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Great Ideas For A Country Cowboy Style Wedding

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Are you planning your wedding with a country style theme? A country style wedding is becoming an increasingly popular theme. You can have so much fun with this theme. A country wedding involves a lot of fun, upbeat music as well as dancing, food and drink.

I have gathered ideas for every aspect of your country wedding and brought them all together here to help save you some time with each stage of your wedding.


Country Style Wedding Dress

If your having a country style wedding, you will probably want a lacy, frilly wedding dress. With this theme you have the option of a floor length dress with a nice long train, or a short sassy dress that will show off your cowgirl boots.

Both are lovely choices, it just depends on your preference. Pretty much any style of dress will look country when your wearing your boots with it.

Flower Girl


Country Wedding Groom & Groomsmen Attire

The Groom has several choices for his attire. He can dress in a nice suit, or more casually in his jeans and a nice white shirt. His cowboy boots and hat will complete the look.

It will depend on how fancy of a wedding, you are planning. If it is pretty casual, the suit will not be necessary. Ultimately it is up to you and your groom what makes your most comfortable.

The groomsmen will simply dress in accordance with the Groom. Of course they should also be wearing their cowboy boots and hats (off for the ceremony).


Country Wedding Bouquet's & Flowers

Your bouquet can be whatever you want. Country themed bouquet's can be anything from roses to sunflowers. Sunflowers make very colorful bouquet.

Another nice flower for your country theme is Peonies, if they are available. They are big and beautiful and they smell fabulous. A couple of Peonies mixed with some roses will make a beautiful, fragrant bouquet.

The boutonnieres can follow suit with the bouquet. If you do use Peonies and Roses, the boutonnieres can be roses. If you use sunflowers, you can find some smaller ones for boutonnieres.

Artificial Flowers For Your Bouquets

You can get premade artificial bouquets on Ebay. They are really quite impressive, some look as good as the real thing. They have nice package deals. The packages include Bouquets for the Bride, 3 Bridesmaids, 3 Boutonnieres and even corsages for mom's and dads.

There are several advantages to using artificial flowers instead of real ones.

  • They are much more inexpensive
  • They can be ordered way ahead of time
  • They don't have to be preserved after the wedding

Country Wedding Venue

The perfect venue for a country style wedding is outdoors or in a barn. A barn is the ultimate setting for a country wedding, but if you don't have one available you can still give your venue that country feeling with the right décor.

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Country Wedding Decorations

Your décor can be anything from rustic to country elegance. It is entirely up to you which direction you go. Either way you decide to go, it will be an amazing experience that you and your guests will never forget.

Have a little fun when decorating. If you have a barn available for your reception then you will probably also have access to bales of hay. Hay bales can be useful as part of your seating and décor. If you use them for seating you might want to lay some kind of cover over the tops, so the hay does not poke your guests.

You can also incorporate them into your décor. Just stacking a few bales of hay here and there will add to the ambiance.


Lighting makes everything more festive. If your reception is going to be inside of a barn you will want to have lots of lights. Draping sheer material from the rafters, with lights inside will add to the atmosphere of your theme.

Mason jars with candles would be a good choice to help light up your gloomy barn. You can buy them with handles already attached to hang in strategic areas of the reception. I would recommend using flameless electric candles in your mason jars. It will be safer and you won't have to keep replacing them if they burn out. Add some river rock or sand to make them more interesting.

Peonies in Jars


Mason Jars will also make a great centerpiece for your dining tables. You can use one or multiples, in different sizes for a more interesting centerpiece. Again I would use flameless candles as they are more convenient. You can also fill the jars with river rock and use a floating candle if you prefer. There are many places that sell ready made burlap wraps for mason jar centerpieces. You could easily buy the burlap and make your own, all you need is a picture and you could duplicate it.

Amazon and Ebay sell solar led mason jar lids, that light up your mason jar for many hours. They come with or without the hangers and fit wide mouth mason jars. This would only work if you are leaving the lids on, but they are very cool and would work well for the jars you are planning to hang

Another alternative is submersible waterproof LED tea lights. They come in clear and also most colors. I have used these and they are very cool. These work well for the centerpieces. I had bowls with floating candles and the floating candles don't light up the bowl beneath the candle much. I put these in the bottoms of the bowls to light up the whole bowl. It looked amazing.

Great Idea for Floating Candle Centerpiece Found on Etsy


Country Wedding Invitations

There are many nice premade invitations that will save you money. I prefer to make my own, or at least design my own to give it a personal touch.

If you don't have a program to help you design your own invitations, you can go to and design your Wedding invitations. They start at only $23.99 for 50 invitations. You can upload a nice photo of you and your fiancé, to make them more personal.

Country Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are always a fun part of planning any wedding. Trying to find affordable favors that match your wedding theme is sometimes a challenge.

These cute little cowboy boots filled with bubbles are perfect for your cowboy theme. They can be used instead of rice after the marriage ceremony. Everyone loves bubbles, especially the kids. It will make for some wonderful pictures.

Candy Favor Bar

A fun alternative to traditional wedding favors, that is gaining popularity is a Candy Favor Bar. You buy various kinds of candy and containers and set up a favor table. You will provide scoops and bags and your guests help themselves.


Country Music For Your Wedding & Reception

The music for your country themed wedding is the best part. There is so much good country music to choose from. The dance portion of your wedding will be easy, your DJ will know just what to play and they always take requests.

You will want just the right music for your Ceremony, Recessional, First Dance and Father Daughter Dance. I have another blog where I have listed songs for a Country Style Wedding, with songs from each of these categories. There are links to listen to all of them.


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