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Reading Body Language of Men in Love: 8 Examples of Attraction

What is the body language of men in love?

What is the body language of men in love?

The Body Language of Men and Women

Did you know that 93% of all communication is non-verbal?

The majority of the time that you communicate with another human, you are using body language, facial expressions, and voice tone. However, only the remaining 7% of communication is verbal.

These significant statistics emphasize how important it is to learn the nuances of body language. Even if you are already naturally charismatic, having a better understanding of non-verbal communication will certainly improve your daily interactions with people.

Essential Communication Skills for Relationships

Regardless of where you are on the sociability spectrum, building better body language is an essential life skill that you will always benefit from.

Reading the body language of men and women is challenging, especially if you have always thought that we both communicate using the same methods. The opposite sex shares some subtle similarities in non-verbal communication.

However, there are major differences that you must be aware of.

Non-Verbal Communication and Body Language of Attraction

Bestselling author Vanessa Van Edwards is a body language expert who has studied the art of non-verbal communication for years. Her helpful insights are backed by relevant research and scientific studies.

She explains how to become more adept at reading people’s body language and highlights how you can improve as well.

After reading this summary of Vanessa’s tips and examples of attraction, you will have a much better understanding of what your man is really thinking.

Watch for hand positioning and other communication cues.

Watch for hand positioning and other communication cues.

8 Examples of Attraction and the Body Language of Men in Love

Are you single and looking for signs that he is interested in you?

There are several key signals to look out for when you are with him.

1. Authentic Smile

One obvious sign of attraction for both men and women is the style of the smile. You know it’s genuine when the person is smiling from cheek to cheek and there are crinkles on the sides of the eyes. The cheekbones elevate and you see both upper and some lower teeth.

Look for authenticity. A genuine smile is a sure sign of likeability and attraction.

2. Attentive Cues

Attention is key in attraction, but what should you look out for specifically?

Watch his eyes. If he is making direct eye contact, then it’s a good sign. Also, you know he’s interested if he checks out your body. Many girls complain that guys are giving them a full body scan, but subconsciously enjoy it.

Other things to look out for are when he leans in to listen or talk to you. This shows that he is giving you his undivided attention.

Lastly, look at his feet and legs. When a guy faces you directly with his legs open and feet pointing towards you, then he could really like you.

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3. Chin and Throat

A less obvious sign of attraction relates to what a guy does with hands on his face. More specifically, if he touches his chin frequently, it indicates that he is thinking and listening to what you are saying.

Someone with facial hair may touch his beard a lot. Beard rubbing and grooming around the chin area is another strong indicator of attraction. Plus, if he touches his throat often, it could be another sign that he is interested in you too.

4. Love and the Lips

Moving up an inch from the chin is another target area of love and affection. Whenever a man opens his mouth slightly and has parted lips, it shows he could be interested in you. Leveling it up another notch, lip licking is an even stronger love symbol for both sexes.

On the other hand, lip pursing or clenched lips is a bad sign for both men and women. Make sure that the lips are loose, open, and smiling ever so often.

5. Fidgeting and Preening

Fidgeting indicates nervousness and pent-up energy. Check if your date is shaking his legs, checking his collar, adjusting his tie, fixing his shirt, or playing with the end of his sleeve. These are all signs that he has some excess energy ready to deploy.

Also, look for preening actions like checking himself out in the mirror, fixing his hair, brushing his eyebrows, and grooming his upper lip even without the moustache.

Both preening and fidgeting actions communicate some form of attraction.

6. Hand Action

Watch his hands carefully. When he exposes his hands openly at the table while sitting, it usually shows that he is comfortable with you. The opposite occurs whenever someone crosses their arms which is typically more defensive for both sexes. Open arms communicate openness, confidence, and comfort.

Furthermore, if a man touches a woman on the lower back, it most certainly means he’s interested. Plus, the classic act of lending a hand to open a door for a woman never is a bad thing either.

7. Synchronized Steps

Most likely, you never thought of this one before. The next time you are walking with a guy, check to see if you are walking in sync. Couples who walk in synchronization usually have excellent chemistry.

Though, if you are stepping left-right-left and he’s going right-left-right, maybe it’s better to stay friends or introduce him to one of your girlfriends.

8. Sizing Up Competition

Another sign that many women miss is how men look at other men. Imagine that you are on a date with a guy. Look around the room for other guys in his weight class. Then, watch your date’s eyes carefully. There may be other alpha males in the vicinity that make him feel intimidated either consciously or subconsciously.

Is he sizing up the competition while he is with you?

If so, it could actually be one of the clearest indications that he really likes you.

The position of someone's feet can communicate a lot about attraction.

The position of someone's feet can communicate a lot about attraction.

Extra Tips on Reading Body Language of Men

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