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My Wedding Toast to My Son

Ms. Dora is a Certified Christian Counselor. Her views on singleness, premarital and marital issues are influenced by her Christian beliefs.

No event deserves a celebration more than the choice of a partner in love and life. When the bridegroom’s mother takes the stage, her toast to her son is born from her desire to share in his joy, and to tell the world how proud her son’s achievement has made her feel.

Being the only parent at my son's wedding. I wanted my child to begin his new life with my assurance and approval that he had done the right thing to marry the girl he loved; and that he had my blessing for a life of joy and success.

Groom waits at the altar for his bride.

Groom waits at the altar for his bride.

Basic Guidelines for the Wedding Toast

Following are four basic tips which formed the guidelines for my short speech:

  • Plan your speech—beginning, middle and end so you wouldn’t have to ramble. Hattie Bollerman, Vice president at Speakeasy
  • Keep it short and sweet— three to five minutes. – Maria Cooke, Washington Event Planner
  • Tell stories that resonate with everyone. – Claudia Hanlin, Martha Stewart Weddings
  • Make contact with the crowd by saying something like, “Am I right?” in order to turn their attention from their food to you. – Calder Clark, Charleston Wedding Planner
  • Include the bride since it is her day as well as his. – Martha Stewart Weddings

Wit and Welcome

"During the first half of 1982 photographers focused on Diana, Princess of Wales and her pregnancy. During that same time, I was also pregnant and wondered why photographers were not focusing on me. It took me a while to figure out the minute difference:

  • Her son was her first child;
  • My son was my second.

"Both Diana’s son and mine grew into manhood. In November 2010, photographers focused on her child because he gave a unique engagement ring to the woman he loved. In that same month, my son also gave a unique engagement ring to the woman he loved. This time, I didn’t care about the photographers because Facebook gave my son and his fiancée all the publicity they could handle.

"I am not completely surprised that the photographers show up today. It doesn’t even matter that they are not focused on me. My son, though not born a prince has grown into a king. Today he has broken ground for the kingdom he will establish for him and his beautiful queen, whom I am happy to welcome into our family."

The new couple.

The new couple.

Pride and Joy

"The pride I feel is no less than the pride of a royal mother.

  • Having witnessed you my son, walk down the red carpet of honor toward the responsibility of manhood, my heart is full of joy.
  • Watching you declare your vows to cherish, protect and provide for the virtuous woman you chose, I couldn't be more happy.
  • My only regret is that the camera may not capture the pride and joy in my heart."

Hope and Prayer

"I have complete confidence that with the united prayers of you and your wife, along with the supportive prayers of your mother, you will fulfill your duties as the husband of a godly and happy home.

"Son, just let the face of your wife always be the image of love for you; and Daughter, let the face of your husband always be the image of love for you. When either of you speak or hear the word “love,” let the face of the other be the face that you see.

"The only other image appropriate for you both to visualize when you think of love, is the image of God holding you together within the arms of His excelling love. You both know how to rely on Him for the strength that it takes to follow through the commitment you made today.

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"Of course, when my grandchildren are born, they will increase your love – not subtract from it; so the more children you have, the more love you will have for each other. Please don’t get carried away!

"I love you both. You can count on my prayer that (according to the sentiments of the old wedding prayer),

God will give you

  • enough tears to keep you tender,
  • enough hurts to keep you humane,
  • enough of failure to keep your hands clenched tightly in His,
  • and enough success to make you sure you belong to Him."

"'When a son finds true love, a mother finds true joy.' Here’s to the new couple’s joy—and mine— from this day forward!"

© 2011 Dora Weithers


Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on March 23, 2014:

Word, thanks for your kind comment. I'm proud of my son, and happy that he found love.

Al Wordlaw from Chicago on March 22, 2014:

H MsDora, this is simply a beautiful report of strong support. Thank you so much for sharing.

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on September 07, 2011:

Thanks, sonnykaytee, for your good wishes and your prayer.

Thanks also to creation56. From the FirstWoman in me to the FirstWoman in you, let's love our children with all the love we've got; they deserve it. Thanks for sticking with me.

creation56 from Texas on September 06, 2011:

How beautiful! I know your daughter-in-love's mother-in-law and I believe you attracted her with your love. You, your daughter,Wanda, and your daughter -in-love are FIRST WOMEN! Thank you for showing us how it is done!

sonnykaytee on September 06, 2011:

Dora the wedding toast to your beloved son is very moving and thoughtful it examplifies a mother's unconditional love for her son. Congratulations as you know a wedding is undoubtedly on of life's most joyous events to celebrate love from the depths of your heart.May the love they share today grow stronger everyday of their lives is my prayer for them. Amen.

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on September 06, 2011:

Thanks, Dee. They are two worthy young people.

Dee aka Nonna on September 06, 2011:

You are a very blessed woman. This was a beautiful tribute toast to your son and his bride.

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on September 05, 2011:

Thanks Rose. I know you will. Thanks for being our friend.

Rose on September 05, 2011:

Dora that was deep! I will keep them in my prayer

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on September 05, 2011:

Thanks Avis! Thanks Husky! I appreciate you.

Avis on September 05, 2011:

Greaaaat quote; am feeling it. Congrats to your son and you. I am waiting for this moment in my life for my two intelligent handsome sons. Enjoy a wonderful week!

Husky1970 on September 04, 2011:

Absolutely beautiful. Congratulations!

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