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My Steps From Young to Old

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

Mankind starts off prerfect.

Mankind starts off prerfect.

This Hub Should Hit My Topic on The Spot

and that is the way that I wanted it to be. Many yeas ago, I was free-lancing for another webmaster, but didn't succeed, but this story is a variation of the story that I ran for the guy, who was my dear friend. He passed away two weeks back. I am very sad.

My friend had a head full of sense. Common and book learning. I secretly-envied him for these things, but he had one humble heart, so how can you be (so) envious with a person who is so nice to you and those around you? You get my drift.

Shakespeare said it best. All the world's a stage. And the men and women play many pats. Sure, this is right. Everyone has a beginning as well as en ending. I cannot comment on how to describe my birth, but I do have sort of an idea of my ending. Of the both, I pray that my ending is much better to My Maker and those around me. That would please me tremendously.

Then Comes The Reality of Real Life

and that is when things grow hard. Tough, in fact. Speaking from personal experience, I did not have an exciting youth. It had it's physical adversities such as having the big end of a baseball bat get me smack dab in the forehead sending me on such a magical mystery tour that would cause the Beatles tons of envy.

That was the low light of my first-grade time.My second grade was no picnic. I ran into a granite slab and took the left side of my head and the school principal had to take me home. She did not like that. Just because I was bleeding like a stuck hog

On and on, throughout my life, like yours, I'm sure, has had it's painful times as well as those happy times, but what I have accomplished does not compare with my own look at how I walked into my own shoes from birth until the elderly age that I am now. This is not a piece of comedy. It does have drama. and truth.

Let's talk about . . .

My first "tires," errr, I mean shoes.

My first "tires," errr, I mean shoes.

My Baby Shoes

well, to be totally honest, these are not me in these photos and these shoes (pictured) do not belong to me. Just wanted to give you a quick glimpse at the beginning of each of the stages in my life. I did not start walking right off. No. I did my share of crawling and according to my parents, I became pretty good at it. Even when my folks put me inside a nifty blue stroller that I loved because it had white flames on the side, and I thought that I was the coolest baby in rural Marion County, Ala.

But like the majority of things in life, the crawling, playing with my sroller and pulling up at coffee tables and such became boresome. I had a burning need to do more, accomplish more than our small living room had for me. I loved my parents and sister, but I had to be me.

were, as the hip people said in the 70's, hip. Cool as the day is long. Actually, I was a country boy and loved walking barefoot. I did not like my shoes at first, but tey gew on me. (no pun intended). But I can tell you as an amateur barefoot walker who lives near the woods on a lone gravel road, a kid's tender feet can get mighty sore from all of the pine cones and briars that grew around my home.

But . . .yes, you got it. When I got to wearing my baby shoes more and more, the briars and pine cones did not bother me. I did get in a bit ot trouble with my mom one night as I was going to sleep from having a tiring day, I did not think to take my shoes off and when she started removing them, I was upset and cried to keep them on. Guess who won?

The years when I was 13 past 19 when I was lean, mean,and ready-to-rock.

The years when I was 13 past 19 when I was lean, mean,and ready-to-rock.

My Exciting Teenage Shoes

good old life. Always constant. Never letting anyone down. The years came, just happen to be my favorite years of my life: the teenage years from 13 past 19, which were fun, challenging, and we always learned something. Me included. I had listened to my dad and brother-in-law who coached me on how to talk to girls and get me to date them. This was good ot them to do that for me, but my favorite part of the teenage years, was getting-ready to head out for my date and wearing some slick, shiny shoes that my dad had bought me.

I just loved my first pair of slick, shiny shoes more than my other clothing. I would not allow my date to get the smallest bit of dust on my shoes and I did it the gentleman way. I never forgot these shoes. To be upfront with you, I've always thought that I did my best work with the pretty girls when I was wearing my slick, shiny shoes.

My years of labor, yes, work.

My years of labor, yes, work.

My Work Shoes

took on a different look just after I had graduated high school, dated, then met my wife, Pamela, and we have been together 45 years, thank God above. After we married, I knew that I needed to find a job that paid more than $65.00 a week, so I was blessed to get a job with our local newspaper and 23 years later, I moved on to another job and I hated it. Enough about that.

My point: as we change, our lives change. That implies to our clothes and shoes. I grew to respect my work boots (which were before the newspaper) when I toiled with jobs that required a lot of manual labor from me, but those work boots becamse my closest friend because they kept my feet dry and warm and never gave out on me. Now I wish that I had met more friends like my work boots.

The old man's shoes represent the final stretch toward home.

The old man's shoes represent the final stretch toward home.

My Older Man's Shoes

so this is the last chapter of my life. I wear no baby shoes, slick, shiny shoes or those that I wore when I dated and yes, met my wife. With years of living, I find myself wearing the shoes of an old man, which I am. I am not complaining about it.

God has blessed me throughout the years, with both good and darkness .My older man's shoes are also a lot like God. They never change. Now in my 67th year, I have grown to thank Him for this one fact more each day.

February 4, 2021_______________________________________________

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DW Davis from Eastern NC on February 05, 2021:

There was a time when I thought 67 was old. Those days are long since gone. This is the year I turn 60. 67 will be here in the blink of an eye and I hope I'm able to relax and wear my old man shoes by then.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on February 05, 2021:

I agree with Ann that 67 is not old. I am also older than that. Comparing stages of life to the shoes we wear is a clever way to show the passage of time.

Ann Carr from SW England on February 05, 2021:

First, Kenneth, 67 is definitely not old! I'm older than that and I am definitely not old!

I love the way you use shoes as an indicator of life and life's changes. Great idea. We all have favourite shoes too, don't we?


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