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My crush likes someone else: What should I do?

When the person you like wants to be with someone else, keep your composure and let things play out.

What to do when your crush likes someone else

What to do when your crush likes someone else

I have been in this situation. I was talking to this woman who I found to be exotically beautiful with an intoxicating spirit. I was all in there feeling myself and doing the most whenever she paid attention to me. It was fun and I felt like we had something steady. Then one day she told me she was going hiking with her friend and her dog; get it? “Her friend”. I had my suspicions because she was more detached than usual. My instincts communicated that she was seeing someone else.

I felt devastated and felt like what we had did not mean much to her while it meant everything to me. However; I kept my composure and suffered in silence. In my composure; I knew I could not simp or beg for her attention. I already knew better than that. In my resolution, I decided to detach from the situation and let her do her thing. I knew there was something unique that I provided that the other guy would never match. So sooner or later, she will be back after realizing that I am the real deal.

Well, I know it sounds a lot like vanity but this is the kind of attitude you need to have to get her to choose you. Also, this kind of confidence will work for you in the general aspect of life. Thinking in an abundance and confident state will gravitate you towards the things you desire. After a while, the girl came back and we currently have an amazing progressive relationship. When the person you like wants to be with someone else, you do not have to beg them or do too much. It will be beneficial to keep your composure and let things play out. Bet on yourself because no one else is betting on you!

When your crush likes someone else

When your crush likes someone else

She is not yours it’s just your turn is a common saying in the hook-up culture. The thing is it is true. You don’t own women and they have a right to do whatever they feel is right. Women will always gravitate towards what excites them the most at the moment. When she wants to be with someone else other than you let her go. Your turn is up. The best thing you can in that situation is to focus on yourself and the many other things you have to do. Stay consistent in your self-improvement and keep proving yourself instead of wasting time begging and acting up. Moreover, if that is how she does it, always play your part when she comes around. It is important to refrain from making any rash decisions.

She is a five at best is another strategy to apply when you find yourself in this situation. Getting attached to women occurs when we put them on a pedestal. She could be genuinely the most beautiful and special woman that you have ever met. However, do not idolize her. When you idolize her you dehumanize her, thus; you begin to have unrealistic expectations. All women should be the same in your eyes. Women vary in their looks and qualities. Others are more attractive than others depending on the eyes of the beholder. But aim to enjoy that in moderation so that you stay focused and level headed.

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Self-respect is an attractive quality. Keeping it cool calm and collected will be an intriguing quality that will keep you in her loop. If you go ballistic and dramatic she may lose interest real fast. However, if you are in your self-respect frame, your composure will communicate a sense of leadership. Focusing on your projects and self-improvement will compound your value and that will be felt. Women enjoy being around someone with solid character; it’s a good look.

Prospecting for other women will enable you to move on and to eliminate your thoughts about her. You should always be in your abundant and sufficient mindset. Allow yourself to enjoy the company of other women. Being able to attract other women will raise her interest. It portrays your sense of value and she will want to stay in your loop. Also, it shows that you have a life and she is not the center of everything and this cultivates desire.


dashingscorpio from Chicago on January 23, 2021:

In a world with over 7 Billion people rejection just means: Next!

"Never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary."

- Oscar Wilde

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