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Rejection & Neglection

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Now why not?

Now why not?

When you’re in a relationship or marriage a healthy sexual connection is important. It isn’t everything but it is a big factor; for some couples. When you’re first dating the sexual attraction is there. It draws you closer to wanting each other more. When that attraction is gone for whatever reason the relationship isn’t as exciting as it was in the beginning. If you have been married or been with your partner for a few years and you find yourself in this situation. You must communicate with your partner before it’s too late.

Sometimes couples let the frills of sex leave their relationship without even realizing they have done so. It can range from having lack of time, work, children, family or just plain old being lazy and tired. If you’re married you cannot allow this to happen. This just opens the door to other issues. There is always a possibility that a partner can be tempted by another individual. They may act on their impulses all because they have been neglected by the one they love. What will you do when this happens?

The feeling of being touched and desired by someone isn’t just something that’s wanted; it’s needed. Well, for some people it is. There are individuals who do not enjoy being touched, or having sex. They adapt easily to the “no desire/libido” life, and are comfortable this way. Is it fair to your partner?

Everyone deserves to be desired. There is nothing wrong with feeling that emotion of being wanted. It’s perfectly normal to want the touch of another human being. It should never be portrayed as shameful or dirty. It is just like when you want a piece of chocolate cake; you desire it. The same feeling goes into wanting to feel the touch from another. Yes I just compared a human to chocolate. They both have the same gratification except the weight gain.

So, what do you do when your partner doesn’t initiate or engage in this matter? Do you continue to give signals? Do you talk about it and still have no result? Or do you simply gather some time alone to relieve yourself? There is nothing wrong with a little masturbation every now and then. However, this shouldn’t be your only means of sexual relief while you’re in a relationship. This is definitely a problem.

As I’ve mentioned sex and desire is not the most important thing in a relationship. Although it can be very important to those with high sex drives. When your relationship takes a toll downhill in the bedroom; do what is necessary to make things right. You can either make time for one another; if that’s the case. Or you can find a solution by discussing what the issue is. Do you not want your partner and desire another? Why are you not attracted to your partner anymore? Whatever the reason be you need to discuss it and come together as a couple.

A woman craves the touch of another human being. She needs to feel the touch, the kiss, the embrace. She longs to be wanted. Ladies; your man wants the same; no difference. When you love your partner you want to feel their every touch. When you embrace their body the comfort of feeling theirs next to yours is such an overwhelming emotion. How can you not want to be touched by the person you love? When you feel their lips on yours, their hands caressing your body as you look each other in the eyes. This person loves you they want to share their body with you. They want to be as intimate as they can with you. When you love your partner this is an absolute wonderful experience the two of you can share as a couple. It’s what brought the two of you together.

When you’re rejected or neglected this can only go on for so long. It can destroy your self-esteem and your relationship or marriage. Do yourselves a favor and keep this in mind the next time you’re rejected or continue to be neglected.

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