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Perfect Life or Perfect Lie

Is there really a Perfect Life? Or what seems to be a perfect life is of course a perfect lie.

Perfect Life or Perfect Lie


Perfect Life or Perfect lie

Everyone is under the illusion that someone somewhere or an individual we follow on social media is living a perfect life. We log into our Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram account and we see pretty, exotic pictures of different people daily and then we compare their life to ours. Of course, some of us admire that exotic and radiant life and move on, it serves as an inspiration to become better. Some become envious of that life and are ready to do anything to become a part of that radiant life. Some fall into grave depression and tag themselves losers.
Which category are you in? Whichever category it is you fall into, I want you to know that there is no such thing as a perfect life, perfection is an illusion drawn by man and which can never be achieved. Life has its "ups and downs" and no one can dodge it. Donald Trump was not able to dodge his defeat in the US election despite his affluence, the same goes for other wealthy people around the world. Life is not as easy as it seems for the rich, no matter how wealthy and powerful you are, life is going to keep throwing you garbage, it is up to you to decide what to do with the garbage. Guess what, you can be creative with it.
A perfect life, Perfect marriage, Perfect relationship, all these are false and are mere illusions painted by the mind. The pictures you are ogling, on social media do not always tell the whole story about a person or do not makeup to 1% of the life of the person. To you Bill Gates is living is a perfect life because he has money, but money cannot buy the most important things in life among which are peace of mind, happiness, and true love.
Money can solve problems but it cannot solve 100% of the world's problems. Money is great, but it is not a determinant of perfection or happiness. No one can boast of living a perfect life, you can only live a perfect lie.
Perfection is boring, what is the joy in life without up and down? A person who has never experienced failure will never know the joy of success, a person who has never experienced success will never know the pain of failure and without hardship, you will never know what happiness is.
The joy of life comes with it up and down. Work towards living a better life and not a perfect life. You can only live a perfect lie and that will make your life miserable.

© 2021 Sophiyyah

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