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Reaching for the Moon- a Plea to Keep Trying

You have a story to tell

Forever is a short word that describes an extremely long time but the time forever begins for each of us is when we are born. Think carefully: WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CALCULATED THE AMOUNT OF HOURS OR SECONDS YOU HAVE LIVED ON EARTH? How many seconds have we really spent doing something worthwhile?

We spend a lot of time hoping that things will work for us; that there will be a wonderful wave of a wand from a hand that pulls the strings behind the scenes and we end up most of the time with a headache and disappointments. The question is why????

Is it wrong to hope? Certainly Not!!!

But I think something more is needed. A farmer does not just hope, he also takes the time to dig the soil, till the ground and PLANT THE RIGHT SEEDS at the right time. He does not stop there. He goes further to water the seeds and tends the plants in their tender state as they push through the soil. Then he hopes for a Harvest of unprecedented proportions!

Sometimes, he does not get what he hopes for; but does that make him not to plant at the next farming season? Of course not! One thing he learns early is that he may not always get what he hopes for but that should not stop him hoping because he also knows that there is a time when he gets MORE, much more than he hopes for. The expectation of such good times keeps him from dwelling on the bad times and the experience of the bad times gives him the patience to wait for the good times.

I learned a lesson from one of the greatest and most beautiful flowers in the world: THE ROSE FLOWER. It is a lesson I will always hold dear as I look at life! Roses have thorns that adorn the same stems that hold such magnificent flowers. The thorns of life are there to help us appreciate the roses and the roses are there to help us endure the thorns and reach for the roses in spite of the knowledge that there are thorns that may prick us painfully!

In whatever corner you are, you have the ability to reach for the rose no matter the presence of the thorns; all you need to do is REACH...even in the most painful moments, there are little things that draw a smile through the tears.

A freshly widowed mum looks at her baby and he gives her an angelic smile - how could she ever resist smiling back? A man who just lost his job gets home dejected and sees his little girl taking her very first steps towards him holding out those tiny hands - how could he not smile?

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Behind every dark cloud is a promise of rain and after the rain, the sun will surely shine again. Keep reaching for the MOON - you deserve it! You owe it to yourself to uphold the hope of success. Feed the hope. Be the hope.

God bless you real good!


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