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Useful Tips and Suggestions for a Healthy Marriage Relationship.. Fall back in Love once Again..

Love Marriage Relationship..

Love Marriage Relationship..

Marriage, A Union of two Hearts blended in, to allow never ending Love to Flow

Marriage, the WoW step of the Life ! Yeah I do call it the WoW step of Life, do you Know Why ?

Let me tell you. Marriage not only Unites two loving Souls but also takes one towards the next phase of Life. Being Bachelor and being Married are always two different things and both have their own sourness and sweetness mixed within.

No one can ever say that this was good or that was good. It is what it is, both phases of Life teach you such wonderful things and you should never run away from any of those blissful moments of Life.

I got Married at the age of 28 and to be honest I did question myself several times, Am I ready ? Is this the right time ? But you know what there is never a right or a wrong time for Marriage. You just need to float in with time as it settles the feeling within you.

The phase before Marriage, specially the 5-6 years before you get married are full of careless fun and loads of known and unknown mistakes.

So does the fun vanish after marriage ?

Well the answer is NO ! The fun takes a new fresh tide after Marriage and it's the most refreshing part of life where you learn to have fun in a carefree yet responsible way. You share the moments of your happiness and sorrows with a person whose heart beats in the same rhythmic manner as yours. Did you ever tried to listen to it ? If not, try it, you will love it for sure !

Marriage comes with a magic box, which is full of never ending surprises. And when I say surprises, it needn't be all pleasant or all unpleasant. Some days it is so blissful that you laugh your heart out and few days it becomes tensed and frustrating with the small/medium/big Love quarrels. But you know what, the Quarrels are nothing but a process of building Love bridge towards each others heart, it takes time and patience, but take my word it does get connected !!

Trust your relationship

Trust your relationship

?? Questions that arise after few years of Marriage ??

Where has the magic gone ?

I think, about 90 % of married couples one day or other ask this question to themselves, Where has the magic gone !! Well didn't it cross your mind ? And the answer is pretty simple, It's right there within yourself. Just think of this, you love to eat Ice-cream, lets say Chocolate Ice-Cream, you eat 4 cups, then 5th, then 6th, and suddenly you feel that you are done. It doesn't give you the same Joy as the first cup. Wow how did that happen, I love Ice-Cream so much, well that's true but you can't get pleased with same thing coming back at you again and again, isn't it ? The same Analytic approach applies to relationship as well, you can't just keep on doing same things and expect your better half to get pleased with it !! There are millions, would say zillions of things one can do to make your loved one feel special. It needn't be a costly diamond ring every time.

Happiness lies in doing small but yet lovely things. Like being a husband, clean the house a day, do the dishes, cook for a day etc. and being a Wife, watch a football match together, suggest and go out hiking together, wash the car together etc.

In short do what your better half loves doing. It's just about stepping into each others shoes from time to time and making each other feel special and say lovingly to each other 'Am there for you honey'.

How can I revive the Passion back again ?

As we move ahead in a relationship, complacency creeps in and we become a bit carefree and start taking things for granted. Many a times we start running towards something which isn't really important, leaving behind the most incredible sensation of life, Love. This is when we start to loose the passion in a loving relation.

So how to get it back ? How to ignite the fire of attraction back again ?

Here is how you can do that:

  • Spending Time with each other: Most important is to devote time in a relation. However busy you are, tiered you are or tensed you are; Make it a point to spend time listening to each other, let each other know how the day went or talk about future, past, anything that you feel interested in talking about. You really would see wonders spreading around as you express yourself openly towards your partner.
  • Fun trips and Outings: Go around, plan for trips (needn't be a week break or expensive trips), short trips, drive around scenic places, go around parks, go hiking, movies, Date or Romantically Dine out. Make it a point to go around every alternate weeks, feel like sporting around with each other and you will see how much fun you derive from it.
  • The Kiss: Who doesn't like to kiss ? Remember the time when you first kissed your better half, real passionate it was isn't it ? Yes, you need to keep the first kiss in mind and be passionate every time you kiss your better half. There is no better thing than mixing your juices with your better half each and everyday. Don't wait for permissions, it's your love, JUST GO FOR IT RIGHT NOW !!!
  • Romance in bedroom: Be it a man or women, everyone starts loosing interest for Romance in bed, and the sex starts to dry up with years of relation passing by. For most couple it starts as everyday activity then once in two-three days and gets slowed down even to Once in a month ?? That's where you should start experimenting, don't be shy open up your fantasies to your partner and spice up your sex life. Try different locations if bedroom makes it gloomy for you with time. Just don't let it dry up, make it Greener as the years pass by, and you know, Sex is the only activity which relaxes each and every muscle of your body !!
  • Counselling: Counselling with others sometimes works wonders in a sinking relationship. It needn't be a professional counselor, It can be your close friend whom you both trust, your Parents (Who can set a better example ?), or anyone whom you both trust and feel is the right person and can help you. Just make a honest attempt to sew in the relation once again.

Conclusion -- Just don't let your relationship Conclude

Don't every forget that you got married for a reason, Love, fatal attraction and trust within each other. Don't let the reason die ever, do fight the battle to give the reason a chance to survive, and let Love conquer it all over again.

You both know that you love each other deep within you heart, just don't let the feeling get buried under, give a honest try to revive itself back again.

You know what ? there might be few reasons to get separated from each other, but if you look back to those memorable times, you will find tons of reasons to be together forever.

Don't Let you relationship end, or Else there won't be a Happily Married perfect Couple Ever again !!

Save your Relationship !!!

Love each other !!


mr-veg (author) from Colorado United States on July 02, 2013:

@ Denise, thanks for stopping by and appreciating the hub..Glad that you liked the thoughts expressed by me and Sorry to hear about your loss.

Denise Handlon from North Carolina on July 02, 2013:

Mr Veg-this is a very useful and tenderly written hub. I enjoyed reading your advice very much-and my dear husband has passed now, so it doesn't even relate to me. You have some very sound tips and I hope others read this as well. UP/U/I

mr-veg (author) from Colorado United States on June 24, 2013:

@Cat, my friend thanks for appreciating the hub and voting it up up and above :) Your support and comments are always appreciated !!!

mr-veg (author) from Colorado United States on June 24, 2013:

@Bill thanks for appreciating the hub !! Yeah fall in love again my friend :)

Cat from New York on June 24, 2013:


This is so beautiful and I absolutely appreciate the sentiment! Whether it's poetry or 'how tos', you write from you heart and you appreciate love and understand erring. This is excellent and I hope many people find it useful!

Up and many more!


Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on June 24, 2013:

Very clever analogy and very important message. Fall in love again....hell yes!

mr-veg (author) from Colorado United States on June 24, 2013:

@Shadaan, thanks for appreciating the hub ! I am glad that you liked it !!

mr-veg (author) from Colorado United States on June 24, 2013:

@Stephanie, Thanks for stopping by and appreciating the hub. Yes Counselling does work wonders for Couples !!

Shadaan Alam from India on June 24, 2013:

Wow you have really redefined marriage, beautiful hub with some really good tips, voted up

stephanieb27 from United States on June 24, 2013:

Great hub! Very useful tips! I am taking a counseling course right now for school. I agree that there is a lot to gain from couples attending counseling together! :)

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