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Real Men Make Waffles: A Romantic Breakfast Guide for the Man in Your Life

I am fortunate enough to have the most wonderful man in my life. There is no better feeling in the world than to be loved by someone.


A Breakfast for Your Sweetheart That She'll Never Forget!

The one gift I firmly believe wins a place in a woman’s heart, and stomach, is a beautiful and delicious breakfast prepared by her "One and Only." It’s the perfect way to start her day off by showing her just how much she is loved.

There are men who know exactly how to be the true romantic. They have a firm grasp on how to show or tell what their sweetheart really loves.

Then there are those who struggle on what to get or do. Their hearts and minds are in the right place, but have a hard time deciding, and once they do decide, have no clue where to begin.

What can be helpful, is to have a little knowledge or guidance on what you can do and how to make it happen.

Your Blueprints!

Gentlemen, to help you plan the perfect breakfast for your sweetheart, I have designed three scenarios for you to work with, depending on your current relationship. Keep in mind that you can follow them to the letter, or better yet, add your own personal touch!

You could call these blueprints. You start off with a plan, but add to it as you see fit!

You are going to create the perfect waffle breakfast for your sweetheart.

Not pancakes, WAFFLES! Why waffles? For two reasons:

1. Waffles give off the persona that you slaved all morning in the kitchen. That you took the time to carefully plan this breakfast to show her just how much she means to you.

2. Waffles are very sexy! Therefore YOU will be very sexy! *wink*

Your Special Breakfast will consist of the following items:

1. Waffles with whipped butter and her favorite syrup or heavy whipping cream (whipped) and fresh berries.

2. Yogurt (her favorite brand and flavor)

4. Granola (to sprinkle on your yogurt)

5. Beverage (choose only two )
~Orange juice
~Sweet & Spicy Herbal Tea ( I prefer teas by Good Earth )

This is your menu. Simple, Light, and Sexy!


Scenario One - "First Timer"

Now that you have your menu, the following scenarios (or blueprints) are to help you create that perfect Breakfast!
Remember, these are only blueprints. You can change anything to your accomodate your own situation.

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This is for those who have been dating for a short time but would like to take it a step further. What a perfect way to let her know that she has become very special to you.

  • Make arrangements to pick her up in the morning.
  • Show up at her door with a bouquet of spring flowers.
    (Don’t forget to tell her how amazing she looks!)
  • Drive to a beautiful location such as the beach, park, or mountains.
  • Once you arrive, take out the picnic basket you will have hidden in the trunk.
    (Be sure to use insulated containers to keep your waffles warm)
  • Lay a beautiful blanket/Quilt on the ground.
  • Add some music to the ambiance from
    (your choice of music device such as your phone.)
  • As you enjoy the incredible breakfast you made, get to know her more:
    Talk about each of your childhoods, your parents, work, your likes and dislikes.
  • After you finish your meal, present her with a single rose
    and thank her for being there with you.

This is to be a simple, intimate, "getting to know each other" moment for you both. It doesn't need to be anything dramatic, or complicated. Enjoy being with her and remember, less is more.

Scenario Two - "Newlywed Waffles"

This scenario is for those who have been married for a short time and without kids….yet. However, this breakfast may change that status! Keep in mind just because you are married now, you stop being the romantic. My grandmother always said, "the reason grandpa and I have been together so long, is because he wooed me every day!"

While your bride is still slumbering, get yourself up and into the kitchen to prepare her this amazing breakfast.
Now I bet you thought I was going to suggest “Breakfast in Bed,” didn’t you?
Nope! That might be expected; however, you want the element of surprise for her!

  • Prepare your breakfast as quickly and as quietly as you can.
  • You can prepare quite a bit the night before.
    For example: have your yogurt in two bowls covered
    with saran wrap and placed in the refrigerator.
    All you have to do is uncover the yogurt in the morning and place the granola on it.
    (no mess, no noise).
  • Have your tableware together in one place so you can set the table fast.
  • Place a beautiful Vase of Spring flowers in the center.
  • Once your table is set, place the bowls of yogurt with granola near each plate setting.
  • Before you begin mixing the waffles (which will make noise of course,
    and possibly wake her up) you will “get yourself ready.”
  • Brush your teeth, put on her favorite cologne of yours, brush your hair, and
    put on something sexy. A couple of my favorites I like seeing my man wear are: a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt (or no shirt), or pajama bottoms and an opened robe.
  • Now take a bag of rose petals you were able to get from the florist
    and spread a path of them from the bedroom door to the table.
  • Start the coffee maker (The aroma of fresh coffee brewing in the morning makes me happy)
  • Turn on some soothing, sexy music and begin cooking.
  • The combination of the music, the smell of coffee and your
    cologne will awaken you bride and also arouse her senses.
  • There is nothing sexier and more sensuous than waking
    up to your man making you breakfast wearing nothing but blue jeans.
  • When she walks into the kitchen....
    Stop what you’re doing for the moment and give her a passionate kiss.
  • Return to making her breakfast, talk sexy to her while you are creating this masterpiece.
  • After your breakfast together, pull her up from
    her chair and dance with her.
    Tell her “sweet-isms” into her ear while you’re dancing.
  • When the moment is right, present her with heart pendant
    and tell her, “You have my heart forever.”

Scenario Three - "Forever Family Waffles"

Ahhhh! There you are! You, your sweetheart and you are...... “Married with Children.” How are you going to pull off a romantic and sexy waffle breakfast now? Elementary my dear Watson!
This is a family affair! It’s a great way to set an example and to
show your children just how much you love their mother!

Plan ahead of time with the kids and give them assignments that are appropriate with their age.

Examples of responsibilities for each child:

  • Setting the table
  • Fixing yogurt bowls
  • Putting the Flowers in a Vase
  • Making homemade "I Love you Mom"cards
  • Create a Mom’s Wish list (a list of "To-Do's" for you and the kids!)
  • Enjoy this beautiful breakfast with your beautiful wife and your kids.
  • After breakfast, pull your wife aside and present her
    with a night on the town (just the two of you)

Not only does this reaffirm your love for your beautiful wife and the mother of your children, but it also teaches your sons how to treat their future wives and women in general, and your daughters to accept nothing less than love and respect.


Alright gentlemen, there are your three scenarios to choose from!
It’s up to you to add your own touches!

Below is a fabulous recipe for making the perfect waffle.

Have a wonderful day and remember….. “Real Men Make Waffles”

Real Men and Their Waffles Unite!

Preparation and Cook Time

Prep timeCook timeReady inYields

15 min

30 min

45 min

Makes approximately 4 regular size waffles