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Pantyhose for You and Your Man

I would like to be very informative and helpful on this subject.

Many men are wearing pantyhose and I have done tuns of research on it as well as have had my man wearing pantyhose.

I would like to start with the common situations and health benefits many may not be aware of

The first thing I would like to point out is I have seen doctors recommend pantyhose to men for leg circulation. Reports have show this to actually help poor circulation.

Marines have been wearing them overseas to keep sand fleas and ticks from getting to them.

Sports figures wear them to help relieve fatigue and cramping. And also energize the legs

They have been very helpful for men and women who are on their feet all day.

How I came to start noticing and researching. I have been married for 15 years and I have noticed the extra attention my husband gives me when I am in pantyhose. I have noticed he liked to touch them he would often beg me to wear them under the sheets. About three years ago he was asking me to wear them. I was tired and ready to go to sleep so I said honey if you like them so much why don't you just wear them to bed tonight. He just looked at me but did not answer. I said Well ? He responded are you serious? I could tell he was not against the idea and sort of was looking for further approval. I said yes why don't you go run a bath and shave your legs And when you get out I will help you put some on. He had very light hair on his legs anyhow so i knew it would not take long. As he was in the bath I searched my drawers for some pantyhose I knew I had bought by accident that were to big for me .

When he came from the bathroom I could see he was a little nervous maybe a even a little scared. I sat him down and showed him how to roll the pantyhose up his legs . By the time Was pulling the control top up and fixing them just right i knew right away that he liked wearing them. We slipped under the covers and he was swishing his legs around on the sheets and against me . I asked him if he liked how they felt . His words were I love them thank you for letting me wear them. He kept commenting on how great they felt. I gave him a rub down running my hands all over his legs, feet , rear end I could hear him moaning with pleasure. I then rubbed him some more and moved across to rub his front side. Let me tell you Viagra has nothing on this effect . I rubbed my hands across the front panel of the silky control tops and in less than 2 minutes he was in need of a fresh pair.

The next day I started doing pantyhose research and found a lot of men love this very same thing. Naturally I started shopping for all sorts of pantyhose for the both of us. We now often cuddle in them. Sleep in them etc. etc. I started having him wear pantyhose all the time even to work under his jeans or suits. He loves them .

Since starting this our relationship has become more loving . He has been open to my needs 100 times better than in the past . Our nighttime private fun has been enhanced . You would be surprised at how often he agrees with me even when I am wrong about something.

Recently I found out he was not wearing them to work and I decided to take matters into my own hands on this . I got him into the pantyhose and took him over my knee and gave him a spanking for his disobedience. That turned out to be very fun for me . And also a major gain in our closeness . I now spank him at least 2 times a week in his pantyhose.

Pantyhose has enhanced my life 10 fold. No one really knows our secret but us . And we have loads of fun with it . He loves the pantyhose and he loves wearing them .

I would like to hear from other pantyhose experienced couples .

Really good fitting pantyhose for men are legs silken mist control top, Hanes, Sears brand , And no nonsence . Although the ones with the most spandex is his favorite because they are silkier feeling .

It is my suggeston that every female try to put pantyhose on your man at least once .90 percent will slip right in . Some of your boyfriends and husbands already wear pantyhose in private and you did not know.

what's your thoughts

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Michael on November 04, 2020:

I have worn pantyhose secretly from my wife for years. Then she challenged me to wear them one day, so i did. That started it off in the open. Since then i often wear them and always end up over her knee and spanked. I absolutely love it. She is very accepting of it too.

Clive Cussler on September 28, 2020:

Well I went ahead and did it. I bought a two pack of hose 5 $.Came home from work, showered and put a pair on under my pants, she doesn't know. Before I spend $ on pricey men's tights and men's hose I thought I would wear these a few times.5 11 and 172, I bought queen control top. It is not turning me on, the control top is a bit tight. I have had them on almost 5 hours .I don't think men in hose should be that big a deal. Men' hose should be as inexpensive as these. These might as well be unisex( no frilly lace panty here) I plan on hiding these and wear as needed .Panties are a different thing entirely .Face it these are long socks connected to stretchy underwear ,so what? Are there knee highs for men? Nylon stocks above the knee? Why not? and who cares. Why are clingy soft and smooth clothes considered women's? I have underwear that look and feel like panties, but they are men's , a pouch no cotton crotch .Many cool colors I will skip the pink ones...LOL.

Clive Cussler on September 16, 2020:

I have worn pantyhose in the winter long ago.Now there are pantyhose/tights for men.Things have changed.I shop Amazon,who doesn't?So should I tell my wife or just buy them and then tell her?

Harry dale on September 09, 2020:

How do I talk my wife into making me wear pantyhose and feminine underwear?


John jones on August 31, 2020:

I like wearing pantyhose and tied up Jones


SHAWN M. on July 17, 2020:

I love this post and story. I keep coming back and rereading it and checking for other comments.

a few weeks ago my wife surprised me when I came to bed and she had on the pair of suntan Leggs sheer energy pantyhose I had bought for her several weeks before. my favorite brand, next to Wolford of course. she also had on a sexy little nighty. she looked sooo damn sexy!!

we made love and it was great! I love rubbing her hose covered feet all over my face while doing her!

after she had me take her hose off for her as she was uncomfortable. she knows I love pantyhose and that have worn them a lot and that I want us to wear them together. I said that I really like wearing them and that I think they are so comfortable. she said, "then put them on" YES!!!! DREAM COME TRUE!

I put them on right there in front of her like a pro. I kept them on all night while we slept.

I only now regret that I didn't cuddle her more and rub my pantyhose covered legs with hers a lot. who knows if or when it might happen again? hoping and praying for just that and much more!

jerry on July 16, 2020:

I like panty hose. They are nice on my skin. I wish they were more colors available for men. I have tried women's pantyhose and they are comfortable but tear easily. I have tried the 20/30 mg and they fit well and are comfortable. They wear well under pants and jeans, They especially wear well with shorts in the fall. I really like them for winter, but there is the problem of using the restroom. You know what goes up must come down. I really do not like shaving my legs. The use of lotion on my legs makes wearing panty hose easier to put on and remove. I hate waxing my legs which makes my legs uncomfortable. I wear a woman's thong with my panty hose.

Mark on June 07, 2020:

My wife indulges me in my cross dressing fetish, usually just to tease me. This past spring we went shopping, it was a cool rainy day. Because I usually complain about how long it takes my wife to shop and try things on she has me in my feminine undergarments to subdue me. Today I’m wearing a red g-string and matching camisole with tan control top Hanes Silk Reflections. I wear fleece sweats and a hoodie over my unmentionables. By the third store I was really getting bored and my wife could tell by my glares. She was trying on some jeans in the dressing room and I was eyeballing a skirt wondering if it would fit when all of a sudden my pants were pulled down around my ankles from behind, by my wife who had snuck up on me. There I stood with my pantyhose exposed to the world. Thankfully nobody saw, my face was probably as red as my panties as I quickly pulled my pants back up. My wife was laughing hysterically, “next time I’m doing it when people are around if you can’t behave while we are shopping.” “Yes dear”, I complied. I was on my best behavior the rest of the day.