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Perfect Ways to Keep Relationship in Your Control

Kiran Khannas is a nuclear engineer and an enthusiastic blogger.


Many of us travel extreme miles to many countries to seek the blessings of the holy God. We seldom use our inner power to remain to bless always. I have this misconception; I keep wandering in a quest to get a divine blessing to improve my life. Last week, I listened to a spiritual guru, B K Shivani changed my outlook.

What is Your Inner Blessing Mechanism?

Your inner power to send lovely blessings to others and in return, stay blessed always. We go out in the world and say, please bless me. Get this excellent formula implemented in your life right away.

Have we thought, how I can create a blessing for someone who is not pleasant to you?

Relate to this experience as an illustration. You walked into your college canteen and want to say “hello” to one of your classmates who you know. The moment she saw you, she turned bluntly and moved away swiftly.

What thought you will now create for her?

Breakup is very simple, no shouting, no exploitation, and no lying. You walked up with a big smile on your face thinking you will say a warm hello, and give a hug, but other people ignored you and walked away.

What would be your thoughts–Okay -I am my way and she is on the highway?

Which means you are not interested, nor I am interested. You go your way, and I go my way. Life is so simple.

And we called it simple; someone does not bother about you, it’s okay. We never thought for a second to go to a complicated way to ask what happened. Now, this could be your girl/boyfriend, boss, classmate, or your better half.

We don’t bend to survive the relationship, and pause for a while instead of just walking away and stopping all communications. All this happens in a fraction of seconds, and things turned upside down in your life.

It has affected both sides, but we say it — let’s move on, so simple.

What happens afterwards, we all have experienced many times. We remain in isolation with our phone looking for whom to talk to and start looking at the world to shoulder you. You tweet on social media — somebody is there to shoulder my pain, and then you find many who will say, yeah it happens with me.

Forget your past relationship and move on. It is so simple. It is because we want to get to a more straightforward path- if you are not friendly to me, it’s bye forever.

This attitude is causing problems in relationships since no one wants to bend to carry forward the conversation everyone wants to be straight. No education system has taught us bending is normal. We get into spirituality, after getting old thinking this is not the time to get to spirituality.

With this, we get into the habit of saying bye-bye to friends, then jobs, and eventually close relationships with a divorce. We call it normal and following the trends in social media.

Love at first sight and divorce at the first fight is so common.

And finally, we remain alone with our phone, laptop, and saying in social media any friends out there who have been through a similar situation. We have said bye-bye to good near one.

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Now, do we have the power and courage to go back to your lost relationships with beautiful thoughts?

We always stood straight, both mentally and physically, which makes bending difficult. We always thought standing straight is simple, and bending is difficult. This belief becomes our habits and thus, action.

Being straight becomes my natural way and never learned to bend. How many of us have the powers to go directly to someone and asking what’s the problem why are you ignoring me?

We can all do this, but thoughts that prevent us from going ahead are why should “I” do it.

The ego comes as a barrier — the ego which says your inner self why you talk to her and why not she. There are thousands of persons available for you and why you want to speak to this person.

Again, social media comes to the rescue telling you, move on from this relationship.

Now you have to answer this ego and what should you say to your ego.

Author's Creation

Author's Creation

I am bending because I want to be flexible, happy, and healthy. I want to vibrate at a higher frequency, and it is nothing to do with others.

Spirituality taught us to be great full to others for not being nice to us since this allows us to bend and get away from the habit of always be straight in our ego. Say thank you to others for helping to reduce false ego.

This belief will help you remain happy throughout your personal life or your job.

Give gratitude to those who are not friendly to you because they help you get your real hidden power. This belief will help to survive in your most challenging situations. It has the magical power that will help you sail through. The problem might seem impossible to resolve, but you could do this with your inner strength, you can do.

You can now talk to anyone whom you think is not pleasant to you in the past. You will better negotiate and bring solutions to the table. You have both the physical and emotional power to control the situation since you learn to bend.

The day you are happy means you are more flexible now and have learned to bend. There is nothing wrong if you need to turn always because this keeps you comfortable and more flexible, anyway.

Now how to proceed further. It is social media advice, sits together, and sort the issue. It is okay to sit but not right to bring the past and make each other realize what others have thought about you. This process may create further distance and disturbance instead of sorting out the issue. The best is to accept each other the way it is and proceed ahead. If you send positive thoughts and not digging the worst past, it heals your relationship.

We don’t need both people to feel nice; we only need one.

We need to think every one personality is different and expecting that to change the way you want is not correct. Instead, radiate good vibrations so that your nature influences others.

I think this is the primary reason for divorce, because of lack of acceptance of personality and always expect changing the way you want. It might be inappropriate sometimes, but breaking the relationship just because characters are different is also not appropriate.

The golden rule here is to accept the person as they are and do good to influence your personality to bring the change. The moment you expect an instantaneous change, it going to either have a clash of personalities or moving apart from the relationship. We seldom give another shift in a relationship and breaking away seems the most straightforward option but is not this simple, as we all think.

In Conclusion

The hard part of the relationship is to maintain the relationship through difficulties of life. Breaking the relationship is so simple at the drop of a hat; the relationship breaks. Learn to preserve the relationship by bending simply because of yourself.

You will remain happy if you keep preserving the relationship and a deep belief system that bending is okay.

Social media advice is infectious on “Move on”, Move on where to depression & loneliness?

Maintaining a relationship requires the substance to the character.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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