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My Relationship With Me

I am a finance grad from a leading institute, working with a leading American bank. A father of two beautiful girls, foodie and sports buff.

Wondering why we are struggling to manage most of our important relationships?

Its time for each one of us to start building a very strong relationship with our own self - our soul, conscience, thereby improving our mental and spiritual health. That will in turn help us in achieving excellent relationships as a whole.


Does that sound strange? Relationship with myself? Is that even SOMETHING?

Establishing a strong and beautiful relationship with oneself is probably the most important and yet the most taken for granted part of our lives. For most of us, running around in the corporate world and elsewhere, its practically non existent and probably the least sought after. For ages humanity has gone through so many different scientific and technical revolutions to uplift it, ignoring the single most significant aspect for the growth of individuals.

Our bodies are a mere carrier of our soul. The body is the abode for our soul. When we buy a new residence, we build memories in it with our family, our relatives and our loved ones. We arrange get togethers and social and cultural gatherings at our homes and thereby invest in building relationship with our homes and then of the people who visit us in our homes. Over a period of time, we get so attached to our homes that eventually when we face death, we so willingly choose to die in that home with all of our memories.

Likewise, from the time we were born, this soul is residing in this body, ever so eager and dying to build a relationship with the body. Just like every now and then, we want our homes to look beautiful, cozy and comfortable, our soul is dying to make our body the prettiest and healthiest body where the soul can reside in peace and complete harmony. Its important that we sometimes listen to our soles and do the things that our soul wants and the way it guides us.

Loving and building a lasting, strong relationship with one’s soul is extremely important to ensure that your soul is happy. Its what we also better know as Mental Health. Just like we prefer living in a house that is clean and taken care of regularly, there is no dirt, rooms are neat and tidy – our soul also expects and wants to live in a body that is fit, healthy, clean and free from all the clutter. Different people have different ways to ensure that they achieve great mental health, just like the interiors and the décor in 2 different houses can never be the same.

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Achieving great mental health can look like different things for different people. For some, it could mean taking time to rest each week while for others, it may mean sweating it out at the gym or going for a run outside. Self-love could be going for a walk in one’s neighborhood, spending time in nature, or seeing or speaking to friends regularly or it may just mean meditating and spending time with oneself. Here are a few things you can start with today to bring about a positive change to improve your relationship with yourself.

  • Spend 15–30 minutes each day alone either meditating or just listening to what your soul has to say to you.
  • When things go wrong, treat yourself with dignity and love just as you would treat your child if he or she failed.
  • Spend some time each day in appreciating yourself and thanking yourself for the beautiful gifts you own.
  • End the day on a quite note. Get your soul to relax and let it rest just like how we take care of the elderly at home.

Its time we did a better job managing ourselves before we went out to fix the rest of the world. Lets get to the task of building that strong connect with ourselves.


Arindam Chakrabarty (author) from Mumbai, India on August 21, 2021:

Lets hear what my readers have to say. are we investing in the right relationship?

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