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Passing Days During Lock Down: A Personal Account

MG is an air warrior and a global traveler well as an amateur astrologer who loves to visit and explore new places.



At the age of 46, I suddenly realized what it means to be confined. One fine day the China virus or the coronavirus or whatever you call it suddenly entered my life. The government of Singapore announced a lockdown. What did it mean? It meant you were to be confined to your home and not loiter about and go out only if it was essential. The board of directors of the company I work immediately asked me to put into effect measures as desired by the government that included working from home. I was also told to weed out the non-essential workers and send them on unpaid leave. This I felt was the unkindest cut of all. But I guess some things can't be helped at all because the Ministry of Trade and Industry has just announced that the GDP is expected to shrink between 4 and 7% this year. The other side is that over 30,000 people have been infected and that's a lot in numbers for a small country.

I'm geared up to work from home and also to spend time quarantined. I was thinking it would be pretty awful to spend my time all alone during this period and I was wondering what to do.

I rang up my secretary a Chinese -American, Sue, and asked whether she could spare time and come over to my house. I knew she stayed single and I was hoping she could come and help me not only with my work but also give me company for what could turn out to be a very monotonous period.

"What's my fate?" she asked

I had to be frank and tell her that she was in the list of persons who were to be sent on unpaid leave but at the same time I suggested that she could spend the quarantine period in my place. I suggested that she would like to come over to my place to discuss things first. Sue was my secretary and I had dated her once or twice. She was a nice good looking girl about 25.

She took a cab and came down to my place. I thought she would come with personal clothes and essentials but she only brought her purse.


Passing days and being creative

She told me that she had her bag packed but left n a hurry to make it fast to my place. That was that, nothing could be done and it was not worth the effort of going back and bringing the bag with the government crackdown and social curfew and no taxi and public transport available. I told her she could wear some of my T-shirts and shorts when she was here and make do without other garments.

We generally worked for about four hours in the morning and then prepared our lunch. We had an afternoon nap and in the evening we sat down and discussed everything from books to music. Almost every evening we drank and then I suggested that as we have so much time she could help me write my novel. "Yes sir" she replied and we commenced work on my novel and now I can tell friends that it is ready.

I would dictate the novel on my Apple MacBook and Sue would go through it and check the errors and the words the computer could not decipher. In between we could keep small pegs of whiskey going with us. It was either Chivas or MacAllen and nothing else. Sue had never tasted these costly brands and she had a tendency to drink a little more.

As far as sleeping was concerned I told her she could sleep in a separate bedroom but after two nights she decided otherwise and came into my bedroom. When two people are thrown together in such a situation, readers can understand what will happen. Sue and me spending 24 hours together working on our official job and then writing my novel and then drinking whiskey together and also having long chats on philosophy, free love, religion, Christianity, Hinduism, Jainism, and anything you can think of. She was an intelligent girl and talking to her was very elevating.

She would wash clothes and garments every second day in the machine and again on the third day and in between she would give wear my slightly oversized T-shirts and shorts.

Believe me I began to feel the time during the Coronavirus is not such a bad thing after all. But then there are parameters and I probably fitted into those parameters and so did Sue.

It took 15 days to write my novel and it ran into 52,000 words and God willing once this pandemic is lifted I will get it published. Sue had a big hand in the formulation of the story of the novel which I will not disclose here and she suggested so many twists and accidents as she got more and more involved in the writing of the book I think I will mention this aspect in the foreword to the novel.

Apart from discussions and philosophies we spent a lot of time cooking also I am not a bad cook and I could make quite a few dishes but we made it a point to make those dishes which could be made quickly. Most of the items required for cooking were delivered at the door online with the delivery boy just leaving the item at the door and going away.

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After a week of intimacy between us Sue and I had gone to a great extent forward and I told her that we should start work on our second novel. Was she game for it? She was delighted and said that she will be giving me the ideas for developing the story. I have 10,000 words going the second book.


The finale

The government is now planning to lift the lock over. Actually there is no choice but the world is never going to be the same again. As a first step I have reinstated Sue. None of the other employees have yet been called back from paid leave. It shows that things are never going to be the same again. There are also social norms being imposed by the government and in such a case if you have a nice companion it's better to spend time at home only.

I would consider myself lucky that Sue came and began to stay with me. As the saying goes nothing goes smoothly and we have to wait and see how the dice spins out and the 30 days Sue spent with me, what will be the result.

The quarantine can be treated as a blessing. This is the time you can put your creative talents to work and spend your time creating something for the good of the other human beings. This is also a great period to play chess and any board game which you like. To get over the boredom when there was nothing to discuss we would play chess but creative writing took away a lot of time.

I cannot deny the fact that a physical relationship may be necessary for some. One has however to be careful as the end product of a physical relationship can be a new addition so one might as well get prepared for it. If it happens it is the way God willed it and if it does not happen it is also the will of God. I cherish my moments with Sue as she helped me create two works of non-fiction and gave me emotional release when I held her in my arms.


Last word

Time and tide wait for none. This is the essence of our life and what really matters is what you do at the end of the day. Well, both my books are published and gives a certain amount of satisfaction.No more details will be given as it might sound promotional but this information about the books can be disseminated. I am reminded of a quote from Omar Khayyam; "Alas, we have not a very long life. So, it is a sin to live without love and wine." I couldn't agree more with it and maybe this virus was inevitable.


MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on November 27, 2020:

Thank you Renu, for your comment.

Renu Sharma on November 27, 2020:

Just read your help and I found it very fascinating. Maybe you are the lucky one but there are many who have suffered very terribly. I am so glad you publish two novels Best of luck.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on May 26, 2020:

Thank you Fourish for commenting

FlourishAnyway from USA on May 26, 2020:

It sounds like you made the best of a bad situation.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on May 26, 2020:

Thank you, Ruby, real pleasure to read your comment.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on May 26, 2020:

It appears that passing days in lockdown turned out to be productive. I do feel for the people of India. Hopefully things will get back close to normal soon, but I feel the same as you, it will never be the same, so many lives lost. Thanks for sharing.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on May 26, 2020:

Thank you, Olusegun, for your comment

OLUSEGUN from NIGERIA on May 26, 2020:

She is really helpful to you.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on May 26, 2020:

Thanks, Pamela for commenting and appreciating.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on May 26, 2020:

It sounds like this lockdown turned into something good for you and for Sue. You are even writing a second book as the lockdown is coming closer to an end. I really enjoyed this interesting article, MG.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on May 26, 2020:

Thanks, John, just a personal account

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on May 26, 2020:

An interesting read MG. It makes being confined by lock down not look too bad. Thanks for sharing.

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