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Pola Chobot & Adam Baran Koncert

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Pola Chobot & Adam BaranKoncert

Pola Chobot & Adam Baran for the first time on the Surowiec stage!

It is a duo that, despite its extremes, creates one musical organism inspired by blues, but definitely going beyond its classical form. Pola is a singer and songwriter. And Adam a guitarist and composer. Their works are interwoven with psychedelic and avant-garde improvisations. They are inspired by the music of Muddy Waters, Skip James, as well as Bjork and Radiohead.

In 2017, they released a mini album entitled "Dirty" that started it all. The title single "Brudno" became the song of the day in the Third Program of Polish Radio, simultaneously jumping into the proposal of the Three Hits List.

They are laureates of numerous music awards, including: the prestigious Festival of Young Talents in Szczecin (2nd prize), the Festival of
FAMA (Andrzej Jakóbc award in the music category), the Guitar Academy Festival in Poznań, but also the Grand Prix winners of the most important blues competitions in the country.

In 2017, they were honored with the title of Discovery of 2017 in the readers' poll of the Twój Blues quarterly. And a year later
as part of the Jarociński Youth Rhythms, they played in the Agnieszka Osiecka in Warsaw and received an invitation to the Jarocin Festival '18.

On November 15, 2019, the duo released their first full-length debut on FONOBO Label. "How to get out of the house when the world is drizzling?", In which the artists continue the path chosen on the EP "Brudno". The album is an extraordinary line-up - drums, guitar, resophonic guitar, bass clarinet. It was enriched with a Polish voice that sings personal and emotional stories about fear, love, also carnal, violence and people.

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