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Reasons No Man Is Seriously Committed To You As A Girl


What Men Want In A Woman

The search for love has always been man’s greatest problem after money. We all wants to be loved, possibly by all, which is somehow impossible, but at least we deserve to be loved wholeheartedly by one special person for our life to be happy and complete. No one feels happy alone without anyone telling us how they care about our feelings and emotions; no one feels good when everyone dislikes and complains in every little thing we do- so to say, we all need love to live.

Decades ago, there was no way or medium for people to express how much they desire to be loved, but today with the advent of the internet, we can now share our individual emotions and desire to be loved- thanks to the social networking technology that now makes it possible for people from all spheres of life to share love and emotion from the comforts of their homes, offices and even on transits. Just like I said, in the past two to three decades, guys do not know how girls feel about them, or let me say, guys didn’t know as much as they do now that girls equally desire their love like they, guys desire theirs; just because there was no medium for girls to express their emotions towards relationship and love, and hence, many died silently on their beds wishing and dreaming to find true love. But today, the case is different- just in a minute, a girl can lay on her bed and send a shoutout on a social networking site that she needs true love, listing out all the qualities and traits she desires in such a man that she would like to share her emotion with, and then guys from different parts of the world will reply to her shout.

In order not to derail the topic, let’s move on. But before I move on, I would like you to sit back and ask yourself: why am I still single with no man truly committed to me? This is a serious question most single ladies of today fail to ask themselves, and they go on singing the chorus that all men are bad, wicked, blah, blah, blah.

Now let me tell you this; men feel more insecure than women today, and for this reason, they want security and peace of mind, and for you to get a man to be truly and sincerely committed to you, you need to convince him beyond doubts that you will give him peace and security if he decides to commit his heart to you- sounds funny right? But that’s the painful truth.

Reasons You're Still Single

Haven made things clear; let’s now look at some of the reasons why no man is committed to you as a single lady. But before I forge ahead, I would like to point out once again that every man wants a beautiful woman as his girlfriend, fiancée, or wife, and that doesn’t mean that you must look and dress like Beyonce, Shakira, Rihana, Angelina Jolie, etc before you can be seen as a pretty lady, nope; and you know why? Because some guys don’t even see the aforementioned ladies as pretty ladies, while some go gaga at the sight of Beyonce. For instance, I have seen some guys argue that Beyonce is prettier than Shakira, in which 55% agreed that Shakira is prettier, and some even mentioned some unpopular names as the kind of girls they like. So why am I citing all these scenarios? Just to make you understand that men view beauty of a woman from different perspective and orientation- some like robust and plump ladies, while others fancy their ladies slim and skinny, so it’s all about choice and taste. In order words, don’t go worrying yourself to look or dress like Beyonce just to impress guys, because there are thousands of men out there who even feel irritated at the sight of Beyonce and the likes, and they are desperately searching for someone like you to give their heart to. Haven known the truth, now, what are those other vital things aside physical beauty that has kept men away from you, or should I say; that has kept you single or half in a relationship without any serious commitment?

1. You appear to be a liability- whether you accept it or not, no man in today world wants a woman who is a total liability to him. Be it financial liability, emotional liability, mental or material liability, men of today, rich or poor hate it with passion, so try all you can not to be a liability to the man you’re dating.

2. You live a fake life- it is hard to believe that majority of single ladies of today are living a mirror life. Some live a life opposite to their true self, and they still expect a man to stick with them forever, impossibility! Now what do I mean by living a fake life? Your hair is complete artificial, your nails, your boobs, your eye lashes, your eyeballs, your hips, etc, and wear excess makeup and body cologne just to impress men and to appear super-elegant. Let me tell you the truth, definitely such things will attract lots of guys- rich, opulent, etc to you at first, but they won’t stay with you, just get it straight. It’s so unfortunate that in the past, only guys live mirror life to attract females, but the opposite is now the case. A lady will be earning 10k a month, and be living a life of 25k a month, and still expect to find true love, lolz.

3. You keep the wrong friends- majority of men all over the world, hate it when their girlfriend, fiancée or wife hangs out with the wrong click or female friends, you know why? Because it is certain that they will influence her life with time. So when a man is dating a girl and she refuses to let go of her bad friends, the guy will most likely let go. So mind the friends you keep so you don’t end up single for life. Again, before a man approaches you for a serious relationship, he first of all investigates your circle of friends, and if he finds them unpleasant and maybe wayward, believe me, he won’t ever make a move towards you, so if you want to attract true love, then single yourself out, and let go of all those high-fly chicks you hang out with except you are still out to catch fun.

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4. You add no value to his life- sometimes it just appears all that a man wants from a lady is sex, but that’s not always the truth, especially when the man is on a good mission. And even if a man is on a bad mission towards you, do you know that you can change his mission to good if you’re good? I have heard ladies complain that their man doesn’t buy them gift or things, and same ladies end up committing even more atrocities of not showing this man the way by buying him gifts. No reasonable man out for good will fail to reciprocate- if he fails repeatedly, please dump him, he doesn’t deserve you. What am I saying in essence? You must find a way to add value to the man you are dating or married to aside the usual intimate activities. If he is a man without career focus, help him to develop focus in his career, if he dislikes reading and prefers partying to things that will add value to his life, help him to develop interest in such things. Some men are not organized generally, it is your duty as his girl to help him learn to be organized, believe me, he will never forget you even if you guys didn’t end up together. There are so many ways to add value to the life of a guy you are dating or married to aside intimate affairs, find out more.

5. You Nag a lot- This very topic is self-explained, so avoid nagging, all men hate a nagging woman!

6. You are dirty- you don’t wash clothes, dishes, and you don’t clean your house and environment.

7. You are boring- lighten up your lifestyle so people around you don’t get bored easily.

8. You talk and argue a lot- 99% of guys hate a girl who talks and argue a lot, so try to learn how to talk and avoid long arguments, it makes you appear unladylike.


Frank Anok (author) from L Island on August 16, 2012:

Thanks Marlene, I am aware that many people won't agree with some of the facts because truth hurts, and you know, people prefer you telling em the lies to make them happy than telling the truth that will fix their problem in life. I pray to have my compliment as a wife when the times comes for me to be married just like you...thanks so much for stopping by.

Marlene Bertrand from USA on August 15, 2012:

You really do have a handle on this subject. I know some people will argue with some points that you mention, but I feel you do know what you are talking about. I have been married to a wonderful man for 25 years and if you ask him about your thoughts, I have a feeling he would agree with you, too. #'s 1 and 4 are critical points to keep handy in the mind. In all relationships, each partner must enhance each other. My husband and I are complete opposites, but we enhance each other in the way that we balance each other out. For instance, my husband is excellent at math, so he handles the finances. I'm terrible at math, but when it comes to writing letters and communicating with people regarding household matters, that's my chore. Together we are a whole person. Nice hub, accofranco.

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