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Over 80 Cute Messages to Send on Okcupid

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Some cute messages you can send on OKCupid

Some cute messages you can send on OKCupid


You are interested in finding love, right?

In meeting an awesome guy or lady, right?

And you have set up a profile on OKCupid.

What kind of messages can you send to a guy or a lady to help you get their attention?

What kinds of messages can make him or her feel interested in you?

In this article, I want to share some messages you can use to get the job done.

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  • OKCupid, I hold a cup of love in my hands. Like to drink from it?
  • You’ve been single for too long. Skip your singleness by connecting with me.
  • I hope I’m not being a pain in the neck by sending this message?
  • Please don’t get huffy when you get this message. How are you?
  • Don’t be unfazed when you get this message. Just say anything you can.
  • Want to maximize the amount of fun you have every day? Then respond to this message.
  • Do you sometimes wonder what people say about you when you are not around?
  • Which of these do you agree with? Smartness is not fixed at birth. One is born as a romantic. Being romantic in a relationship guarantees relationship bliss.
  • Do you like to know how you can attract and make friends with members of the opposite sex?
  • Do you think someone looks kinda dumb when he does not use big vocabs during communication and conversations?
  • Love Manager, I want you to manage my heart for me.
  • Don’t focus on what you think is wrong with you. Focus on me!
  • What are you good at?
  • I’m bad on the phone. I’m bad with emails. I’m bad with texts. But in-person you just cannot have enough of me. Want to try me sometime?
  • People tell me moving with me feels like a dance. They say it just feels musical. Wanna experience it?
  • I want you to know the depth of specialness in my heart.
  • Let me tell you a short story. Once upon a time I was doing well. Then on one day I chanced on your profile. And … connect to know the rest of the story.
  • What opportunities do you see if you connect with me?
  • You are the most important person in this world. At least that’s what I think.
  • I am the master servant. How can I serve you today?
  • How can I make your life better?
  • How can I make a positive contribution to your life today?
  • How can I make you feel happy today?
  • You’ve had a terrible day, right? How can I make it better?
  • I will most definitely add a plus to your life and not a minus.
  • I can feel good vibes emanating from your personality.
  • Are you a whizz at making people happy?
  • I am a wussy most of the time. I find it difficult to express my feelings and thoughts. But this I can say. You are an incredible person.
  • Those look like expensive threads you are wearing. Am I right?
  • You’re a smoke eater, right? I want you to quench the fire in my heart.
  • How do you think I’d look with a rug over my head?
  • Hey, I’m a party animal and I want us to have one big party.
  • Want someone to help you mellow out and enjoy each day?
  • I want to nick your heart. Will you allow me?
  • I am feeling dazed right now because you’re a knockout!
  • I am a beggar with a choice. We can make this mega if you consent.
  • Are you all hyped up today?
  • I have decided to hang up my job as a singler and get employed as your partner-in-friendship.
  • I have good vibes about you.
  • I got into you the moment I saw you.
  • Mitch my heart has a glitch—a you-less life. And that makes me itch sometimes.
  • Honey, finding the right person is a bit dicey, but you know in life you have to ... yes take risks. No risk no gain. So take the risk on me.
  • I can assure you I’m not a cold fish.
  • This could be your lucky break.
  • When two big guns like you and I meet what happens?
  • I was blown away by the depth of your thinking.
  • Do you know where the action is in this hood today? Want to join the action with me?
  • Crèemee, I’m warm cream. Are you cold cream or hot cream?
  • Yo! Pinkie Winkie, wanna linkie upie with me?
  • I see the light in your heart is amber at the moment. Is it turning green or red?
  • Chum, uhm … sorry. Forgive me. I already feel as though we are friends already.
  • You know I really love Agricultural Science and I’d like to graft my life into yours.
  • Lolly, pop into my mouth and give me sugar.
  • Row, row, row your boat, gently up to me…
  • I was paralyzed with affection when I saw you. Please just send a word to cure me of this paralysis.
  • This is my pitch to you. I feel I cannot live without you. Believe me?
  • Candy, I’m sweet on you.
  • I wanna tip my hand. I want us to be long-term boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • Do you have an open mind?
  • The feeling is right, don’t you think?
  • I struck a streak of good luck today because of you.
  • You are the beginning of the summer in my life.
  • Cinderella—oh! how your beauty makes me glad.
  • Responding to this message may seem to you to be a very small step to take, but it may cause a great positive transformation in our lives.
  • Read this message, respond appropriately, get to know me, and you will become happy as a result.
  • You’ve got the seventh sense in addition to the sixth sense of faith, right? The sense of humor?
  • Money can buy you clothes and shoes and other stuff but those things can’t give you love. I can!
  • Do you feel younger than you look?
  • There are worse feelings than feeling that the person sending you a message is the wrong person, but he could be the right person for you.
  • I want to quickly forget about times past and dream of things to be.
  • I will give you only two things choose one—happiness eternal or eternal happiness.
  • Attractive Eve, I know you are active and objective. I am alive and very imaginative. Connect for a positive, explosive experience to help enrich your narrative.
  • Searchingarian I strongly feel I will be a good complementarian to your life.
  • Jokette, mind if we cause a compactification of our lives?
  • Girl, I think I have the qualification to handle you. I will fill your life with funkification and jazzification. So let there be a linkification.
  • Cutoid Americanoid, don’t be a skepticoid. Avoid that and link up.
  • For me you are not a social need but a physiological need.
  • Let’s have our own friendship festival?
  • Hullo, fellow computerdomite. Is bachelorettedom as boring as bachelordom?
  • How do you want your life to matter in this world?
  • You can give yourself a million excuses not to connect. But have you considered what you may be missing?
  • OKCupid up now, dip your finger in my love bowl, and eat some of the affection and warmth in my heart.

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