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Our Lifetime Value as the Major Gender Difference


Today, I will share with you some of the the deepest knowledge about our major difference. In a couple of minutes (depending on how fast you read), you will realize why there is so much crap and misunderstanding in relationships. And in life.

Let’s use a graph: here, the X-axis is the time of our Life – from birth to death, and the Y-axis – our Value (in the wide, global sense), where 0% – absolutely worthless, and 100% – the absolute top of your realization, in all aspects.


Every woman is born at 100%, as shown by the horizontal pink line. Any girl has in her all the feminine qualities she will ever have in this lifetime. My recent post about Battery Metaphor talks about it.

A Man is born empty, at 0% value. In theory, he should grow to his highest level, like the Blue line on the graph:


(I apologize for the quality of my drawings; after all, what matters is the Content, not the Context.)

In reality, a man should be growing like the thin blue line: raise – fall – raise – fall – raise, and so on.


But recently, since about mid-XX Century, men started to degrade. We became too weak and irresponsible.

Now, the lifetime Value of most ‘men’ looks more or less like the green line here:


Today, a huge part of men don’t want to put any efforts in becoming better – stronger, smarter, more responsible and so on. It is much easier to keep lying down, in all senses.

Yet they want to enjoy life, in particular – being with women. But they cannot reach to the initially-high women’s level. Metaphorically speaking, they cannot afford it.

What are you doing when you cannot afford something?

Right – you bargain, trying to reduce the value of what you want. In order to make it appear cheaper, thus – to become affordable.

This is what we see all the time: a lot of men diminish ‘their’ women, humiliate them, and put them down in other ways. This is essentially a bargain process: instead of getting the means to afford something exquisite, they pretend this is not exquisite at all – something ordinary, cheap.

These attempts to bring women down are represented here as black hooks:

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Unfortunately, most women fall for this. Especially if they are not particularly beautiful, in accordance with another scam – “Generally-Accepted Standards”.

In reality, there is no such thing as Generally Accepted Standards. This is simply the way the Corporate World makes you feel bad about yourself and pay them to feel better. But I digress.

Every woman is truly beautiful, from the very first day of your life till your last breath. It’s just every age, race, and nationality has its own beauty criteria.


Sorry, I digress again...

And you deserve the best in life just because you are who you are.

The moment you realize it, your life will start to change. Hope it won’t be too late – when your only concern will become not to forget to take your memory pills.

Don’t let anybody or anything put you down!

If you feel that your man, your boss, your ‘friend’, even your mom – tries to implant into you mind the idea that something is wrong with you – run! Or, if you prefer – kick them out of your life.

As I said already, I never repeat myself, so here it is: all and any problems in relationships is the result of the wrong distance between people. By adjusting the distance, you can make any relationships perfect. I can elaborate on it, if you are interested; let me know.

How do people put women down? Here is a bunch of examples, so that you know when you see it.

If a man you just met says “Take it easy, sex on the first date is OK” – he is trying to put you down.

If your new ‘sweetheart’ invites you to vacation but doesn’t want to pay for your child to go with you – he is trying to put you down.

If your boss says “I don’t care you have a child, I need you to work extra hours” – he is trying to put you down.

If your mom says “I gave you the best years of my life, where is your gratitude?” – she is trying to put you down.

If your friend says “Considering your age / look / situation, you should be less picky” – she is trying to put you down.

If your friends says “What are you, a princess? This pub is not good enough for you?” – she is trying to put you down.

If your friend says “This dress makes you look fat” – she is definitely trying to put you down; this one is classic.

You got the idea.

Never let anyone reduce your true value; it may take a lot of time and efforts to bring it back up. And the quality of your life decreases every time you let someone put you down.

Especially if this goes on for years (and it does, in most families). Eventually, you may cross the point of no return, where nobody will be able to help you restore your self-esteem, your love to yourself and to life.

Unfortunately, ‘thanks’ to our modern psychological views, a lot – if not most – women have today a lowered self-esteem. It doesn’t mean that your value has diminished; all it means is that you may not be able to enjoy your life to its fullest.

The general recommendation for women: surround yourself only with people who love you, like you, or think high of you. And get rid of everybody who tries to put you down.

If you beware of who you deal with, your self-esteem gets restored usually within several months; in some cases – longer.

Yet I can help you; drop me a line!

With Love,


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