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Never Quit, Even if They Leave You

I've been through the mud and have dealt with unfortunate people. So many people are going through the worse and I have heard their stories.

Never quit on yourself, and never feel sorry for yourself. You can overcome anything with effort, persistence, and passion. Sometimes people only care about what you have not who you are. If your girlfriend and family throw you out in the street when you make a mistake and go broke, they never truly loved you.


Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes. Darn it! I made a mistake that has cost my girlfriend and my family. Bummer! But, even though I made a boo-boo, I don’t really think I’ve should have lost them if they truly loved me as they claimed. So why am I trying to convince them that I deserve to be with them? Maybe because I loved them. Well, I feel like I was the only genuine one in those relationships; they didn’t leave me until I went broke, and yet I tried to talk myself back into their lives while they frequently rejected me.

I can stick up a middle finger as they did me, but why? I tried to convince them that I was worthy of their relationships but they made it clear that I wasn’t. So, after pondering on my disconnection from my girlfriend and family, it was revealed to me that they only kept me around for the money I made. True girlfriends and family stick with you even if you’ve made a mistake and even when you’re broke. They do not throw you out in the street to die. Well, I won’t stay still like a rock. I will take this street-toss as an opportunity to regain my wealth, but because I know I can. Luckily, I know who these people are now (the type of people they are) and will not fight to go backward, but forward. I will leave them in the dust. All I really ever had was me.

I walk this earth to only see frowning and angry faces of the public from the hate that originated from my family and girlfriend throughout my progressive life. It seems like the whole world knows my mistake, and it definitely makes life difficult to process. If you are unable to get on people’s good side how can you truly be happy? There is a way; I just can’t quit on discovering it. Well, I have to continue to work and focus on myself and maybe I can find the strength to be happy as I build up “me”.

I cannot be sad or angry. I can’t drown in regret. If I only believe that everything happens for a reason, and apply it to my life, I can let the horrible people in my past go easier and I can fly free. There are no mistakes in life. Whatever I did to lose these people was not a mistake, but an action that allowed me to move on to something bigger and better. Yes, those people may have labeled what I did as a mistake, but that’s their label, it doesn’t have to be mine. If I carry their way of looking at things onward with me for the rest of my life, I may never be truly happy again. Knowing me, I’ll feel bad for what I did and that will hinder me severely. I did nothing wrong. It was the right thing to do, and I’m happy I committed my so-called mistake. I am happy that my family and girlfriend left me. I must accept who I am, and forgive myself in order to move on, no matter if they forgive me or not.

Now that I’ve moved forward, I realized something after a bit of pondering, studying, and investigation. I parted from my past because I was bigger than my past. I needed a bigger platform because I had so much potential that my past couldn’t contain. Did my last relationships know this? Perhaps. But, when they left me behind, did they do so because they felt like I was at the end of my ropes, or because they wanted me to thrive elsewhere? Well, knowing that they have gotten rid of me after I went broke tells me that they thought I was done. Well, guess what? I’m not done and I have more life to live. Also, guess what? I’m not looking back and I must enjoy my life without you, although I loved you dearly at one point in my life. A lot of the love I had for you waned after you threw me in the street to die.

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The mistake I made isn’t important because we all make mistakes. Many of us would rather not discuss our mistakes because doing so hurts our hearts, especially if it wasn’t intentional. I’ve apologized several times but sometimes people are so satisfied with the feeling of holding on to the hate associated with what you’ve done that they let the love they have for you drift off. You are likely never able to escape the hate they have for you, “likely”.

Some mistakes may seem impossible to forgive, I understand. But what was that person going through when they made that mistake? Also, how long ago did they make that mistake, and have they done it again in recent times. If someone truly cares for you they’ll care for the issues you were having at the time of your mistake and show sympathy and forgiveness. Don’t be fooled. They didn’t leave you because of your mistake. They were just looking for a reason to leave you because of some other reason, such as envy. Possibly.

Never quit, my friend! Focus on yourself when everyone has kicked you to the curb. If you focus on what they did to you, you’ll never win. Win, my friend! Who are you? Never give the following phrases too much attention: “I’m going to get them back” or “why am I not worthy”?

Was throwing you out in the street really because of the mistake you made? If you think back, who else made the same mistake or a similar one and is still with that same family or is still with that ex-girlfriend? Think about it. Did they really leave you because of your mistake? Focus on yourself, because you have so much potential to become something better than what you once were. You can stick the middle finger up or just casually move on. If you never give up and focus on yourself, you’ll realize that you were smarter, nicer, more powerful, more beautiful, or friendlier than they all were, which are qualities for success. They just didn’t have what you had and it made them look bad and they felt envy in their hearts. Move on, don’t quit, and live a better life. You deserve it.

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