’ss all okay while you suffer inside.
  30. A picture looks better than the normal one only after it is edited. But natural beauty is always the best and better one than the edited picture. It is true because in life we can’t always touch up our face with makeup and cheat others. While being normal and simple enough to others is good for us to find the real appearance of our life.
  31. The number one reasons why most men cheat, is because there are the numerous women in real life and on social networks are willing to chat with them.
  32. There is no point in continuing a relationship with a cheater. If you get back together, more than likely he will cheat on you yet again and it will hurt even more. He’s only sorry that he got caught.
what do you do when your boyfriend cheats on you?

what do you do when your boyfriend cheats on you?

Friendly Advice for Girls

You may also read my hub on quotes about being cheated on and moving on but here I want to give a friendly advice to those girls who want happy, healthy relationship: It looks like guys are hurting girls almost every day. No offence but I am checking most of the updates and its bout guys cheating, not loving enough, caring, etc. I think you girls must also start looking at the reasons why we cheat or don’t love you enough, because by the look of things you girls believe that everything that you do or say is perfect which sometimes not the case is.


Quotes Lover (author) on September 19, 2015:

You are right Mandy

mandy on February 04, 2014:

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Wow the quotes just made me realise that if u not happy in a relationship just walk away before your heart breaks into many pieces...

iguidenetwork from Austin, TX on March 07, 2013:

Wow, what quotes there are...

Alexis Hammonds on February 21, 2013:

Funny. In a relationship when the man messes up and his girl gets mad he gets her flowers says sorry or begs for forgiveness then make up love. But when the girl messes up she don't apologize, she don't gets flowers but just goes straight to the make up love and the man always gives in to that crap.

David Alan on February 21, 2013:

Let me give some people some advice. You know why your relationships don't work out. Because they are not happy not satisfied with themselves, that’s why we cheat, we lie. We are not true to ourselves. We always think we have to fill that emptiness we have with something we think will make us feel better but it doesn't. That's why I always say you have to be happy with yourself before you ever think about getting in a relationship.

Martin Kloess from San Francisco on February 17, 2013:

Interesting quotes. Thank you

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