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Online Dating Tips For Straight Men: Don't Be a Creeper, Dude

Learn from Rill's many, many, many mistakes in dating and relationships.


What is a "Creeper?"

"Creeper" is a slang term used to describe someone who is creepy (e.g. I blocked that creeper on Facebook).

You may not think you're creepy, but you might be saying and/or doing things that creep other people out without even realizing it. This can be especially true when you're chatting online because you can't hear the other person's vocal tone, see their facial expressions, or read their body language during your conversation with them.

Since online dating is, basically, a screening process for dating in real life, it's important to behave in a way that makes her feel safe and comfortable enough to go on a date with you... I think it goes without saying that if a woman thinks a man is creepy, she's not going to date him.

Lucky for you, I've chatted with more than my fair share of creepers over the years so I can tell you exactly what to avoid saying and/or doing to avoid making yourself look like one.

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Avoid These Creepy Behaviors For a Successful Experience With Online Dating

1. Asking for more pictures - Almost everyone who is using an online dating site or app already has pictures on their profile so there's no appropriate reason that a woman can think of to send more photos in a private message.

2. Asking for personal details about her life too soon - You don't need to know her last name, where she works, what her kids' names are, etc. right away. You're considering taking her out on a date, not running a criminal background check for a position at your multimillion dollar company... and she's probably looking for a boyfriend, not a stalker. Find out what kind of music she likes and what she does for fun before you start applying for credit cards in her name.

3. Displaying too much or too little emotion - There's no reason to act like you won the lottery because she had a salad for lunch, but you shouldn't blow off what she said completely either. Tell her what you had for lunch or ask her what her favorite restaurant is. Keep the conversation flowing without forcing it.

4. Being older - Some women may think it's creepy when an older man flirts with them so if you are more than 12 years older than a woman you message on an online dating site or app, you should prepare yourself for possible rejection.

5. Steering the conversation toward sex - Yes, sex can be a wonderful thing, but it's creepy when that's all a man seems to be interested in. If a woman is using an online dating site or app, she is most likely looking for a relationship. I guarantee you that if all she wanted was sex, she'd already have it because sex is available everywhere for women... so you need to show her that you're someone special if you want to be the man she's having sex with.

Thank You For Reading My First Hub!

I tried to keep it simple and informative, but I'm sure there's room for improvement and I would love to hear any constructive criticism and/or words of encouragement that you may have for me in the comments below.

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