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NSA FWB Personal Ads

From the movie,  Friends With Benefits

From the movie, Friends With Benefits

No Strings Attached Friends With Benefits

Have you ever thought about what it is that people are truly looking for in a NSA FWB, or what made them place a NSA FWB personal ad in the first place? I find it hard to comprehend that a poster's complete desire is really, as simple as the acronyms make it out to be. FWB is so impersonal, there must be a hidden catch. Nothing good is ever that easy!

Nevertheless, Craigslist personals are at a fever pitch and online dating sites are churning billions of dollars into profit, from peoples' NSA FWB wanted ads. Seems apparent that everyday people are so complacent towards their life; frolicing with a complete stranger is something worth spending money on and on a regular basis too. The irony I find in this mutual desire, which is now supposedly shared equally by males and females, is that men have been persecuted for years for paying for these exact same one night stands and meaningless services. Which hardly seems fair in my personal opinion. These NSA FWB ads appear to be a legal loop hole people have discovered, to prostitute themselves freely. I truly wonder what has brought about this sudden change in society. Now do not get me wrong here. I am not judging anyone for their activities. After all this is America, the land of the free and willing participants. I am just wondering if the men and women seeking out each other out as "friends," really know deep down inside what it is they're looking for. For the most part, I wholeheartedly believe that men do however, I have my doubts about whether or not women know what they are getting themselves into. Quite frankly, men have been practicing the ways of meaningless rendezvous for over 11,000 years- naturally they are going to be better at it. But do women really want an intimate friendship that has no strings attached? I personally cannot say that I am against NSA FWB ideology and habitual behavior. What I am against however, is the lie that these people tell themselves when they hook up with a potential NSA FWB. Yes..., if I answer an ad, I would be very worried about the woes of false advertising.

I tend to believe that 90% of the people posting those ads, truly would not mind having a relationship of some sort, men included, with the person they claim to have a no strings attachment with. I imagine that deep down inside the pair, there is a mutual longing for first date butterflies, passionate kisses, and the need to feel desired again. Those erotic wants of a lustful infatuation, are usually the first feelings couples share in the early stages of a relationship. Because of this fact, I do not believe for a minute that Craigslist personals ad posters, really know what it is they are truly after. Moreover, I do not think what they are really needing is as simple as finding a NSA FWB.

I would really like to read your opinions on this subject matter, and I want to know is it really that simple. Happy hunting folks, and I hope you find what it is you are really looking for.


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APBRP707 on September 16, 2019:

Sometimes when you have been together for a very long time certain sparks go out and never relight . Its not worth throwing it all away , but you still long for that touch ., that breath on your chest ,that turns cold the hotter we get .

Taylor33369 on June 13, 2018:

Circumstances vary depending upon the needs of the individual and the marital status they fall under.

Each person's needs are different. There are many reasons why people look for NSA or FWB relationships.

Hailey on June 04, 2013:

I think people who place NSA or FWB ads are looking for one night stands, it's a kind of sports for them maybe, especially for guys they bolster their self-esteem with a number of women they slept with, stupid.

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