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Online dating profile tips for women: How to write an attractive online dating profile

How to write a nice online dating profile? An attractive profile page will give the impression that you are a pretty, friendly and more importantly, an approachable woman. Whether it is for, OkCupid, Zoosk, eHarmony or PlentyofFish – use these tips if you want men to genuinely like your online dating profile. This post discusses profile pictures, interests, selfies, hobbies, personal details and some of the other important things that will impress the guys.

Visualize your online dating profile before you start filling in the details.

Visualize your online dating profile before you start filling in the details.

1) Think about the overall impression: Plan your online dating profile in your mind

Before you even start writing a profile for an online dating website, think about the kind of image you want to give. It can range from making yourself seem like a fun loving girl, intellectually driven woman, independent single woman pursuing her career or a carefree girly girl.

This is the first step because thinking about the overall impression you want to give off from your online dating profile will lay the basis of everything that you fill in later.

2) Describing yourself: Don't rant

Most online dating websites give you the option of describing yourself before you go into other details like hobbies and interests. This is like the opening paragraph of your resume, so don't get it wrong.

Most women make the mistake of using this space to rant, rather than actually describing themselves. For example

Describing yourself the proper way: I am a 27 year old girl working as an advertising executive in The Big Apple. I take life as it comes and value the company of my best friends.

Describing yourself the wrong way: I am 27 and I love life. I work in New York and its so much fun. I love my friends.

There is a world of a difference between the first and the second example. Your online dating profile is not a professional resume but writing an attractive description of yourself is the least you can do.

3) Profile picture tips: Post a nice and friendly photo

Your profile photo can make or break your online dating profile. It is the first thing guys will look at. You may be tempted to upload your most attractive and sexiest picture, here are a few things you should keep in mind before you put a photo up.

  • Avoid sefies taken in bathrooms
  • Don't use pictures in which you are wearing tops with a plunging cleavage baring neckline
  • Always remember that a wide smile looks more attractive than a snobbish pout
  • Make your photograph look as natural as possible
  • Avoid body surfing pictures
  • Upload your photograph only, not one with your good looking friend in it
  • Avoid uploading a suggestive picture
  • Don't use your old photographs
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Men will make assumptions about your personality based on the kind of pictures you upload on your online dating profile. Your profile pic should be the right mix of attractive and friendly if you want to meet nice guys.

4) List only your genuine hobbies and interests

Write only your genuine hobbies and interests. Don't just write anything down for the sake of sounding like a cool girl with an interesting personality. For example, if you have just been skiing once in your life, don't write skiing as a hobby.

Hobbies and interests are some of the most common conversation starters. Whether you start talking to guy online or go out on a date with him, you will look silly if you have to say that the hobbies you listed aren't actually something that you do on a regular basis.

Avoid putting down unnecessary jargon about your work. Save the details for LinkedIn.

Avoid putting down unnecessary jargon about your work. Save the details for LinkedIn.

5) Keep your occupational details to the minimum: It is a dating website, not LinkedIn

Some people like to brag about their jobs and careers even on their dating profiles. Being proud of your work is a good thing because it shows that you are a focused woman but that doesn't mean you should rant about your job profile on a dating website.

For example, if you are working as an account executive for an ad agency, mention it so. There is no need to go into details about the type of clients you handle or the type of campaigns you deal with. Such details are best left for professional networks like LinkedIn, not your online dating profile.

6) Never lie about your age in your online dating profile

Lying about your age in your online dating profile is a complete no-no. If you are not comfortable about revealing your age to everyone, you can choose to hide it but there is no point lying about it.

A man will feel cheated if you hook up with him on the website, only to find out later that you are older than what you said you were. Be happy and proud of your age because some men like older women.

7) Make your preferences clear: Mention what you are looking for on the online dating website

Most online dating websites give you the option of choosing to display why you have a profile. Common options are Friendship, Casual Relationship and Serious Relationship. You can either choose to tick one of these options or write a line to make your preferences clear.

For example, if you are not interested in a casual relationship, mention it somewhere that you are looking to meet a nice guy who is more than just a fling. All the men who read your dating profile will have a clear idea of what you are looking for.

8) Less is more: How to describe your status as a single mom

Mentioning details of your personal life, especially your status as a single mom is slightly tricky. You want to be honest but you don't want to reveal too much in detail either. The best way to go about this is to be subtle and to keep your sentences short.

Here are some of the different ways in which people describe themselves as a single parent.

Example 1: A single mother

Example 2: Single mom to a six year old daughter

Example 3: Single mother to a five year old son from my first marriage

The first way to describe your status as a single mother is the best. It clearly states that you are a single mom so that no guy will have the chance to tell you that you weren't upfront. Details, as outlined in example 2 and 3 are best left for later when you actually make a connection with a guy online.

What sets you apart as an individual among the thousands of other online profiles out there? Think about your special talents and quirky likes. Write this down to make your dating profile more attractive.

What sets you apart as an individual among the thousands of other online profiles out there? Think about your special talents and quirky likes. Write this down to make your dating profile more attractive.

9) Write something unique about yourself: Set yourself apart from the other women

Think about what is going to set you apart from the hundreds of other profiles of women and girls a guy will go through online. Every single person has a unique side to their personality, whether it is a unique talent, likes or dislikes.

Mention this somewhere in your profile. Apart from differentiating yourself from the other profiles, you will also add a personal touch to your online identity. It may be the wow factor that makes a guy feel like connecting with you.

10) Don't be too choosy with your preferences in guy: If you must, don't make it apparent in your profile

If you are too choosy about your preferences in the types of guys you want to date, don't mention it in your profile. If you must, keep it subtle.

For example, it is one thing to mention that you would want to go out with a nice guy who is career oriented. But it would be silly to say that you want to go out only with guys who are college graduate and have a decent white collar job.

11) Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes

Your online dating profile may not be a school report but that doesn't mean you overlook using good spelling and grammar. While these things may not matter to a guy who ranks profiles on just one parameter – the hotness quotient in your picture, but incorrect spellings and bad grammar will instantly put off a nice guy.

Most websites have in-built auto spell checks. If your dating website doesn't, just give your profile a quick read before you go live.

12) What not to write in your online dating profile

Certain things are immediate red flags on a woman's online dating profile. Some of these even apply to men. Here are a few examples

  • Anything that's got to do with your ex-boyfriend
  • Being a dropout and not having a job
  • Brushes with the law
  • Bitter divorce with your ex
  • Any health issues
  • The fact that you are still living with your parents

As a general rule of thumb, think about the stuff that would put you off if you were reading someone's dating profile. Avoid writing that in yours too.


UndercoverAgent19 on January 27, 2014:

I agree wholeheartedly with all the points you made in this hub, and I think a lot of it could also translate to men and their profiles, as well. While one should always be his or herself at the core of it, there is a fair bit of marketing involved. People always have to keep in mind that you don't have to say everything about yourself in your profile, and there are more ways than one to get a specific point across, some being more graceful than others.

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