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Quarantine Love

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Even with a mask I will kiss you but first I have to find your face.

Even with a mask I will kiss you but first I have to find your face.

The pandemic has brought on so many stressful issues to every relationship and or marriage. I honestly believe that it has caused some couples to separate. Why? It was easier to walk away than to talk the issues through. Well, at least for some. There wasn’t really anywhere you can go to unless you have family that was willing to take you in during the pandemic.

Some couples myself included did everything they could to get through it together. It is patience and understanding, communicating and not smothering each other that helped. Yes the first few months were okay. You were kind of enjoying the time alone together. The two of you home, cooking dinner, watching movies or a romantic evening. You even find yourself being more sexual towards one another than ever before.

So, a few months of quarantine begins to take its toll. The little things that brought you closer together are truly getting on your last nerve. Or was that just me? Lol. A few couples I know spend some of their time communicating; which is great. They would talk about everything and anything. In the beginning it was all fun and somewhat informative of one another. Several months have gone by and they don’t even speak to each other. The quarantine has left them bitter towards each other. Will you or have you allowed this quarantine to affect your relationship?

The first couple of months were great for my relationship. Yes after some time I had wished to leave the house but could not. When you spend every minute of the day, every day with the same person what else can be said? That hasn’t already been said. I realized a few things of my spouse that I never knew. Does this make you dislike them? Or does it bring you closer together? The answer is both. I learned I don’t like that he doesn’t pick up his shoes so I end up throwing them at him. He learned that I like my bedroom curtains apart with the window open. In which he still refuses to open the window. I learned more of politics and he learned how to sew. I learned to mix vinyl records and he learned how to make a bed.

Quarantine life can make you or break you. Once we were both back to work after 6 months of being isolated from everyone. We were excited to socialize with other individuals at work. All everyone talked about was the pandemic. Yes it seemed at this time we were all locked up together still struggling with this pandemic.

It is a year later and the pandemic is still here. This virus & quarantine has destroyed many; financially, emotionally and physically. Do everything you can to keep your family, relationship and or marriage together. Smile, laugh when you can; just because and when this is all over love & appreciate each other more than you ever have. For now you have seen tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone.

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