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Over 90 Unique and Creative First Message Examples That Will Get You Responses on eHarmony

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eHarmony first message examples

eHarmony first message examples


You’re looking for long-term commitment, a woman to marry, right?

And so you opened an account on eHarmony.

And you’ve uploaded amazing photos, written a great bio, and completed the questionnaire.

However, you are not getting responses to the first messages you send to matches.

And you’re getting discouraged.

But don’t give up just yet because I have good news for you.

I’m going to give you examples of first messages you can send to women you are attracted to to help increase chances that you will get responses.

The Kind Of First Messages That Get Lots Of Responses

According to research done by eHarmony itself, and other studies on online dating, women are more likely to respond to a first message from a guy if the message has one or more of these characteristics:

  1. It shows the guy is brave and courageous, and he is willing to take risk( you must sound audacious);
  2. it addresses the woman’s photo(s);
  3. it contains wit and humor;
  4. it contains rhyming poetry; or
  5. it talks about food.
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Furthermore, the first message must be between 100 and 140 characters.

So here are some first message examples that incorporate the characteristics above, which can help you to get that response.

  • Hi and Low. My name is (your name) and, Me, I’m a real man. Wanna know more about me?
  • Yes, I’m on eHarmony but I can assure you I do no harm to women. Hi cutie?
  • (Your name) from (your town). I see that we have similar interests. Like you, I also love (your common interest).
  • Hi. You know what, I was intrigued by your photo. It’s fabulous. Incredible. Where did you take it?
  • I hear your vibes here as I type these words.
  • I am a gnome sent into your life to guard you against guys who may break your heart. How do you do?
  • I am browsing eHarmony. I ate ham this morning and drank tea. What about you?
  • I don’t have any yen but I yearn to get to know you better. What’s up?
  • Good day. I hope you don’t make me moan here on eHarmony.
  • Congratulations! I think you are very photogenic.
  • You might not realize this, but you have great sense of fashion. I love your color combination. Where did you learn it?
  • Who are you when you are not browsing the internet?
  • When did you join eHarmony?
  • Why did you choose to take your profile picture in the setting you did?
  • I have looked at all your photos. I think you look great in all of them. I especially like your full-body shots. Who took those photos?
  • I like the fact that your photos show variety. You love variety in life, right?
  • You look very happy in your profile photo? Why, if I may ask?
  • I viewed the group photo on your profile. Who are the people with you in your photo?
  • Very clear photo you have on your profile. Great quality. You are a stickler for quality, right?
  • Electronically, I feel there can be harmony between the two of us. After all, we are on e-Harmony, right?
  • I viewed your profile and I feel you can professionally file away the loneliness in my heart. Hi!
  • I am a ram without horns. What are you?
  • I play the harp sometimes but I don’t harp about my struggles and frustrations in life. What about you?
  • Bonjour madame. Comment ca va? You understand that don’t you? You can translate that, can’t you?
  • The adventure begins the moment you respond to this message. Want to be a participant in this adventure?
  • I sit in pleasant shade which a grove of myrtles made as I type this message. Where are you sitting?
  • To cross the online sea to your soil, I had to toil. I hope you don’t give me the oil of sorrow?
  • I came from Rome to roam in my home here on eHarmony. Where did you just come from?
  • Hi my name is (your name). I am growing a mane. Would you like to stroke it?
  • When two mutual hearts hear each one sighing it is possible there could be a tying. And I’m not lying. I hear your heart sighing. Do you hear mine doing the same?
  • Attraction nudged me and said, “You see that lady? Doesn’t she look interesting?” Hulloa?
  • Joy and Happiness smote my heart and made me feel like a hart drinking tea when I saw your profile. Did they smite you too?
  • I hope this message can arouse a flame of friendship that time cannot tame in you.
  • Congratulations! You are a very smart lady.
  • How do you do, warm custard?
  • Pumpkin Pie, can you pin a pie to a kin of mine?
  • Barbecue Chicken Pizza, couldn’t help dropping by. You are a cute chick. Are you related to Barbie?
  • Chili Cat, this mouse who loves eating bland food is yours for the taking. Will you take up this offer?
  • Chili Cat, would you like me to make you a chili dog one of these days?
  • Meatlove, do you love eating meatloaves?
  • Cheesecake, I am currently a captive in this boat called strangerboat. I’ve been told seeking a friendship with you is the only thing that can save me. Will you come to my rescue?
  • Peanut butter, can you cook me a toast?
  • Banana sandwich, I wanna play with you and my Nana in sand on the beach. Willing?
  • When a very long snake mates with a pie, what name should be given to the child?
  • I was struck by attraction- lightning when I read your profile. It was an emotionally awakening experience. Want to know why?
  • You look as good as gold. Have you played on a log before or do you have an old dog?
  • Love is a fire that can be kindled by an innocuous spark such as you just responding to a harmless message such as this one.
  • Wanna join the thrill ride that I’m on?
  • Newton’s third law of motion states that action and reaction are always equal and opposite. Obey his law! How are we?
  • Fine wine, I don’t think I would ever be satisfied even if I drank bottles of you daylong.
  • Angel Bagel, I am not holding a cudgel. I’m just your cream cheese. We were made for each other.
  • You are the bacon and lettuce. I’m the tomato. Let’s make a BLT.
  • My day was monotonous and colorless until I saw your profile.
  • Dazzling completeness of extraordinary exquisiteness, would you like-ness to date me-ness?
  • A delicately delicious throng of warm sensations attacked my body when I set eyes on you. Can you please help me to stop these sensations?
  • A fever of enthusiasm gripped me when I saw your photo. Would you like me to transfer that enthusiasm into your life?
  • Fate decreed long ago that our paths would cross as we trudge along in the sands of time. Do you believe in Fate?
  • That glittering infectious smile in your photo gave me i-want-to-be-your-frienditis.
  • I assure you you will reap a harvest of fruitful joy if you connect.
  • A kind of ineffable joy has gripped my heart. This is no fable. I know you will be able to make it even stronger when you respond.
  • A star went before me and settled on your profile and then I knew you were the one.
  • What new challenge is dawning on your mental horizon?
  • Fair lady, you look so gentle like air. Visit my lair so that I can share a secret with you.
  • Fellow atom, let’s bond and form a humanolecule so that we can achieve a stable electronic arrangement. What do you think?
  • The van der Waal forces between us is weak. Let’s form strong covalent bonds.
  • I am the north pole of this magnet and I feel you are the south pole.
  • Confused in this noisy datingsphere? Then roost in my calm friendship-abode.
  • Beauty, I would like to be your beau.
  • Adventure, this is my ad. Let’s start a friend-venture.
  • Wanna take a honey ride on a monkey with me?
  • Breath-taker, take my breath away with karate.
  • Girl, I would like to make a proposal. I want to be your Earl.
  • Hello beautiful, a calmness settled on my spirit the moment I saw your photo.
  • You have this intangible charm about you and I want you to charm me.
  • If you don’t respond to this message, you may swim in the pond of loneliness for a while.
  • Miss Amazing, bravery and courage are my constant companions.
  • The words I send to you now are my argument for a you-me relationship. Have a counter argument?
  • WE can do this if you think we can.
  • I believe in we-possible not impossible. Agree with me?
  • Great achievers are risk takers. Take the risk and get to know me better and you will never regret it.
  • You will never know what you are missing until you respond to this message.
  • Let’s live a dream together, the you- and- me dream.
  • I want us to embark on a journey together, a journey of friendship, excitement, thrills, romance and more. Interested?
  • I think we are destined to go to lovedestination together. Agree?
  • Good morning, Your Loneliness. I alone can create a nest for you and me in Relationshipdom.
  • Pancake, I feel an ache but I know I can bake a cake for you. Wanna challenge me?
  • Click this message and I assure you you will get a kick out of our conversations.
  • In the short space of time I have spent on this website the brightest face I have seen here is your face.
  • Today, as rays of life course through our bodies, may I pay my respects and say, “Lady, I’m attracted to you!”
  • Would you like to go on a hike with me next Saturday, or you would prefer to ride a bike with me?
  • Miss Fortune, I’m for you. Please tune into Radio We Must Connect NOW!

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