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Perhaps, The Best Metaphor for our Differences

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Today, I want to share with you some Esoteric Knowledge about one of the major differences between Women and Men.

This knowledge is ‘Esoteric’ because it is hidden from the majority of people. From the scientists, it is hidden by their arrogance; from the majority of the ordinary people – by their mental laziness. Otherwise, it is freely available for everybody.

This knowledge comes from the older, ancient psychology – one that takes into account the Laws of Nature and aims at restoring your harmony with it, not just muffling the manifestations of your inner discontent and other dis-eases.

We differ in the way we are made. The best analogy would be batteries: there are ordinary, and rechargeable.


Two major aspects make them different.

First: The ordinary batteries are initially full, while rechargeable are sold empty.

The Second major aspect: an ordinary battery cannot be recharged. It’s even written on it: “Do not recharge”. Because it will leak or explode.

Whereas the rechargeable battery needs to be charged. During its lifetime, it can go through hundreds of charging cycles. More than this: if it doesn’t – the rechargeable battery loses its potential to store electricity; this is another close analogy, which you will see in a moment.

Women are like ordinary batteries – they get all their feminine qualities at birth.

Whereas men are like rechargeable batteries – boys get born empty, and need to be ‘charged’ in order to become men.

This has many practical consequences We will talk about some of them in the upcoming posts; for now – the Major Consequence:

Ladies, you don’t need to improve yourself! Because each and every one of you is perfect, from the Day One of your life.


At birth, all your qualities are there. You are born like a beautiful flower that doesn’t need to be painted or shaped – only receive plenty of water, sunlight, and care. There is nothing to improve, only preserve.

The problem is that today, we live in the Men’s world, playing the Men’s Game by the Men’s Rules, written by men for men. And I would be happy if you can prove me wrong on it.

We measure Life Success in terms of Competitiveness and Achievements. They create stress, which depletes your feminine qualities and causes most problems in your life.

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Stress, including all this “working on yourself”, destroys the Woman’s Health – Physical as well as Psychological, your Feminine and other qualities.

The problem is getting worse because today, a lot of Men have lost their true masculine qualities; first of all – responsibility. Being naturally more responsible, women are being forced to take over what men should do – from changing a light bulb to earning a living.

Luckily, there are still enough real men who want to make happy a woman; perhaps – you. So don’t give up; I will help you with it.


If Women are born fully charged, Men are born empty – like rechargeable batteries.

Growing up, every boy has to endure enough hardship: sweat and get hurt while doing sports or fighting with other boys, as well as overcoming other obstacles: getting used to discipline, learn to control his emotions and desires, and so on. Without hardship, he will grow up to be a weak, cowardly, irresponsible creature – just what we see today instead of real men.

Another thing about it: if a rechargeable battery doesn’t get through charge-discharge cycles, it loses its capability to store electricity – becomes useless.

Same with men: if we don’t get enough hardships, we quickly degrade. Within a year or two after retirement, most former sportsmen, soldiers, firemen or cops get a belly, a dyspnea, and their cruising walking speed drops to a single mile per hour.

Another similarity: a rechargeable battery can be recharged hundreds of times. Likewise, most men can fall and raise – by themselves, without any external help or motivation. Not that many of us do, but still – this is our physiological feature. A man can lose everything, then start from zero and get even higher than before. Steve Jobs and Donald Trump – just two of the numerous examples.

Women, on the other hand, are much less likely to recover once fell down. Remember, it is written on a battery: “Do not recharge!” This is your psycho-physiological feature, and, sorry, – you can do nothing about it. This is why it was always recommended for women to preserve your inherent purity and other feminine qualities.

Sadly, many women today try to “work on themselves” (due to many reasons, beyond the scope of this short post. Still, if you are interested, I can go into it). They may have some short-term results on the surface, but this process burns up your vital energy at an incredible rate.


One of the huge misconceptions related to this difference – our Self-Esteem. If a man can convince himself that he’s OK, a woman can’t.

We have totally different mechanisms of restoring and maintaining our self-esteem. This is why it always irritates me when the ‘famous specialists’ sell to women their misleading crap – what works for men only. And this is why I'm soon going to post an article entitled something like "How Women can Raise Their Self-Esteem - Quickly and Naturally".

There are more to say about it, but you got the idea. If you feel there is truth in it, – stick around! It can really change your life yet you won’t find it anywhere else.

If you have questions or want me to help you with your problems – write to me.

With Love,


© 2022 Alexey Medvedev

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