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Pay Disparity - Is It Really Exists?

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Pay Disparity Getting Worse – Count Me Is the Need of the Hour

Pay Disparity Getting Worse – Count Me Is the Need of the Hour

The gender wage gap, gender pay difference, or Pay disparity, all are synonyms to each other. It is the sexist work culture that still exists in our society where women are paid less than men for doing the same job, with the exact same qualification.

Yes, there is a disparity in how a woman is paid.

It’s been observed that gender wage gap is wider for women in certain occupations such as male-dominated industries like manufacturing and construction, and executive-level roles as well.

As per the survey conducted by one of India’s most reputed online recruitment service provider- back in 2019, Men in India earns approximately 19% more as compared to what women earn reflecting a quite higher rate of Pay Disparity in the country.

This year, the difference widens with a higher rate, and its credit goes to COVID-19. However, the pandemic has undoubtedly affected all industries.

"The overall unemployment rate has increased rapidly from March 2020 to Sept 2020. Where in March it was 3.5%, in Sept it was observed 13.3% due to the global pandemic."

Due to this sudden increase in the unemployment rate, pay disparity is getting worse this year.

Did You Know?

The pandemic has affected women more as compared to men. Out of 3 men, 2 women have lost their jobs since the outbreak. Now, when everything is gradually coming back to track, and women wish to re-enter their workforce, they are being paid less as compared to their male counterparts sharing the same experience. COVID shock disproportionately hits female employees since it hits the service industry.

It’s quite shocking to know that a few people think the gender pay difference doesn’t exist. In reality, this has impacted earnings of many women. Being a woman, she has to struggle more to earn the same as a man does for the same job.

Well, pay disparity is getting worse day by day. So, in such a situation, we need companies who are against pay disparity and support their employees on account of their talent without judging them on the basis of their gender.

In order to deal with this, first, we need to know why it still exists and how this situation can be controlled to give an employee what they deserve. Let’s delve into details to know more.

Why Does It Exist?

Women take Breaks during their Career – Really?

If we count on the words of a senior economist at the Economic Policy Institute, Miss. Elisa Gould, she says that there are many reasons behind its existence, and one of the biggest could be discrimination. Many believed that women are more likely to take a number of breaks during their career whether it’s for marriage, pregnancy or sometimes they often agreed to accept lower-paid positions that offer more flexibility allowing them to manage their family.

Some people who are sitting at management levels assume that this ‘explains’ the reason behind the gender wage gap. But, this is not right. Well, it happens. When women wish to return to their job after a break, they are forced to join at a lower package just for the sake of continuing their career.

Fewer women working at executive level roles- Really Again?

However, on the other side, a representative from a reputed organization said that there are lot of reasons responsible for disparity- it doesn't really need to imply that it is a deliberate attempt or unlawful discrimination. It tends to be caused in light of a huge number of things – going from fewer women working at executive level roles or maybe women wishing to opt for part-time work fulfilling their flexibilities issues.

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As a matter of fact, both the above-mentioned individuals share a reasonable point, but it is still something that needs to be taken into account quickly. It's the 21st century, we are living in an era where women are more capable of doing more than men do. They are earning more degrees, more professional than men and are more capable of uplifting their professional life.

We Demand for Equality

We Demand for Equality

How Can It Be Controlled?

There are many factors that can help to reduce pay disparity. All depends on the society we are living, what efforts are they capable of implementing to clear off this gap. A few are given which can be considered.

  • Its advised to address difference in career choices, professional growth, educational achievement and allowing them to have access to apprenticeship
  • Increasing career opportunities for all, despite their colour, race, and gender.
  • Increasing awareness that childcare and household responsibility aren't the sole responsibility of women.
  • Increasing diversity in all sectors and at all levels by encouraging employers to tackle promotion and pay and bias in recruitment

Let's have a look at the problems and their solutions

#Problem 1: Executive level roles handed more by men as compared to women.

Solution: Executive level roles should be opened for all.

#Problem 2: Women are considered sole-responsible for full-time childcare and household chores.

Solution: Companies should offer flexibility in jobs allowing both genders to manage childcare and household responsibility together.

#Problem 3: Women are forced to compromise with low-paid positions and sectors.

Solution: Flexibility in a job is the best option to go with. Also, judge employees on the basis of their talents instead of genders.

#Problem 4: Women are paid less than men for doing the same work.

Solution: Companies should make strict policies against such acts.

Where Can We Set Pay Parity Getting Included

Let’s talk about the famous feminist who is well known for his work in Sherlock and Doctor Strange, yes it’s none other than Benedict Cumberbatch. He has never left the opportunity to raise his voice on this sensitive issue. In an interview with globally recognized print media, he opened up his views on pay disparity. According to which, he was very clear with his statements on not signing any TV serial, movie, or any commercial where the female lead artist is not paid same as his.

Well, he is not the only star from the glam world who is interested in supporting the cause, featured as a male cast of popular series ‘The Big Bang Theory’, Bradley Cooper stands for this cause.

It feels good to see a community that wishes to stand-up for women and playing a big role to reduce pay disparity by actually taking their pay cuts to support this cause.

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