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Perfect Wedding Colors for a Perfect Wedding

Your Budget...

Another thing to consider is your budget. It's easy to see your budget as the fence around your dream--your limit or the thing holding you back. Like almost everything if you look at it differently you can make it work for you. Think of it as your 'guide'. If your budget is smaller use the season you are getting married in, each season has it's own array of natural colors and it's own variety of in season flowers. Look at the in season flowers and see if there is a color that fits you there, or if you are having an outdoor wedding, what colors or flowers will surround you?

Your Personality...

Your wedding is an expression of you. I see it as sort of an equivalent to a Debutante Ball. You are starting a whole new chapter in your life and you are showing your friends and family you are mature enough to tackle the giant task of being a wife. Don't copy someone else's ideas, this is your time to shine. Choose colors that will reflect your personality and the energy of those colors will compliment you. If you have a bold personality choose bold colors, if you are more mellow go for neutrals or a classic look (mess with black, whites, and reds to achieve this). If you are dead set on being a Bling Bride choose darker colors that will make the bling stand out.


Fifty Shades...

There are so many different shades and variations of color! The best way to deal with the fifty shades dilemma as I call it, is to go down to your local hardware store (Home Depot is my favorite for color swatches) and get a paint strip in each of your colors. Paint strips usually have around three different shades of your chosen color. A lot of times brides will spend an insane amount of time searching for the exact color and when wedding time comes 90 percent will be spot on but the other 10 are off just a little. The tricky thing is when it is off just a little, it's noticeable just a lot. Incorporating shades vs. a blunt color can add depth and can cut down your search time. Just remember to coordinate the shades to prevent a patchy look. By this I mean make sure you don't have different shades of one thing. Keep all linens one shade, all dresses one shade, etc.

Palate Inspirations

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