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How to Protect Yourself From Bullying

Claudette Carter has been a writer for more than 30 years. Graduated from Widener University and enjoys focusing on positive things in life.

How To Protect Yourself From Bullies

Each of us must remember that regardless of who we are or what our position is in life, we have experienced bullying. Whether it was at a drive-in window at McDonald's or a major restaurant when your waiter tried to tell you what you ordered, when you know for sure he was lying. Imagine going to a doctor who demands that you have an illness you are sure you do not have. He then proceeds to treat you for this disease and later explains it was your fault because you gave him the wrong information. How discouraging that would be.

Bullying in the Workplace Can be Detrimental

Bullying in the workplace may exist where a manager on your job makes a mistake but blames it on you because he knows you will accept the responsibility because you want to keep your job. Suicide bullying is also prevalent today, where a young person is bullied to the point of committing suicide. Whether we are young or old regardless of the setting, we have all seen or experienced this type of behavior. What is its origin and why is it that each of us at some point and time has demonstrated these qualities toward others? Many would say, "no way, not me. I have never done such a thing." Think about it, due to our imperfections even as a beautiful baby, we demanded and even bullied our parents to give us what we wanted or we would cry until we received it. Yes, we are all imperfect and sometimes unknowingly, continue to exhibit these sinful qualities.

Bullying is a Learned Behavior

Sad to say, these situations can lead to the detriment of causing someone else to be affected to the point that they commit suicide. Dr. C. Sally stated, "Bullying is learned behavior, and anything learned can be unlearned." We must learn to relate to others as well as care for them without abusing our power. The book, Take Action Against Bullying states, "Unless new behaviors are learned and adopted, bullies continue to bully throughout their lifetime. They bully their mates, their children, and possibly their underlings in their place of business." Bullying can continue in each of our lives in different forms based on abuse of power and control. The effects of bullying are rapidly changing our very lives. Previously our focus was on teen bullying, school bullying or other forms of systematic bullying. There would be discussions between parents and their children concerning the bully. The parents might speak to the parents of the bully or the bully himself. Sometimes the results would be good or bad for the victim. Now that we are in such a technological age, we must consider cyberbullying, harassment and bullying, workplace bullying and how to deal with bullying. Unless we stop these different types of bullying, we will continue to see an increase in depression as well as suicides.

How to Protect Yourself from Bullies

Protecting yourself from bullies can be accomplished. We must first admit to ourselves and others who continue to demonstrate traits of bullying, that it is plain and simply wrong. When we seriously consider the preeminence of bullying based on Genesis chapter six of the Bible, we see that bullies originated from Satan and his demons. These fallen angels came down to earth and had relations with women, creating children called, Nephilim. These children were violent giants that bullied men, women, and children. They caused so much violence and chaos on the earth that Jehovah God decided to destroy them along with wicked mankind through the flood. That is how Almighty God dealt with and eliminated bullies. Why would such a loving God go to such measures of destruction? Verse six of Genesis chapter six painfully expresses, "And the LORD was sorry that he had made the man on the earth, and it grieved him to his heart." (The Holy Bible Revised Standard Version) Imagine that when our Creator looked down on earth, he saw all this violence which hurt God to his heart. What does he see today in each of us individually when Jehovah peers into our lives?

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When we think about the origin of such actions as harassment and bullying, it becomes vital that as human beings; we must learn to love and consider the feelings of each other. Practicing love even toward others that bully can be a protection for us. Remember how Jesus taught us to love our enemies. This does not mean that we would avail ourselves of punishment from bullies daily but that we would love them enough to pray that Almighty God would change their bullying attitude. Vengeance belongs to our Grand Creator because he knows each of us better than we know ourselves. Psalm 11:5 explains, ". . . and his soul hates him that loves violence" (The Holy Bible Revised Standard Version) This clearly shows that our Creator hates violence and will rid the earth once again of those constantly performing such acts.

Remember, this is a learned behavior and we can unlearn it. We should also train our children to be empathetic toward others and set the example ourselves. Try to get solace in the fact that Almighty God took care of the bullies in the flood of Noah's day and he will take care of them again. How to protect ourselves from bullies, is not complicated especially when we acknowledge its origin and the systematic effects of bullying. When Jesus was on earth he taught the importance of love for each other. Today, we have gotten away from this simple attribute because it causes some an inconvenience to love. Instead, love is replaced with greed and selfish desires. Bullies originate from selfishness. We can protect ourselves from bullying by not demonstrating greed or selfishness ourselves. Imagine, if all of us practiced love; bullying along with so many of the world's problems would be eliminated. Once again, in order to rid the earth of bullies, it must start with us and our heart condition. When we consider these points, we can protect ourselves from bullies by starting with the way we carry ourselves and how we treat each other because God is watching.

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