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Over 90 Cute Messages to Send on Okcupid

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Messages to send on OKCupid

Messages to send on OKCupid


Alright. You are a user of dating apps.

You are searching for a life-time partner.

And so you tried a number of online dating apps.

And they all sucked!

You’ve finally settled on OKCupid and opened an account.

You’ve seen some attractive people you are interested in.

But you have one problem.

You wonder what messages you can send to these users to get their attention because you are not good with words.

Well, problem solved!

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Here are some cute, unique messages you can send to help you get positive results.

  • OK Cupid, shoot your red arrow through my heart.
  • Ornery Klaxon, you gave me a KO. Can-u- please- identify- dishonesty? Know what I just did? I spelt OKCupid.
  • Cupid, OK I’m cool and you’re also cool. What do two cool people do?
  • This Cupid is not occupied at the moment. Are you occupied?
  • Coup Kid, cupidity is spreading fast. Has it infected you?
  • Data Lover, let’s start a conversation. Guess my dating password.
  • What is your email address?
  • WE are both members of this online family, right? Do you think it is appropriate for members of a family not to know each other?
  • I extend a cup of friendship to you this day. Will you take it?
  • I want to change your status from AlwaysAlone to ForeverConnected.
  • Humbastios human being, hi there! How many zingers have you sent to other living beings this week?
  • What is your DCP? What is your dating connection plan?
  • Luvcchini, a campaign of unimaginable passionate ferocity attacked my heart the moment I I spied your profile.
  • Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would meet a near impeccable person until I met you.
  • A soothing stream of unbelievable feelings dance through my body anytime I receive a message from you.
  • I am a loveful guy full of wonderful dreams and hopes. Do you want to share those dreams with me?
  • Have you experienced romance connectionization before? Have you had a relationship with a member of the opposite sex before?
  • Are you a committed vacationer, or you are a home-cationer who loves staying put in one place?
  • You’ve tasted lots of variety meats, right? None of them tastes as delectable as the variety I can give you in life.
  • Let’s swing on a teeter board sometime this week. Will you buy into this deal?
  • The blinkers in my body directed me to come straight to you and I trust their judgment.
  • Have you heard the scuttlebutt around town? It’s that you can hardly sit on your butt. True?
  • I would like to scotch tape my feelings to yours. In all humility, can I do that?
  • You are the most sweetest smelling scallion I have ever smelled.
  • I see you and I jaywalking on a sidewalk in town. Do you think that dream can come true?
  • My specialty is getting to know nice people like you at all cost. What is your specialty?
  • I have looked at your heart with my loveglass and I must say you have a wonderful heart that can make me happy.
  • Search my heart. What do you see?
  • There was an automatic transmission of love energy from you to me after I read your profile. I want to give that energy back to you.
  • I am walking with hope on this stoop into your heart. Can I get in?
  • Green light means don’t bother. Yellow light means you have a chance. And red light means I like you. Which light is switched on in your heart at the moment?
  • I am the living Pacifier you have been wishing for.
  • I am in the parking lot of your life. I am walking towards the entrance to your heart. Hope it’s not closed?
  • For me, every day is a public holiday. Want to help me make my public holidays unforgettable experiences?
  • Often, I have wished and dreamed about bonding emotionally with someone like you. Will you help me make those wishes and dreams come true?
  • Do this math and give me the answer. You + Me will be equals to … and You – Me is equals to …
  • I want to tell you about this math. You + Me = There will be great times.
  • My Miranda to you is, “You have the right to ignore this message. However, if you give up that right, your life will be constantly filled with adventure and fun!”
  • Don’t worry, saying yes will never turn into a misadventure.
  • Put your John Hancock on my heart, dark lady.
  • I have been a love hobo for years. Can I hope that you are my last stop? My rest stop?
  • Howdy? I would love to become your fanny pack.
  • I think you will be the frosting on my life.
  • I think I am the lead automobile on this expressway into your heart. At what speed would you like me to drive on it into your life?
  • I would like to make a direct deposit of affection and positive emotions into your life.
  • You know the meaning of discombobulated, right? Well, I suffered discombobulation immediately I saw your picture.
  • Dude, you can be assured of this. I don’t give duds.
  • Bachelorette, I think I am the best bachelor to remove that title and change it to “Attached” or “Mrs.”
  • I am a steno and I would love to type golden letters of love and romance on your heart and your mind.
  • Can I hit my thumbtack called “Developing Something Special” into your heart?
  • You look unearthly in your magnificent body.
  • Oh, a steady avalanche of feelings erupted immediately I read about your experiences.
  • Are you the kind of lady who is unspoiled by praise?
  • I feel these unspoken messages from the love world when I look at you.
  • Let’s give it a try until camaraderie overtakes us in the walkable love path.
  • I was untouched by the gentle spirit of joy until the words on your profile smote my heart.
  • I was sitting in the valley of doubt with no hope, but I see hope now. Your profile has started helping me to climb up out of it.
  • Your words lift me to the mountain-tops of ecstasy.
  • Let’s bridge the distance between us. Just one tap on your laptop or smartphone will do it.
  • I am a body reader. Am I right when I guess that you feel vibrant with surges of friendly passions burning within you?
  • I can literally touch the connection I feel to you.
  • What words are echoing in your soul right now?
  • I am holding the red flower of a friendly person and I would like you to hold it too.
  • Would you like to whistle life away in boredom or you want to sing it away with fun with me?
  • I want to ruffle your mind out of its circle of contentment.
  • I feel your personality and your life is a movie that can beguile the emptiness and boredom I feel inside.
  • A bright and wonderful future awaits us. I feel it in my bones.
  • I don’t want to be in control of my destiny alone. I want you to control it with me.
  • Do you have this foreboding of some positive change for both of us if we connect?
  • I am filled with this graceful vigor that I want to share with you.
  • Your laborious and tedious searching and sifting profiles has come to an end. My profile is the end to that work.
  • I get a hint of a new life for both of us.
  • I am a mystery that can be unraveled very easily by you.
  • I can help you to experience unimaginable carnivals of fun day after day in your life.
  • Are you a prey to listless uneasiness because of your solitude? Then connect!
  • I can make you swim in oceans of excitement week after week.
  • A sentiment of trust crept into my mind when I read your profile.
  • You and I connecting will be a sight for the angels to laugh and clap over.
  • You have this appealing pleasantness.
  • Experience a stifling sensation of suspense regularly with me.
  • Just imagine this. You and I engaged in a stream of easy talk in Isle Royal National Park …
  • Let a panorama of dreams in which I feature prominently start to play in your mind right now.
  • Your boredom will wither and die the moment you say yes to me.
  • I am absorbed in the sweet scent of your personality.
  • You make me feel as though soft golden lights are washing my body.
  • Beat the time. How can you do that? Spend it with me!
  • I will tell you what no one else tells you.
  • I like you more and more with every beat of my heart.
  • WE could create a match made on earth.
  • How many dates should we have next month?
  • You are the best of the best.
  • What do you think of humor?
  • Do you have any online dating culture?
  • Enter Scene One Part One. Welcome!
  • I want to send you a message.
  • Your dating profile is awesome!
  • It’s amazing that in the forest of women on OKCupid, I was able to spot you. Coming to think of it, though, it’s not surprising. You stand out!

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