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On Behalf of Clementine

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Unwelcomed valentine's day gift.

Unwelcomed valentine's day gift.

What if your partner didn't seem to recognize you on giving him/her a valentine’s gift? This was exactly what Clementine did. For those who don’t know, Clementine is a fictional character beautifully portrayed by Kate Winslet in the course of Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind movie. She had been in a romantic relationship with Joel (starred by Jim Carrey), but to his surprise not only did she choose not to be his valentine, but also she decided to erase him from her memories. It didn’t take Joel too long to know about the procedure. Upon Joel’s heartbreak that was visualized on the screen, viewers have been cursing Clementine for her disloyalty. Every time I read such reviews and comments, I feel personally attacked because the loving, yet repulsive character of Clementine is more myself than I am. So, this is a great chance to justify her behavior.

Back in 1921, a great psychologist named Carl G. Jung explored the idea of different types of personalities and explained it in published research which inspired Myers and Briggs to develop a personality type indicator to help people determine which their type is. It’s a questionnaire known today as “Myers-Briggs Type Indicator” (MBTI). It classifies personalities into 16 different types based on four scales of core traits. Accordingly, each personality type maintains a specific pattern in dealing with heartbreak.

More About the MBTI Test

Clementine: The Free Spirit

Clementine is believed to represent the ENFP personality type. ENFPs are referred to as campaigners for their extroverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceiving characters. They manage their emotions in two phases; the first is to get trapped in the overwhelming emotions of pain until they get completely lost in them. This may be accompanied by self-destructive behaviors. The second is to entirely deny these emotions by dwelling on distractions and running away from the agony of heartbreak.

Apparently, we saw Clementine experiencing the first phase when she seemed to lose her energetic spirit the last days she spent with Joel, then she shifted to the second phase by erasing Joel from her memory.

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Joel: The Cautious Mediator

Unlike Clementine, Joel is believed to represent the INFP personality type, which shares most of the core traits of the ENFP personality type except for its introverted nature. INFPs usually confront their intense emotions after heartbreak. They would sink into deep emotions; alternating between love, hatred, anger, pain, and self-blame, then they get nostalgic for their lost love.

Apparently, this what Joel did. He experienced the first phase when he felt torn apart which led him to attempt the procedure of erasing Clementine from his memory, but surprisingly through the procedure, he changed his mind. He instead preferred holding onto his memories with her.

Could Clementine and Joel Get Back Together?

This is the question the MBTI test was made to answer. Both of them've experienced heartbreak in a totally different way. These complicated kind of relationships are the major part of our complicated life. The main reason for this complexity is the vast differences between people’s personality types. Maybe when each one of us knows more about the likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses of himself and the others, it will ease our interaction. It is possible if Joel had known more about Clementine’s personality type, he wouldn’t have got devastated.

And Yes! They got back together. Meanwhile, they couldn’t deny the predictable following hardships in their relationship caused by their different personalities. This perfectly demonstrates how chaotic relationships could be, as imperfect as we all are. I think self-knowledge along with hard work to close the gaps between partners serve as a relationship rescuer.

Today is Valentine’s Day so if you have experienced such heartbreak, believe me, you will be much better. We’re exactly in your shoes. No matter what your personality type is, a broken heart never hurts any less. If you are still questioning your failed romantic relationship, give the personality test a try. Who knows? Maybe your partner disliked your gift, not your affection.

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