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My Lifetime Best Friend: Edie

A true friendship is as rare as a perfect pearl, and I fortunately had one.

I am the blond--taller and bossy and my sweet gentle friend Edie is the--smaller one.


Christmas 2021 is a Time to Rejoice with Family and Friends

When I feel a little melancholy, I think of my oldest and dearest friend since we were five years old. We had many experiences, from just being nosy little girls to going to Girl Scout Camp on the St. Johns River, and this is a story I might never tell. We had so much fun, and yes, we got into trouble a few times.

We always had an adventure going on in our young lives. I was the hyper one who made plans and Edie followed along--that was our code--I lead, and you follow.

Edie was a talented, beautiful girl that everyone loved. I never heard her say anything against anyone, and she made friends everywhere she went on our adventures.

I pray she is having a wonderful Christmas with her family. I promise to write to her.

Our Girl Scout Motto—Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.

A Forever Friendship is Born.

In small towns in America, many make friends for life, and I was lucky that this happened to me. Since my mother remarried, I left my country farm life behind, but never for long, because my precious Grandmother Knight was there waiting for my return.

This little town was quiet and boring until Edie, and I became next door neighbors. We were both five years old at the time, and she was the best friend anyone could have had growing up in a small town.

Did a Mean Step-Grandmother Control Me? Not a Hyper Five Year Old.

We lived in my stepfather’s house, which we shared with his parents, so I did not consider it my home. Papa Jernegan was a sweet person, but Grandma Jernegan and I did not like each other from the beginning. When my mother went to work, Grandma wanted everyone silent so she could read her Sunday school lesson. (She did not seem to practice the good words---she talked the talk but did not walk the walk.)

I Tried Being Good to My Step-Grandmother

Quiet and be still were not in my vocabulary, but if I disobeyed, my punishment was sitting on a box with my nose in the corner.

Yes, she was mean, until she could use you to rub her back with alcohol, which I did. Until one day, my little hands got tired of rubbing and the alcohol slipped out of my hand and spilled down her back. It ran into an area that gave her the power to scream and shout and do a little dance all the way to the bathroom.

I laughed until my sides hurt, but then I ran and used my tree climbing skills to scoot up the China Berry tree in the front yard because I knew what was coming next.

Great Plans Ended Badly

When Edie and I met, we bonded for life, but to her parents’ dismay, because I led her into mischief as Edie followed me smiling.

Her father had a hardware store in our town, and he granted her permission to walk uptown to see it. Edie came over one afternoon to invite me to walk with her.

And, as usual, after lunch, Grandma Jernegan was taking a nap, and being a sensible person to not disturb her beauty rest, I asked at the back steps if I could go, and they said, "Yes!"

The best part is that Edie heard them as well! So off to town we went to visit her father’s store. Her father was nice most of the time, but he was very strict with Edie and her sister. I am sure they saw me as a menace to Edie.

Well, long story short when I returned home from our wonderful afternoon of visiting her father’s store and every other store in town, except the drug store where my mother worked left us feeling happy and tired.

As it turned out we did see my mother waiting for me on the back steps with Gr

I Talked to My Angel Grandmother Knight about My Experience

I tried to explain to my hysterical mother that I got permission to go, but she would not listen. And, what hurt the most; I could not play with Edie for a week, and I had to take naps after lunch.

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I did not speak to Grandma Jernegan either because she smiled when I received my restriction of not seeing Edie.

I told my precious Grandmother Knight all about the horrors of living with Grandma Jernegan. And, she had tears in her eyes when I finished. This was when I learned to never tell her anything negative again; and I didn’t. I learned to make her laugh instead; I only wanted to make my Angel happy.

Strawberry, Polly and the Old Blind Alligator

We stood on the porch to climb on Strawberry’s. On Edie’s sixth birthday, her present was a horse named Strawberry. He was so gentle that he let us ride him together and sing while we did it. I felt he was a gift to me also, our sweet Strawberry.

One day, Edie and I decided we would run away riding Strawberry, but first we had to pack our paper bag with goodies while Grandma Jernegan took her afternoon nap. It was a perfect day because her mother was playing cards with her girlfriends a block away. I decided I would take Grandma’s parrot, Polly, with us since she never got out of his cage unless he went with me.

I got Grandma’s favorite bacon so we could feed the old blind alligator at the old boys' club by the town pond. And I got one of Grandma’s walking canes for Polly to stand on and some sunflower seed for him. I took two pieces of cornbread for Edie and me and a pint jar of tea. She brought her mother’s chocolate candy, which her daddy gave her for their anniversary.

We Began Our Journey

Edie was behind, riding bareback with me in front with Polly on the walking cane, shouting "Bobi, Bobbi. That was all she heard all day from Grandma Jernegan, so that was what she liked to say. We tied our sacks on us with a belt, and Edie rode behind me hanging on.

It was such a lovely Florida afternoon that it made us six-year-old girls forget our worries for a while anyway. We rode six blocks to arrive at our runaway place. We laughed and sang all six blocks and waved at all the nosy neighbors who stood on their porches watching us in amazement.

Finally, on a peaceful day, we arrived, I put Polly in a little tree by the pond, and Edie sat on the ledge to watch me feed the alligator. I opened the expensive bacon, and I knew it cost a lot of money because Grandma Jernegan told me how expensive everything was that I ate.

I climbed down on the little island in the middle of the pond to feed Old Gator, as we called her. I placed the bacon all around the edge of the small island to wait for our friend, Old Gator.

Two Five Year Old Girls were Happily Enjoying the Day

Old Gator walked slowly out of the water and came on the bank to hungrily begin to eat the bacon. She was so happy for something good until she switched to her big tale, which surprised me and knocked me down. I got up laughing just in time to see my mother before she screamed and Edie’s father before he came into the pond after me. Well darn, I thought our happy day would end quickly.

Bottom-line If the preacher’s wife had not called my mother and her father, we planned to return home before my mother came in from work. This was the beginning of mine and Edie’s displeasure with the annoying and nosy church women who lived on our street.

Everything was happening in sequence, as we hoped. Polly was now singing in her tree and Edie was watching me eating her mother’s chocolates while we waited.

Restriction Followed Me Around Like a Thunder Cloud

The word "restriction" I am sure would be on my tombstone if I had died young because it seemed it was my middle name. I was a hyper child who loved action and adventure—everything that I missed being with my Grandmother Knight because we had our adventures on the farm. I missed her so much.

Edie and I were on two-week restriction, or so they thought. We met secretly in the huge bamboo tree in their back yard. We could squeeze in the middle of it and no one could see us as we planned our next adventure.

The most embarrassing moment in church was when the preacher said, "Remember, little girls should not run away from home." And he looked at me as his nosy wife turned around to stare as well. He preached about Jonah running away from the Lord.

Our Hiding Place

That afternoon in the bamboo tree, I told Edie that Jonah did not live with Grandma Jernegan, or he would not have fled from the Lord, and we laughed until her sister Judy found us. We thought our hiding place was over, but Judy did not tell on us, and we used it many times to hide.

There is nothing like a friend for life, and if anyone who reads this has a friend like Edie, be good to her or him. Edie and I had many adventures together all the way through high school, and I will share more with you and visit again if you enjoyed reading this one. Thanks.

Written in 2015.

God Bless the People of Our Earth.

This Beautiful Bracelet could be for a Best Friend or a Sister who is a Best Friend

Make New Friends but Keep the Old

  • Make New Friends but Keep the Old
    Make new friends but keep the old ones. One is silver and the other is gold. Precious childhood friends are in your heart forever as the years fly by--these golden friends are first to help and hold your hand in sickness and death of a loved one. Go

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Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on April 07, 2021:

That is great news.


Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on April 07, 2021:

Hi PurvisBobbi44 thank you and all good in my world.

Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on April 06, 2021:

Hi Devika,

I hope everything is wonderful in your world and you are well and safe.

Take Care,

Bobbi Purvis

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on April 06, 2021:

Friends are so worth having in our lives and when you have one as good as that nothing can change that. Thank you for sharing your hub.

Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on April 05, 2021:

Hi Peggy,

Thanks and I hope your world is safe and a joy to live in It is great to still have childhood friends. Edie and I always had adventures which I led her into.

Take care,


Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on April 05, 2021:

I enjoyed reading about your shared times with Edie. Please do write more! I have a couple of long-term friends who are still alive. Sadly, one of them has Alzheimer's, so we can no longer talk about the old days.

Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on April 05, 2021:

Hi Bill,

Sorry about your friend--I know how it hurts to not be able to talk to a friend.

My friend Edie and I have many stories to tell and some is better left untold.

I hope all is well in your world.

Until Later,

Bobbi Purvis

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on April 05, 2021:

A friend like that is to be cherished. I had one, my best friend for over fifty-five years, who just died two years ago. I still think about him daily, and his memory gives me comfort.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

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