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Top 10 Peacock Wedding Cakes

Kalpana Iyer is a wedding-theme enthusiast, forever on the lookout for interesting and beautiful new wedding themes and related ideas.

Wedding Cake with Edible Peacock Feathers

Wedding Cake with Edible Peacock Feathers

Gorgeous Looking Peacock Wedding Cakes

The peacock wedding theme is a rage nowadays. The vibrant colors lend that much unique touch to your entire wedding which is why many people are preferring to host a peacock wedding nowadays. There are many types of peacock weddings depending on the color palette you decide to use. If you are looking forward to a bold and beautiful royal wedding you can use hues of green and blue whereas you can opt for subtle colors like ivory, white, light gold if you want your wedding to have a softer color palette. You can mix and match these colors too if you want something different. Purple and Gold, White and Gold, Violet and White, etc. Edible peacock feathers can be used to decorate a cake for a peacock-themed wedding. How you finally decide to present your peacock wedding cake is totally up to you.

On this page, however, I am going to focus on some pretty-looking peacock wedding cakes. They are gorgeous to look at and I hope that they give you that much-needed inspiration for your own peacock wedding cake.

1. A Beautiful Peacock Wedding Cake

2. White Peacock Wedding Cake

3. Blue and Green Peacock Wedding Cake


4. Green Peacock Wedding Cake

5. Peacock Wedding Cake With Gorgeous Peacock Cake Toppers

6. Vibrant Peacock Wedding Cake


7. Pure White Peacock Wedding Cake

8. Chocolate Wedding Cake

9. Peacock Wedding Cake with Blue Icing

10. Purple and White Peacock Cake

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How to Make Your Wedding Cake Look Unique

So you have already ordered a plain-looking cake for your wedding. No worries. You can deck your wedding cake up with some beautiful peacock feathers. You can either use peacock feathers and stick them at the top or place them at random parts of your wedding cake (but make sure to do this carefully so that the feathers and the cake don't get spoiled).

Another option is to use some edible peacock feathers. This is a much better option because you can eat 'em up as well and you need not worry about feather strands falling on your wedding cake and spoiling it.


Kalpana Iyer (author) from India on October 27, 2012:

Thanks so much Denise :)

Kalpana Iyer (author) from India on October 27, 2012:

Thanks so much Debby for visiting and commenting! Yeah those are my favorites too. Actually all of them are. I'm bound to love anything and everything that includes peacocks.

Denise Handlon from North Carolina on October 26, 2012:

I pinned it in Pinterest!

Debby Bruck on October 26, 2012:

What a collection of peacock wedding cakes. Many different choices and such a variety! I liked number 5 as my favorite, while number 7 felt the most traditional and would probably fit in any wedding dessert table. Blessings, Debby

Kalpana Iyer (author) from India on October 26, 2012:

Thanks for reading! Glad to know you liked them :)

Denise Handlon from North Carolina on October 26, 2012:

These are absolutely beautiful to look at! Numbers 7, 5 & 10 are my favorites, in that order. Thanks for sharing this...awesome. Rated up/U/I/B/A and shared.

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