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Prison and Love

To my friend Chez I hear you. And my heart cries for you. One day you will have your own.

I Can Be That Man….


Fixing Bikes

I remember speaking to my friend and he said I fix bikes. And I was puzzled by that statement. I said what do you mean you fix bikes.

He went on telling me about how being in prison you can never have your own women. You can have women you can have lots of women, there are women that will reach out to you , women you can call, pen pal, the list goes on and on with what type of women you can find when you’re in the prison facilities.

But Chez aka Chello was telling me when you were in prison. Even if you came in with a woman you may not leave out with that women. And that really sadden my heart when he said that. He’s been married while in penitentiary.But the man that he is he was willing to let his beautiful shiny bike go unselfishly.

I’ve knew him as a child we grew up he was always a ladies man. He was always flirting with someone or someone was flirting with him. But in life we make some wrong turns and with those wrong turns we may land in different places or be in a place that we don’t want to be in. Aa we went on we start talking about relationships and relationship goals.

He would always tell me how when he gets out the first thing he wants to do is find a woman and have a child. And then get on his grind and start doing things to generate income and use all the education,studying, use his mind and the education he received in prison. He has so many goals, and he’s a very intelligent man.

I would listen to him mentor and tell some of his fellow inmates you can’t find love behind bars. And not to stress over what a female is doing outside of eye and ear reach. I have hear him tell guys , you can find several women in prison but most of the women that you find are broken. And that’s where the term I fix bikes come from. He says most of the time a lot of the women that he meets are broken in some form or fashion. And he fix bikes (the women) he’s their guidance counselor, he’s a teacher, he can be a marriage counselor, he can be the person to talk you into making that marriage work. He can give you advice on how to make a relationship work and tell you things that your doing that may cause a relationship to have issues. He can help you fix your damaged bike as he would say. Your broken heart ,your sadness ,he can uplift a woman, motivate her, give her that push an extra drive to fulfill her dreams. But once she gets where she needs to be when he’s aired up that last tire and shine those handlebars and painted it a beautiful red. And it has a beautiful rich glow he knows that that bike,” Will soon be picked up.” And sometimes it’s by the same person that broke the bike, wore the bike out or beat the bike down. Rarely it’s by a new rider. He put all his time into showing her love, peace, happiness, and giving her that sense of joy back. Only to eventually be riden by someone else.

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When I listen to his words how brilliant and encouraging he is I pray that he finds his own bike. A shiny, beautiful bike made just for him. That he doesn’t have to up lift, or fix up for someone else to enjoy. The labor of his work.

Dear Friend,

In time your chance will come. And whats for you will be for you. Your a great person inside and out. And you deserve the best in life. Your struggle, your guidance, beliefs, and teaching. Has given me joy of knowing you. And praying that when your chance comes. She will know she has a wonderful, loyal, ride or die man. I can’t say that about everyone I met. Some people will pick you up for there own selfish reasons. And put you down!

For those that know him he’s always on time. When you need him he’ll be there. To listen, to give you a laugh, and to show you love. In the mist of the storm. He knows what real love and patients about.

Chello your day is coming and I wish you only the best.

There was a time I was broken, damaged, and scarred. You said Treacee I’m going to help you fix your jet ski. You gave me inspiration, scripture, God words, and teaching. You listened to my cries, and prayed for me through all my mistakes and sorrow. Before I knew it I had a new engine, I was brave and strong. And you helped me stand up and go on.

He Doesn’t Just Know About the Women he Teaches How To Love The Women


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